Sunday, 27 January 2008

Richard Barnbrook, the UAF and the Police

Richard Barnbrook - The Last Chance for London

Back last week Richard Barnbrook, the British National Party's candidate for Mayor of London in the upcoming May 1st elections was at the front of a march by 22,000 off-duty police officers demanding fair play for police.

Richard was on fine form and and many police officers gladly offered to be interviewed by BNPtv, some of which can be viewed in the film clip. Many others expressed their off camera support for the BNP and also stated their concerns about the current politically appointed leaders of the Police Service.

But what I found interesting after the event were the comments over on the Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) site.

Remember that the UAF is funded by the Muslim Council of Britain and also by grants from Red Ken Livingstone the current Mayor of London via the GLA. Red Ken also happens to be Chairman of the UAF and is fully supported by one Lee Jasper who is on the Steering Committee of the UAF. Well at least for now. He is under investigation by the GLA for the way hundreds of thousands of pounds of GLA money was channeled into an organisation that does no work and is run by a personal friend.

So one wonders what the dipsomaniac Ken makes of these comments taken from the UAF site that he is Chairman of:-

Why did they not remove the scumbag to where he could not be photographed?
Opportunistic scum. They should've beaten the crap out of him.
I would have given him a swift elbow to the throat.
The Police are useless and so is he so quite rightly they march together.
It's a little worrying if the police themselves can't stop a far-right politician from leading their demo.
scum marching with scum
One can only assume that Stalinist Ken Livingstone, the Chairman of the UAF knows of this site which is very heavily moderated and therefore supports the violent views of the posters. But what about all those politicans from the Lib/Lab/con pact that also support and endorse the UAF. Surely it is time now that they distanced themselves from this revolting anti-democratic organisation?

Ken Livingstone
Tony Benn
Peter Hain MP
David Hanson MP
Adam Price MP
Barbara Follett MP
Diane Abbott MP
John Cryer MP
John Trickett MP
Keith Vaz MP
Peter Bottomley MP
Alice Mahon MP
Alan Meale MP
Ian Gibson MP
Sir Teddy Taylor MP
Harry Cohen MP
Betty Williams MP
Ken Purchase MP
Alistair Carmichael MP
Laura Moffatt MP
Peter Bradley MP
Vera Baird MP
Bill Etherington MP
Edward Garnier MP
Roger Berry MP
Angela Smith MP
Brian Iddon MP
Anthony Steen MP
Mike Hancock MP
Colin Pickthall MP
Clive Betts MP
Janet Anderson MP
Neil Gerrard MP
Jane Griffiths MP
Brian Donohue MP
Helen Clark MP
Terry Davis MP
Janet Dean MP
Adrian Bailey MP
David Cameron MP
Louise Ellman MP
Eric Illsley MP
Kelvin Hopkins MP
Ernie Ross MP
Rob Marris MP
Martin Caton MP
Jim Sheridan MP
Martin Jones MP
Paul Tyler MP
Colin Challen MP
David Wright MP
Rudi Vis MP
Tony Worthington MP
Derek Watts MP
Julie Morgan MP
Rev W Martin Smyth MP
Diana Organ MP
Doug Henderson MP
Barry Gardiner MP

Brendan Barber
TUC General Secretary
Roger Lyons
TUC President and
AMICUS Joint Gen Sec
Dave Prentis
Tony Woodley
TGWU Gen Sec
Billy Hayes
CWU Gen Sec
Sir Bill Connor
Andy Gilchrest
FBU Gen Sec
Gordon Taylor
Chief Exec PFA
Adrian Askew
Bob Crow
RMT Gen Sec
Doug Nichols
CYWU Gen Sec
Ed Sweeney
Janice Godrich
PCS President
Jeremy Dear
NUJ Gen Sec
Judy McKnight
NAPO Gen Sec
Kevin Curran
GMB Gen Sec
Mark Serwotka
PCS Gen Sec
Paul Mackney
Peter Pendle
ACM Gen Sec
Rosie Eagleson
AMO Gen Sec
Steve Kemp
NUM Gen sec
Sally Hunt
AUT Gen Sec
Glenys Kinnock MEP
Gary Titley MEP
Linda McAvan MEP
Glyn Ford MEP
Chris Davies MEP
Chris Heaton-Harris MEP
Claude Moraes MEP
Phillip Whitehead MEP
Stephen Hughes MEP David Seymour

Political Editor,
Daily Mirror
Mark Seddon
Tribune Editor

Afzal Khan
North West rep Muslim Council of Britain
Dr. Richard Stone
Lawrie & Ruby Nerva
Poale Zion
Kashmir Singh
General Sec British Sikh Federation
Benjamin Zephaniah
Beresford Mack
Choice FM
Bobbie Miles
The 1990 Trust,
Asst. Director
Carolyn Jones
Director, Institute of Employment Rights
Clive Mardner
Director Essex REC
Dr. Siddiqui
Muslim Parliament
George Anthony-Maggie Bowden
Hilary Wainwright
Editor, Red Pepper
John Haylett
Editor, Morning Star
Leroy Logan
Metrpolitan Black Police Association Chair
Louise Christian
Human Rights Lawyer
Louise Hutchins
Luciana Burger
Paul Foot
Mark Steele
Roni Size
Michael Rosen
Laurie Heselden
Acting Regional Secretary SERTUC
Essex Racial Equality Council
Liberal democrats North west Region
Mohammed Azam
Coalition Against Racism – Unite to Stop

If your MP is one of those listed, why not use the Postal Code link on the right to email them and ask why they allow their names to be used by an organisation that promotes violence and is funded by Moslems and an amalgamation of Stalinist supporters and Marxists and works against democracy?


Nobody's lemming said...

Well at least he was there showing support, unlike the UAF lot eh?, and even more ironic, where was the usual left wing harrasement?, why were they not out there doing their best to stifle free speech as they usually are?-something to hide perhaps, or scared of the reaction from the growing number of people sick to death with the undemocratic actions of the anti BNP crowd.

bill,p said...

Traitors gate is going to be very busy indeed in the not too distant future, were i will gladly apply for the excutioners job, at no exspense to the tax payer.

Good report G.A..........

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Us bloggers need to know now and again that someone is out there.

Nobody's lemming said...

I have never tried to post a comment on the UAF site before, however after reading the views of their followers decides to put the record straight, politely and without antagonism I might add. However it does not look as if they will print my comment, suprised?, well yes, especially as they take great pleasure in leaving all sorts of unpleasant remarks on "our" websites. Goes to show who has the most to hide doesnt it?

The Green Arrow said...

You waste your time NL. They are not for debate.

The reason my comments are now moderated is because of the obscene language and threats they make in their comments.

They do not want to debate with us. They want us dead.

yorkielass said...

The list is full of marxists. common purpose and groups like the nazi MCB so what do they care about democracy?
The UAF are extremely stupid. how often do they and those listed refer to the BNP has far right addind fascists and nazi to their terminology?
Yet Nazi's were SOCIALIST'S nowhere near far right in their politics.
Hitler like Brown and company just adore banning everything and anything just like Herr Hitler.
The similarities are astounding between the third Riech and what is being put into place here.
Which says alot about all those on that list that support the UAF.
anti democratic without any doubt's at all.
The list would be a mile long of what politicians are doing without any mandate whatsoever.
Their agenda is just evil and destructive to the British people and the UK in general.
Any UAF that can manage to read without aid. what is the EU/ARAB dialogue about explain?