Sunday, 6 January 2008

Your Country Needs You!

Here on The Home of The Green Arrow, we like a little poetry now and again. Here is one submitted by Lancelot. I shall add it to our poetry post that you can read here. or find on the right.


In the England of my youth, where earthly plane and heaven were yet one and both the same, though with Scotland, Wales and Ulster, Great Britain we became, I felt a strong sense of belonging, of heritage and pride and guidance to safe anchorage from the stormier side of life;

Where family strength could conquer all rough squalls with bonds as if of steel, and returning to a calmer side, set us back on course once more through all the seas and sands of time, and kept its iron will.

How then has our great ship foundered, struck this reef of shame? Who has stolen what was ours, rendered all Britannia dumb, enslaved us in a long black night and buried us in chains?

Arise! Arise I tell you, before the final blows are dealt from which we can’t recover; awaken those whose hearts and minds are in the confused slumber, lead them from the darkness in which we are dismembered.

No one left will be spared, if they choose the wrong path now, the enemy is from within, our homeland is our battleground. Unfurl your Union Flags my friends and raise them on the highest peaks, we must stand together, for victory must reach, one for all and all for one, so we may win the war. Keep your heads, keep the faith, draw deep on your resolve; For your family and for Albion, all the things you love.



Anonymous said...

Nice sentiment but to be honest and for future reference, poetry bores the majority.

The Green Arrow said...

anon: You may be right but I like poetry and so the Philistines shall just have to skip over the prose.

Did you read The Stranger by Kipling in the link? Surely that poem means something?

defender said...

Fly your Flags.
Poems a very important. the fact that anon dosent think so is neither here nor there.

Anonymous said...
Remember the child raped killed and turned into kebab meat?
Trial finally set for April. Dont let this be forgotten.