Thursday, 10 January 2008


Some people had no choice but to jump

Eight Iraqi asylum seekers are threatening to throw themselves from a 40ft tower on a UK Military Base they invaded in Cyprus, unless they are granted British Passports. At least they have a choice in the matter.

“We're serious about jumping,” Nabil Naji, 36, said while standing on top of the fire service training tower. “They don't give us our rights. Nobody cares about us, we demand British passports.”

Well I have only have this to say. "Your right. We do not care about you. Jump".


yorkielass said...

One.Two.Three...Go Go Go!
We're full...Jump!

Fidothedog said...

Thanks for running this one, just done my own bit on this tale of blackmail.

Anonymous said...

Why have they been living at a military base since 2001? I used to think that the British Army was the last British institute free from the "social engineers" but since Blairs regime I believe that the British Army has become liberalised. It started publicly when the SAS were given the order to "step down" after Afganis hijacked two civilian jets and both times the hijackers were freed and given asylum.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I can remember being part of a small crowd that formed on the road beneath a shopping centre where some idiot was standing on the roof threatening to jump. I don't know who started it, but before long we were all shouting "Jump" "come on then, jump".

Needless to say, he didn't.

ivan said...

sir henry i remember a story like that in luton early to mid off to cyprus anyway to offer my british passport to one that lands first.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Luton it was. Ha!

I was doing a CAA Licence course at the airport at the time.

English Rose said...

Jump you f***er jump into this here blanket that we hold and you will be alright.
He jumped hit the deck, broke his f***ing neck there was no blanket.
We sing that when we see someone threatening to sung by Dudley moore and peter cook.

English Rose said...

ivan said...

sir henry..i rembember reading it i was a young lad in the army.from what i can remeber the bloke was a bit retared and ther police tried to get him down but a small crowd soon gathered and chanted in certain words "hurry up" i know i shouldnt say this but we were pissing ourselves at the time(bad on us but we were only young)but anyway i have landed in cyprus with 8 british passports and 36 virgins.but knowing my luck the iraqis are all bent,blind or have got wings

iris said...

The one who pushes the other 8 off gets my passport....promise.
Oh I wish I was there. I'd tie it up in ribbons with my council house key attached and waggle it as incentive.
The damn thing is useless anyway outside pakistan.