Saturday, 5 January 2008

George MacDonald Fraser

George MacDonald Fraser died on the 2nd Of January of this year. Famous for both historical novels and non-fiction books, it was his Flashman Series that I will always remember him for.

For those of you who have never read any of the Flashman books then you are in for a dozen treats if only now you discover them. From the Charge of the Light Brigade through to Custers Last Stand, Flashman always manages to come through shining at the expense of others.

They tell of the life of Sir Harry Flashman V.C., the all round bad egg expelled from Rugby School made famous in Tom Browns School-days.

You can get an idea of Flashmans character, when I tell you that in one book he is chased by wolves across the frozen wastes of Russia and in order to lighten his sleigh, he throws his wife to the pursuing beasts.

Loathed by the politically correct set of luvvies because of Flashmans attitudes towards the women of the world and his views on natives, Fraser was insulted in the reviews and made wealthy by the public who just wanted to read good novels and loved a rogue.

But if the left hated Fraser, Fraser surely hated those he believed (correctly) had destroyed our country beyond recognition.
I had not realised how offensive the plain truth can be to the politically correct, how enraged they can be by its mere expression, and how deeply they detest the values and standards respected 50 years ago and which dinosaurs like me still believe in, God help us.
Why not go spend the next 10 minutes reading the last testament of Flashman's creator on How Britain has destroyed itself. Good Luck George, wherever you are and thanks.

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beat them with their own sticks said...

regarding Lionheart,

this is what he has to do with all bloggers help.

find all the pro islam blogs that insite racial and religious hatred and send them to that stazi Labour lacky police bastard.

keep all replies and constantly ask how the prosicution is going regarding the muslim blogs filled with hate.

he will soon regret that he ever got out of bed let alone become a labour lacky and an enemy of the people.

Paul said...

Way ahead of you my friend and I'm still only on the Koran!
By the time I grab screenshots of Undercover Mosques and a few of the nicer sites glorifying beheading etc his laptop will be in meltdown.
We really want to know why Islam is untouchable when its the biggest death cult around.
Everybody please help out, including our American friends. (we know you pop over now and again)