Tuesday, 15 January 2008

White Flight - Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips. You remember Trevor. Black. Personal friend of both Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair. Nooo? Chairman of the tax eating Commission for Equality & Human Rights? You know. The one who made the crude joke about groping the Queen Mother and said that British National Party supporters were "less than human".

That's right. The sleek oily parasite who gobbles up the money of the True Brits whilst constantly telling them what evil racists they are. A man with his qualities would do rather well were he to return to his parents country of origin, Guyana. Guyana? You know Guyana. That's right, one of the fly droppings on the world. I doubt he would be missed by any of the Green Arrow readers.

But what Trevor is missing, are the White People fleeing London because of their worries for their safety of themselves and their children. He fails to realise that the True Brits wish to live amongst their own kind. They have no desire to live in fear and ever shrinking enclaves surrounded by ever increasingly hostile colonisers whose "territory" they have to travel through in their daily lives in order to prop up the foreign city formerly known as London.

But of course there is one happy bunny glad to see the back of the Whites and that is the Stalinist worshipper, Red Ken Livingstone. Mayor of Londonistan and Chairman of the Urinate Against Freedom mob known as the UAF. Don't worry though Ken, there will still be enough whites to vote in a few BNP Assembly members come May. Then you and Lee Jasper can really start to sweat when they start asking the awkward questions.

Some of you may be interested in this letter written by Trevor back in 2001 when he wrote about the "bizzare" idea that white families did not want their children to be in a minority in the enriched areas of London. He also puts the blame, as usual on the True Brits by saying that they were the ones refusing to integrate with the very people pushing them out of their homes and areas of London.


Anonymous said...


This is his take on the situation in 2001....

Anonymous said...

Trevor was interviewed yesterday on the Toady Programme, and I'll grab the audio when I get a minute.

He admitted white flight was an issue, and he even had to admit the bishop of rochester was right to raise concerns about no-go areas.

But he would have had a hard time walking his usual line. The judge jailing three asians for stabbing a white man and hurling racist abuse at him as he walked home said the place where he lived had become a no-go area.

And it's difficult to accuse the bishop of rochester of making racist remarks. Why ? Well have you seen a picture of the guy ?

yorkielass said...

I collected this from abandon skip i'm sending a few to the dhimmi bishop of OXFORD after he has decided to ignore his own parishiners. siding with the towel heads instead to allow their cries of jihad prayer times.
This is explaining critical mass and any history book not yet doctored will show that this is a fact.
February 2007 (Sydney Morning Herald)

LIFE can become untenable when the Muslim population of a non-Muslim country reaches about 10 per cent, as shown by France, a Jewish expert on Islam says ... Professor Raphael Israeli told the Herald:

"When the Muslim population gets to a critical mass you have problems. That is a general rule, so if it applies everywhere it applies in Australia."

He said Muslim immigrants had a reputation for manipulating the values of Western countries, taking advantage of their hospitality and tolerance.

Professor Israeli said that when the Muslim population increased, so did the risk of violence.

"Where there are large Muslim populations who are prepared to use violence you are in trouble. If there is only 1 or 2 per cent they don't dare to do it - they don't have the backing of big communities. They know they are drowned in the environment of non-Muslims and are better behaved."
In Australia, Muslims account for about 1.5 per cent of the population.

Professor Israeli said that in France, which has the highest proportion of Muslims in Europe at about 10 per cent, it was already too late. There were regions even the police were scared to enter, and militant Muslims were changing the country's political, economic and cultural fabric, and demanding anti-Semitic and anti-Israel policies.

"French people say they are strangers in their own country. This is a point of no return."
More: Sydney Morning Herald, Winds of Jihad

We already feel like strangers in our own country.
Patience will be the death of us here.

xoggoth said...

Totally agree about Livinsgtone but I think you are being rather selective about Phillips.

TP is a reasonably balanced man in my view, as stated above he did agree with the Bishop of Rochester's comments and in the past has also said that any Muslims wanting Shariah Law should go elsewhere and that Africans with HIV coming to the UK were a major problem that should not be ignored.

If you check on the web you will find some pretty vitriolic comments on him by the left and black interest groups. When anyone is attacked by both left and right he is hardly likely to be totally biased.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi xoggoth, yes I have read some of the things the lefts have said about Trevor.

However Trevor saying that the BNP should be treated as "less than human" seems a tad biased to me.