Sunday, 13 January 2008

Using democracy to destroy democracy

We know that the Labour Party depends now on the immigrant vote in almost all parts of the Country to retain power. Without those votes, for which they pay with huge concessions and the spending of huge sums of Our Money in the colonized areas, they would be history.

Worrying now about the fantastic growth of the British National Party all over the country and the very possible chance that the BNP will be more than just succesful in the London Elections in May, they are looking at ways of retaining power by looking at ways to gain the immigrant vote in London.

Labour will be using The "Polish Voter" - a strategy for Political Integration of EU Citizens as a guide for the securing the votes of over 200,000 French (many of them Moslems) and hundreds of thousands of other European Immigrants in London to ensure that the True British People are denied the chance to control their own destinies by using democracy to deny them democracy. You can read the full report yourself by clicking on the link above but here are a few tit bits to enrage you on a Sunday. You can visit the Labour Movement for Europe site here. And you can also read more here along with an image of Red Ken smirking at all the foreign votes he is hoping to buy.

The Mayor’s focus on the recognition of London’s cosmopolitan nature would fit in well with this strategy, as it would truly involve all Londoners, not only the British citizens and descendents of former colonial dependents who have established themselves as immigrant communities.
EU-citizens make up a large, significant group of more recent immigrants and need to be recognised as groups to be involved. At the moment they do not obviously fall within the multi-cultural framework which is mostly geared up to deal proactively with ethnic diversity, rather than cultural diversity. With Europeans making up about 10 per cent of the population in London this wider understanding of cultural diversityneeds to be remedied.
And then we get to the meat of the matter.
Also, discriminatory parties such as the BNP would have it much harder to achieve electoral success. This is an important aspect for the upcoming London-regional elections in 2008. Due to the proportional representation system and against the backdrop of recent electoral fortunes for the BNP, the activation of the EU electorate could make a real contribution to limit the influence of the extremist parties.
Democracy used to defeat democracy. Amazing. Time is running out folks. For those of you who still vote for one of the Tri-Axis of evil parties, think about your children's future if not your own and start supporting the British National Party. Soon it will be too late and you will have no one to blame but yourself.


johnoddybnp said...


Reading through the papers, watching the TV or just surfing the net all one sees is a country gone mad, corrupt politicians, illegal immigration, pro-racist attacks, gun and knife crimes on the increase, riots and civil unrest and more and more arrests of terrorists. Our inner cities have become battle grounds and gang culture prevails. Murder is no longer the heinous crime it used to be, now it’s a daily occurrence and, unless it affects us personally, is of little consequence. What’s happened to our once “Great” Britain?
My Sister lives in Shipley, a small market town in West Yorkshire, she’s 64 and still active so when I visited her and invited her out for a drink was surprised at her and her husbands reluctance to join us, it transpires that they do not go out after dark, they are too scared to leave their flat. They live on the top floor of a three storey council block that has 6 flats in it, two flats per floor, the top two flats home my Sister and her elderly neighbours, a white couple. The rest of the flats are occupied by Asians.
There are 4 blocks of flats 24 flats in total and only 5 of them are occupied by white families, all of them elderly, the remainder are all Asians. None of the white families go out after dark because of abuse and threats and all are subject to “move out or else” threats. None of the families can afford to move and any complaint to the council gets back to the Asians within hours of it been made, so they suffer in silence. How many other families that we don’t know about live like this? Can you imagine being too scared to leave your own home?, my Sister even shops over the internet and has her shopping delivered, is this any way to live?.
Outside her flat I saw groups of Asian youths wrecking a kiddies playground, shouting, screaming and running riot. Before I left she made me promise to her that I would not say or do anything because it would only come back on her and her husband, reluctantly I kept my promise.
If for no other reason than my Sister and her neighbours I stand for the BNP and what it means to them, they have nowhere else to turn, they and thousands like them are desperate to return to a fear free life that only the BNP are prepared to give them.


ivan said...

JOHN i lived in the same situation in the end me and the wife had to sell.we were the only ones in our block that owned the property.the rest were bought by asians and rented out to illegal immigrants and crack a man who loves a pint i was attacked twice leaving the local pub,the old bill refused to put it down to racism even though i was called "a white bastard" this is when a saw salvage in the bnp 4 years that now run down area we started a neighbour forum once a month where there was 2 police officers that attended.but wo and behold all the local residents that turned up were see immigrant people see crime and corruption as a way of life,you can train them and give them jobs but they are on the fiddle at the first opportunity.i have seen it many times being brummy born and bred. i now live in an area 20 miles away which years ago the used to call overspill.the true fact is,it is WHITE FLIGHT

najistani said...

Unbelievable! I didn't realise until I read this that non-British citizens were eligible to vote in our domestic elections. This Liebour policy paper should be given as wide a distribution as possible among the general public (as distinct from being read only by treasonous activists)

Let the British people see that NuLabor no longer bears any resemblance to their grandparents' Labour Party.

johnoddybnp said...

Thanks for the reply. The Police were informed of what was going on and they went to the persons flat who made the complaint, the next day their car was trashed. They, all of them, feel trapped and alone they’ve tried every avenue open to them without any joy. I can say though that any BNP candidate in their ward will get their vote and I promised them that if he/she gets elected I would personally have a word with them on their behalf.