Saturday, 5 January 2008

North West Leicestershire by-election 10th January

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There is a by-election for the Ibstock and Heather ward in North West Leicestershire on the 10th of January.

Ivan Hammonds - Our BNP Candidate

The election has been caused by the death of a Labour Councillor. The four candidates standing are as follows:-
  • Felix Fenning - Labour Party
  • Ivan Hammonds - British National Party
  • Paul Oakden - Conservative Party
  • David Wyatt - Liberal Democrat
The results in the May 2007 elections were:
  • Con 737/731/599
  • Lab 707/620/559
  • UKIP 411
  • LibDem 225/222
BNP Members who use the Forum can obtain contact details there now.


Paul said...

Good luck to those true patriots. Over on a traitor Aberdeen blog those left to pick up the pieces of the plotters treachery are being mocked and ridiculed. True colours being shown at last by Aberdeen "patriot" reduced to hawking images of his kids to gain sympathy.

Anonymous said...

But not a lot of comments Paul? He's a busted flush patronised only...and I MEAN patronised by UAF chucking him crumbs to keep him blogging away like the little socialist hero he thinks he is.

Harry Bell said...

Good luck to those loyal members who have kept faith with our party and our chairman. Special thoughts to those Scottish patriots currently suffering the slings and arrows of their former comrades. In particular Gary Raikes a lovely young family man pilloried for his loyalty to his party and his country. God Bless all of them.
Our childrens future is in their hands, join them.

Anonymous said...

This is the backbone of the BNP. Hard working committed activists not only battling the system the Reds and an apathetic public but those they trusted as friends too!
Good luck and health to one and all!

Anonymous said...

Good luck patriots.