Thursday, 31 January 2008

Calne council by-election Results

The results of the Calne Town Council Lickhill ward were as follows:

  • Glenis Ansell - Lib Dems = 278 (35.3%)
  • Robert Baggs - BNP = 84 (10.7%)
  • Ellie Bland - UKIP = 150 (19.0%)
  • Geoff Brown - Greens = 23 (2.9%)
  • Greg Widger - Conservative = 256 (32.5%)

Turnout was 25%.

The weather was very bad and over 2000 of the 3161 eligible to vote couldn't be bothered.

Disappointing result. Sorry team.

Robert Baggs signing out.
A big well done to Robert and his team who worked very hard in the run up to this election. Robert was good enough to update his blog on a daily basis and I am sure there will be a post there later giving his "after match" report.

Do not be disappointed Robert. You done more than your best. We are proud of you.

Sadly it seems that despite the efforts of the British National Party, there are still those in uninfected parts of Our Country that remain indifferent to what is happening to their fellow True Brits.

We shall just have to work harder. You can bet that Robert and his activists will be out next week. Thank you to those who voted BNP.


Wendy Ascham said...

It seems that all those people who voted for the mainstream parties have a blinked outlook. They have been indoctrinated by the government and the media into thinking that everything is fine and honky-dory. They obviously don't know what is going on in the real world. To quote a famous song, "When will they ever learn?"

Good on Robert, you made the effort, but the people of Calne are like lemmings, they are on a suicide course!

br said...

after the GLA all will change.

Nick has said that the BBC promised to have him on question time if he gets 2 seats in the GLA.

if we get on question time it would make a big difference to the public mood and our votes.

we HAVE to work our arses off to get those two seats.

get in touch with Richard Barnbrook, get down to london and deliver some leaflets.

if you cannot make it too London then at least pay for some leaflets, by making a direct payment to the London BNP effort, even £10 would go a long way.

you have NO excuse - do you want to see Nick on question time or not?

do you want to see Livingslime getting grilled by Richard Barnbrook or not?

do you want to see the BNP gain MPs or not?

its in your hands - what will YOU do?

Anonymous said...

For an upmarket place like Calne, glossier and more subtle leaflets etc are required.

Anonymous said...

So many didnt bother turning out, but enough did to keep the BNP at bay?..and UKIP got more votes than the BNP?..something does not smell right here (as usual). But if this is the true reflection of apathy, then the Brits deserve everything they get.

johnofgwent said...

A result that is already being touted on 'ukdebate' as showing UKIP finally gaining success over the BNP.

But frankly with such a low turnout statisticians could make anything from this - and will probably be paid handsomely to do so. For instance I bet there are twenty three tories in the area who this morning must be feeling sick as parrots and their activists doubly so.

yorkielass said...

EU military police will only leave if the EU orders them to leave

On December 11th 2007 Bob Spink MP in the Commons debate (Hansard, col 188) prior to the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon asked Miliband for an assurance that the Eurogendarmerie will never be allowed into the UK. No such assurance was given, and Miliband confirmed that they could enter Britain with Britain’s “consent”, presumably just the consent of the government. What he did not mention and what was not spelt out was the (obvious) fact that once the EGF is inside a country, it will not leave that country simply because that country’s national authorities tell it to leave, for it will not recognise those authorities, but only its own supreme authority in Brussels.

EU military police may be Turks

Another disturbing element of the Treaty of Velsen is in article 44 which provides for the recruitment of Eurogendarmes not only from member states but also from “candidate states”. Indeed the Portuguese EU Presidency’s website, announcing the signing of this Treaty, stated that Turkey had already shown interest. So when the EGF does come over to Britain, we could find ourselves being policed by Turks in EU uniform. Even if they are excluded from being full members of the EU because their human rights record is not good enough, and torture in Turkish police stations is reported to be commonplace, the Turks are evidently considered good enough to be recruited as policemen to police us.

Please note - these are not soldiers, they are European riot-control policemen. They are actually members of the Spanish Guardia Civil as you can see from the flashes on their left shoulders, and it is written on the flak jacket of the man standing on the left of the picture, but if you look at their right upper arms you will just glimpse the royal-blue armband of the European Gendarmerie Force - which has as its emblem a circle of little yellow stars, and in the middle a "sword and a flaming grenade, symbolising the common military root of European police" (this logo and the armband are fully explained on their website).

This "military root" we need hardly say, may be "common" to the police forces of continental Europe, but it is utterly alien to our own policing traditions. Note their steel helmets, and their heavy automatic rifles, carried here by the Guardia "Civil", by what they are pleased to call a "civilian" police force. . .

Europeans distrust police

In continental Europe, our idea of "policing by consent" is considered a bizarre and incomprehensible contradiction in terms. Of course one of the duties of continental police is to tackle crime. But they are also regularly and normally considered to be a fairly blunt instrument whereby the State imposes its will on the citizenry in general. It has always been that way. They are occasionally admired, more often feared, and sometimes hated by the population at large, law-abiding and criminal elements alike. They are seldom recruited locally.
One unfortunate result is that whenever they try to investigate a crime, they often receive little help from the public - people are most unwilling to "step forward" (hence the phenomenon of omertá - which is a tremendous obstacle to any serious police detective work). So the extent to which crime goes unchecked is often higher on the continent than in the UK, although it is worsening in the UK as we are
being brought into line with continental practice, with our own policemen being taken off the beat and so out of that daily contact with the local population, which would enable confidence and trust to be built.

Explains why our police force are no longer seen protecting us on the streets.
when the Gestapo jackbooted thugs are seen here it will be too late.
The long term plotting of our politicians more and more is becoming clearer Orwells 1984 becoming the reality.

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for cheering me up JOG.

yorkielass said...


yorkielass said...

Cheer up GA!

July 11, 2005
Cowboys and Muslims

At a small terminal in the Texas Panhandle, three strangers are awaiting their shuttle flight. One is a Native American passing through from Oklahoma. Another, a local ranch hand on his way to Ft. Worth for a stock show. The third passenger is an Arab student, newly arrived at the Texas oil patch from the Middle East.
To pass the time they strike up a conversation on recent events, and the discussion drifts to their diverse cultures. Soon the Westerners learn that the Arab is a devout Muslim. The conversation falls into an uneasy lull.

The cowpoke leans back in his chair, crosses his boots on a magazine table, tips his big sweat-stained hat forward over his face. The wind outside blows tumbleweeds and the old windsock flaps, but no plane comes.

Finally, the Native American clears his throat and softly, he speaks: 'Once my people were many, Now we are few.'

The Muslim raises an eyebrow and leans forward, 'Once my people were few,' he sneers, 'and now we are many. Why do you suppose that is?'

The Texan shifts the toothpick to one side of his mouth and from the darkness beneath his stetson says, 'That's 'cause we ain't played Cowboys and Muslims yet.'

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for that YL. I am off to put it in the Muslim Jokes Page.

Nice to see your article over on UKTabloids. Well done. Lots of hits as a result.
I will be posting your earlier article of today - tomorrow. Now theres Welsh for you.

yorkielass said...

someone wanted more on kenya...just heard on news 5 more churches burned down.still not a mention of muslims.
seems it's gone on for years and covered up here.
a small minority reminds us of what they are capable of.
i'm using advance search engine AOL censor too much.what stinking governments we have that they can just turn away when it's christians needing help.yet bomb the Serbs when muslims involved.

Pray For The World

Kenya - Muslim Tensions Rise And Churches Burn

On 13 June, Muslims rioting over the arrest of one of their clerics torched five churches in Bura, Tana River district, not far from Mombasa in Kenya. The churches razed were the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) in Bura, the Bethel Church, and churches belonging to the Pentecostal Evangelism Fellowship of Africa (PEFA), the East African Pentecostal Church (EAPC), and the Full Gospel Church of Kenya (FGCK). (Link 1)

Of great concern to Christians in Kenya is the fact that no one has been charged over the burning of the churches. Christian leaders are still waiting to see if the arsonists will receive justice or impunity. As impunity equals permission, this is a serious issue of national significance at a time when Muslim tensions are rising to boiling point.


The Reverend Simon K. Mungumba, the Assistant Chairman of the Bura Pastors' Fellowship, has written a report of the incident. Rev. Mungumba writes (14 June) that on the evening of Thursday 12 June 2003, the Divisional Officer (DO) was passing through Manyatta with some security officers in his vehicle. When they stopped in Manyatta and alighted from their vehicle, some Orma and Somali youths started stoning them, forcing them to retreat into their vehicle and flee.

According to Rev. Mungumba's account, the DO returned the following morning to inquire of the local Imam as to why they had been attacked. The Imam told the DO that the local Muslim youths had a visiting preacher in town and feared he may be arrested.

This 'visiting preacher', Sheikh Khalifa Mutiso, is a former Christian pastor who converted to Islam and now preaches aggressively against Christianity and Christians, with offensive messages that, according to Rev. Mungumba, "border on incitement".

Rev. Mungumba reports that at that point the DO decided to take Sheikh Khalifa Mutiso in for questioning. Once again the DO and his accompanying security officers were pelted with stones and abused by Muslim youths and women. The attack became so violent that the police fired their weapons into the air in the hope of dispersing the rioters. When that did not help, the DO arrested Sheikh Khalifa Mutiso and took him away for police questioning.

At that point the Muslim rioters stoned the police station and commenced burning and looting the churches, while others chanted, "release our sheikh, we want him to continue preaching".

The rioting lasted from the arrest at 9:00am until Sheikh Khalifa Mutiso was released at the intervention of a local MP.

There is little shade in Bura, so in an act of great solidarity and generosity, the Catholic Church provided tents for all of the churches that were burned down.

At a subsequent meeting of Christian leaders, Ibrahim Ormondi of the Evangelical Fellowship of Kenya spoke with Bishop Kinnogah, who told him that he had met with the Provincial Commissioner, who promised to order the arrest of Sheikh Mutiso for inciting Muslim hostility in Bura. So far, however, he has not been arrested.

The local Imams say they do not know Sheikh Mutiso, however Christian leaders know him as a preacher from Mwingi who has been preaching the same way in Mombasa and the administration are aware of his threats and inflammatory statements, which are usually directed towards youths, most of them of school age children and teenagers.

The Bura Pastor' Fellowship is calling on the Kenyan government to investigate the incident and compensate the churches that have lost their buildings.

"Also," says Rev. Mungumba, "as Bura leaders we feel the security in Bura needs boosting. The Muslim youths need to know the worth and authority of the government. This occurrence should be addressed with the decisiveness it deserves."

------------------------------------- MUCH IS COOKING IN KENYA

Kenya is 78.6 percent Christian and 6-8 percent Muslim. This incident over Sheikh Khalifa Mutiso and the burned churches is only one of several issues in the pot - under which the heat is rising. This is why it is imperative that the Kenyan government deal decisively with religious violence.


The Catholic Diocese of Embu wrote to the Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) in Embu, Eastern Province, recently, requesting an investigation into a series of killings. Since March this year, at least 12 church watchmen and one church cook have been killed. The victims all had their throats cut or were decapitated and only churches and church related institutions were being targeted. There are no clues however as to the culprits or their motives (other than theft). It is quite mysterious and unsettling. (Link 2)


Kenyan Muslims are pushing to increase the power and influence of Kenya's Kadhi (Islamic) Courts. Muslims want the Kadhi courts to be fully entrenched in the new Constitution with national rather than just local jurisdiction. Christians maintain that the entrenchment of Kadhi Courts in the constitution, elevating them to national level and giving them authority equal to the state's secular courts, will compromise Article 10 which states that, "The State shall treat all religions equally". Muslims maintain that they will accept nothing less than the entrenchment of the courts in the constitution and some Muslims unfortunately, have made inflammatory threats to establish a separate Islamic state if the Kadhi Courts are not accepted -- this has not helped the debate. (Link 3)


On Monday 23 June, four Kenyan residents were brought before Chief Magistrate Aggrey Mchelule in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, to face murder charges. They have been in detention since March 2003 on suspicion of harbouring the terrorists who carried out the car-bomb attack on the Israeli-owned beachfront Paradise Hotel near Mombasa in November 2002 that killed 18 people. They were remanded in custody and will appear before court again on 8 August.

The charges against the four - Kenyan father and son Mohamed Kubwa and Mohamed Kubwa Seif, and Said Saggar Ahmed and Aboud Rogo Mohamed, whose nationalities were not known - were the latest in a string of anti-terror measures.

Some 80 Muslims are currently detained on suspicion of terror links. Muslims are outraged by the arrests, saying that they are being used as scapegoats and that the cases are unduly influenced by foreign (USA, CIA) interference, pressure and funding.

Kenyan Muslim politicians and clerics believe that Kenya's proposed Anti-terrorism Bill abuses the rights of Kenyan Muslims. (Three MPs from the ruling NARC party have crossed the floor to support the opposition in this, and several lawyers are saying that it violates the constitution.)

Muslim leaders, led by the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) secretary-general Sheikh Mohammed Dor, and the chairman of unregistered Islamic Party of Kenya (IPK) Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa, have threatened to form their own political party. At a public rally in Mombasa on Sunday 29 June, Islamic speakers "blasted the Government for what they termed harassment of Muslims after branding them terror suspects on the whims of America and Israel." Sheikh Dor comments, "The way things are going on today, civil strife is looming." Dor also branded "America, Israel and the (ruling Kenyan) NARC Government as enemy number one of Muslims." (Link 4)

- Elizabeth Kendal

1) Five Churches Torched in Tana River District The East African Standard (Nairobi) 20 June 2003 By Philip Mwakio And Jesse Masai

2) Church Condemns Killings. 24 June 2003 Catholic Information Service for Africa (Nairobi)

3) Christians Fear Shariah Will Undermine Tolerance Joyce Mulama NAIROBI, 18 June 2003 (IPS)

4) Kanu, Muslims attack Govt. The East African Standard By Daniel Nyassy 30 June 2003

Recent history should be a warning let alone ancient history!

yorkielass said...

Thanks for info GA.
Hope you said that in a welsh accent boyo!
Spent alot of time in Wales Neath and Pontidulas [ESCUSE SPELLING]
land of my fathers was my party song as a child taught to me by my Welsh brother-in-law Denzil.
Lovely scenic country you have there.

BritNat said...

As far as I can see it from Robert's blog and it seems to be the case in other places too our supporters aren't as committed and reliable as the supporters of the other party's.

Maybe they don't really think we will win and don't vote or maybe they just talk the talk but won't walk the walk to the voting place.


Anyway, well done to Robert and his team. They obviously put in a lot of work and should have got a better result