Friday, 4 January 2008

Lionheart - Update

Lionheart - A True Christian Crusader

Taken directly from Anorak news

Tony Bennett Says:

January 4th, 2008 at 8:54 pm
I have been asked to represent Paul (’Lionheart’).

For the public record, here is a full copy of the e-mail sent by Ian Holden of Bedfordshire Police to ‘Llionheart’ yesterday, Thursday 3 January 2008:


The offence that I need to arrest you for is “Stir up Racial Hatred by displaying written material” contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.

You will be arrested on SUSPICION of the offence. You would only be charged following a full investigation based on all the relevant facts and CPS consent.

Paul I will see you on the 19/02/08 when I will tell you everything that you need to know. Due to being out of the office for six weeks I will not have access to my email as of tomorrow 04/01/08.



There are already a number of aspects about this case involving not only ‘Lionheart’ but concerning other friends of his which are almost certain to result in a complaint being made to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

After my success in getting the I.P.C.C. to agree to a top-level, ‘managed’, investigation into *38* separate complaints about Essex Police’s woeful first investigation in 2001/2 into the death violent death of Stuart Lubbock (which is ongoing), and my success this week in getting the I.P.C.C. to enquire into another disastrous set of Essex Police investigations, this time into their three so-called ‘investigations’ into the death of Lee Balkwell in controversial circumstances in the early hours of 18 July 2002*, my mentioning the I.P.C.C. is no idle threat.

Bedfordshire Police had better be very careful.


* Lee Balkwell’s inquest is due to take place from 22 January to 31 Janaury 2008, after an unprecedented delay of over five-and-a-half years since his death. The inquest is likely to hear detailed allegations of police corruption and serious criticisms of the way the Coroner, Mrs Caroline Beasley-Murray, has conducted the inquest proceedings to date. There were also serious criticisms about the way she conducted the inquest into the death of Stuart Lubbock


Jewish Nutjob said...

Here's how to make a complaint to Bedfored Police including contact details of Quisling Dhimmi traitor IAN HOLDEN

Anonymous said...

GA and I will recognise the tactics here.

We met them haad on in 1999 when Gordon Brown decided his election war chest was looking pretty empty and directors of small businesses were going to fill it for him.

In those days the game in town was IR35 and it came about because decades earlier a youthful Anthony Blair QC and his arse comforter Derry Irvine were stupid enough as young turks in newly stitched silk to think they were able to destroy the self employed businessman and they were comprehensively stuffed in the Royal Courts Of Justice.

UNFORTUNATELY blair learned his lesson well and when this time Tony Blair sent out his rottweilers the path was beset with mines. We engaged the best legal men we had, the man who gave us Sunday Trading as we know it today, and we still lost the court case and the appeal.

I was the guy putting my head over the parapet then. I'm still here and no bugger has managed to lock me up but there was a terrible price to pay.

We proved the inland revenue were a bunch of liars. They said their tax measures did not apply to cases x or y and yet when they offered me up as a sacrificial lamb, as someone who was both exempt for 'x' and for 'y', they said I wasn't and came after me. They backed off only after one of theirs got a rubber glove up the arse - literally - in a navy shore station guardroom after he tried to force his sway into a naval base.

We showed Tony that we could send his fiefdom - the hall of westminster - into chaotic meltdown just by exercising our democratic right to walk into it and ask to see our MP.

We showed Tony his tax policies were openly homophilic. I found the loopholes that showed IR35 only applied to a MAN AND A WOMAN married or living together as man and wife. I told the world two homosexual partners with shares in each others' companies were not covered by the legislation.


And now we have laws demanding homosexual marriages be recognised, so never again will the taxman be so openly mocked by people able to read the law as it is written.

And now no-one can now stand where Brian Haw stands without fear of becoming 'one of the disappeared" thanks to Red Ken and the Met.

Look I don't want to be the one to piss on your parade but excuse me wasn't stewart lubbock the homosexual fiound dead in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool".

What's that got to do with the law now being wielded against 'lionheart' ?

I greatly fear that a lawyer who has rightly, justly and honourably raised concerns over the way a police force has handled its investigations into the deaths of several people, and has placed those concerns in the public eye and also at the feet of those given the grave duty of holding the police accountable for the way they do things is NOT the best to have as your brief in a completely unrelated legal arena.

I fear it because the police will be eager for revenge.

I would be much more impressed if lionheart's brief was the man Rowan Atkinson hired to help him launch his devastating attack on this legislation when it was first thought of.

But I offer one further warning.

The Revenue fought the general argument and won. Then they set about trying to plug all the loopholes.

They tried to use me as a test case and lost because I was young, fit, alert, intelligent and saw them comiong a mile off and had time to hand them the bear trap and ask them if they would be good enough to step into it.

So they went away and found a sickly old bloke twenty years older than me and tried to frighten him into submitting without a fight.

He had rather more of the dunkirk spirit in him than they figured, so the taxman had him crucified and danced out of the courtroom rejoicing.

Your enemy in this battle has no morals and no honour.

But such things do not count any more.

Anonymous said...

To me the charges mentioned to be used against lionheart from the race act don't apply islam not being a race of people.
They want to frighten him and other bloggers into silence.
In the hope it acts as a message to the wider public!
Fight the unbelievers (non-muslims) around you, and let them find harshness in you.

Nobody's lemming said...

Having watched the "Undercover Mosque" programme for the first time recently, I am totally disgusted that there wasnt a campaign to arrest those religious leaders who were indoctrinating their followers to commit crimes against the host nation. Why did this not happen, and yet why are ordinary indigenous people being targeted by this useless politically motivated police force?. Did anyone read the piece in todays Daily Mail about the author of the "Flashman Diaries", who passed away recently?, by God he saw things for what they are.

Ronbo said...

It's already working! "God Help Britain" -- a patriotic and anti-Muslim website has just been shutdown by its owner who fears arrest and imprisonment.

Citrus said...

This witchhunt seems to be spreading. The Bnp posted an article about 'Lionheart' but it it has now been removed. I wrote the following wondering whether to send it to Gillian Parker and the Bedfordshire Police on the first arrest of a British Blogger.

Why did you start with the ‘Lionheart’
He’s said what he thinks for years?

Plucking him from our breast with untimely arrest
Only strengthens indigenous fears.

It may be a slog when complaints of a blog
Make you suddenly jump into action.

But putting your time into nine, nine, nine.
Is surely a better reaction?

He’s helped you out when up the spout
Drug dealers have been labelled.

But what of him he’s made to swim,
And his rights have been disabl

Culturist said...

He isn't stirring up racial hatred he is raising culturist concerns. If we do not separate the two then everytime you say "Islam is bad" you can be accused of racial hatred. We need to separate race and culture. Racism is evil, and irrational. But if diversity is real, culturism is logical.

Paul said...

Poor Lionheart, but publicity is never bad in the long run. Our duty as bloggers is to make sure it gets maximun publicity. None of Lionhearts posts incite violence against Muslims and it will do the sleeping public good to see how the dhimmi government amd police force can swing into action against a guy with a laptop but ignore all those nice guys in Undercover Mosques.
I sense the BNP hotline will be ringing off the hook.

ayatollah khomein said...


Regarding D.C. IAN HOLDEN (pbuh) arresting the Christian Islamophobic son of pigs and monkeys blogger Lionheart. Some ignorant kuffars have asked what does the 'D. C.' stand for?


Allah Akhbar!!!

theinsanevortext said...
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