Sunday, 27 January 2008

I want to tell you a story

Unqualified drivers are a deadly threat to us all

Several years ago whilst I was doing some work for National Power, I worked very closely with an Asian guy on a small I.T. project. He was very good at his job and working long hours together, we had much time to talk. In fact I was invited to his wedding.

But I always remember a few things he told me about the qualifications of Asians in this country. He said that he would always try to see a "White" doctor if he needed medical treatment as he knew for a fact that many of the qualifications Asian Doctors used to gain employment were bogus and so he did not trust their professional skills.

One other piece of information he gave me was to watch out for Asian Drivers as many of them had obtained their Driving Licenses by paying "professional" drivers to sit their exams for them.

I had no reason to doubt my informant then and in fact the advice he gave me on taking extra care when seeing an Asian Driver is something I urge all True Brit drivers to also heed.
Mohammed Zahid, 49, charged learner drivers for other people to sit their tests and sold them the fraudulent licences for up to £1,000 each.
Mohammed Zahid is not alone in endangering the lives of other road users. This driving license scam is carried out by many of the colonising immigrants to our region of Eurabia. You have been warned. The short prison sentence this man received is an insult to the memories of those that have died as a result of accidents caused by unqualified drivers.

Perhaps a British National Party government of the future might like to tighten up on the identification control of all those enrichers who seek to gain a British Driving License.

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yorkielass said...

I have to agree regarding the Asian doctors qualifications.
Across my NHS notes this is clearly written in large red letters " alergy to penycillin"
Which is dangerous yet whenever i was prescribed antibiotics in the past. you guessed it?...he gave me the one thing i was alergic too penycillin.
Had i not been aware and checked everything this squack gave me God only knows where i'd be now.
I now insist on a doctor from wherever just so-long has their country is known for quality training and not qualified in witch craft or suchlike.