Thursday, 3 January 2008

Red Ken gets the Turnip Vote

Congratulations Richard and a Happy New Year

Well something to cheer the Newt Man, Red Ken Livingstone up. And he needs cheering up these days, with PC Plod breathing down his neck over links between himself and his UAF chum, Lee Jasper. And by the reaction of Black Information Link they are sweating a bit also.

The Turnips have naturally come out in support of their favourite Londonistani Dhimmi and released a statement of support here in the Gruniard Online. And what an interesting list of True Brit names and organisations.
  • Abdi Ismail, East African Society
  • Ali Alhadithi, Federation of Student Islamic Societies
  • Ahmed Amir, European Academy for Islamic Studies
  • Abdurahman Abu Daya, Al Hiwar TV
  • Abdallah Faliq, Islamic Forum Europe
  • Abdulmonem Haresha, Muslim Welfare House
  • Abdul Shaheed, North London Central Mosque
  • Ahmed Malik, Editor, Muslim Weekly
  • Ali Khan, Muslim Green Pages
  • Anas Altikriti, The Cordoba Foundation
  • Atif Choudry, Zaytoun Trading
  • Azad Ali, Muslim Community Radio
  • Belgacem Kahlalech, Algerian League in Britain President
  • Dilwar Hussain, London Muslim Centre
  • Dr Abdul Fattah Sa'ad, Al Muntada Al Islami
  • Dr Abdul Kareem Khaleel, Muslim heritage Centre
  • Dr Azzam Tamimi, Institute of Islamic Political Thought
  • Dr Daud Abdullah, An Noor Masjid Acton
  • Dr Kamal Helbawi, Centre for the Study of Terrorism
  • Dr Hafiz Al Karmi, Mayfair Mosque
  • Dr Hashim Charif, Amal Trust
  • Dr Ismail Jalisi, Muslim Association of Britain London
  • Dr Jameel Sharif,
  • Dr Noureddine Miladi, Centre for Arab & Muslim Media Research
  • Fareed Sabri, Iraqi Communities in London
  • Fida Alaeddin, IslamExpo
  • Hashir Farooqi, IMPACT International
  • Hassan Muinudeen, Dawatul Islam
  • Imran Hamid, Muslim Health Network
  • Inayat Bunglawala, Islamic Society of Britain
  • Ismail Patel, Friends of Al Aqsa
  • Luqman Ali, Khayaal Theatre Company
  • M Iqbal Asaria, Afkar Consulting
  • Majid Azeer, Palestine Return Centre
  • Mohammad Ali, Islam Channel
  • Mohamed Basha, Arabic Cultural Community
  • Mohammad Habib ur Rahman, President Islamic Forum Europe
  • Mohamad Mounir Rai, Hounslow Jamia & Islamic Centre
  • Mohammad Kozbar, Lebanese League London
  • Mohammad Sawlaha, British Muslim Initiative
  • Mohamed Mumtaz, Crescent Relief
  • Munier Hagus, The Eritrean Muslim Community Association
  • Mustafa al Mansur, MOSAIC Foundation
  • Mohammad Zabadne
  • Mufti Barkatulla, Islamic Computing Centre in North London
  • Naja Mohammad, Sri Lank Islamic Forum- UK
  • Professor Tariq Ramadan, Oxford University / Lokahi Foundation
  • Ruhul Trafader, 1990 Trust
  • Riaz Wali, UK Islamic Mission
  • Riaz Ramzan, the Muslim Directory
  • Ruqqaya Collector, NUS Black Student
  • Salma Yaqoob, Vice Chair Respect
  • Salim Bhorat, Just Peace
  • Sheikh Haitham Al Haddad, Al Muntada Al Islami
  • Sheikh Islamil Gangat, Leyton Mosque
  • Sheikh Sulaiman Ghani, Tooting Mosque
  • Sir Iqbal Sacranie
  • Soumaya Ghannoushi, Academic and freelance writer
  • Tanzeem Wasiti, Muslim Solidarity Committee
  • Tariq Dhaal, Pakistani Community Centre Brent
  • Unaiza Malik
  • Yasmin Qureshi, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
  • Zahir Birawi, Palestinian Forum in Britain

So many friends Ken. And not one of them a real True Brit. One wonders how much that little lot cost us each year? Of course Ken does not realise the nature of the beast he is dealing with and so long as they are anti-Semitic and anti-British, he does not really care.

But in a few more years, if Operation Black Vote have their way, then Ken would last about as long as the sheep at the Cult of the Dead Paedophiles annual "Festival of Sacrifice". They would demand one of their own as Mayor of an Islamic Londonistan.

But what about the Great White Dope, Boris Johnson. Surely he would speak for the remaining True Brits left in what was once our capital city? No I think not. Besides word on the street, is that good old Boris is one of the Common Purpose crowd.

No there is only one hope for London come the election and that is the British National Party's own Richard Barnbrook. He would lead Ken, amoungst others, a merry dance for sure.


yorkielass said...

Other Leading Members: Anas al-Tikriti [alt. Altikriti], Mohammed Kassim Sawalha, Jamal el-Shayyal, Osama Saeed and Dr Azzam Tamimi

Summary: The Muslim Assocation of Britain (MAB) was founded in London in 1997 by Dr Kamal Helbawy, the exiled spokesman for the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. In the same year, Helbawy also helped found the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).

Since then however, the MAB (whose senior leaders are mainly Arab) has competed against the MCB (largely dominated by Muslims from south Asia) for influence over Britain's Muslims and thereby for the right to lobby the British government as the group most 'representative' of Muslims in the UK. As a result, the MAB is one of the few Muslim organisations in Britain which openly aspires to represent the political, cultural and social interests of all the UK's estimated two million Muslims.

The MAB has aimed to present itself as a moderate force in the spectrum of British Islamic movements. For example, the MAB's leaders vociferously condemned the 11 September suicide attacks, as well as those in London on 7 July 2005. Partly as a result of such actions, the MAB has at times moved towards becoming a trusted partner of the British government. For example, a MAB representative was one of only four members of a steering group that led, in 2006, to the creation of MINAB-the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board. This self-regulatory body was created under central government initiative in the wake of the July 7th London suicide bombings. Its purpose is to supervise British mosques and the training of British imams.

At the same time however, the public statements made by MAB representatives and an analysis of their actions and relationships with other groups, suggest that the MAB's influence over British Muslims may not be entirely benign.

Legal and Financial Status: The Muslim Association of Britain Ltd is a registered company. Its company number is 03502114.

Attitude towards Britain's participation in the War on Terror

In addition to having always expressed vehement opposition to the 2003 invasion of Iraq to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein, MAB has consistently opposed Britain's subsequent military presence there, even when its role has largely been that of attempted peacekeeping and post-war reconstruction. It has likewise been opposed to a British military presence in Afghanistan since 2001.

In the early part of 2004, in an attempt to bring electoral pressure to bear on the government to reverse its foreign policy, MAB took the unprecedented step for any Muslim - or indeed any other religious - organisation in Britain, of telling its coreligionists how to vote in the local and European Parliament elections in June of that year. It called on them to vote only for candidates of parties that had, like it, always opposed the initial invasion of Iraq or any British military involvement there. In practice, it meant advising Muslims to vote for candidates of the newly formed Respect Party, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats. Anas Altikiri stood down from the leadership of MAB to enter as a candidate of the Respect Party for election to the European Parliament.

In urging Britain's Muslims so to vote, MAB's open aim was to exert maximum electoral pressure upon the Labour government to reverse its foreign policy and withdraw Britain's military forces from Afghanistan and Iraq. It also gave warning to other parties to avoid adopting policies not to its liking. In each constituency, Muslim voters were given detailed advice on which candidates to vote for so as to inflict the maximum electoral damage upon Labour, until then the party most favoured by Muslim voters.

In the case of the elections for the Mayor of London, MAB was willing to make an exception, advising Muslims to vote for the incumbent Ken Livingstone, despite his having by then rejoined the Labour Party. He was given this special dispensation by MAB because, in its words, he had 'proven time and again to be a great supporter of Muslims and their issues at home and abroad.'

The MAB has not criticised British involvement in Iraq in terms of the UK's national interest or by referring simply to the cost in lives. Instead its criticism of the war has been presented in such a way as must have been bound, if not calculated, to arouse in British Muslims a sense of grievance and victimisation.

Through its affiliate membership of - and close involvement in - the campaigning activities of the Stop the War Coalition (STWC), MAB has endorsed the following STWC claims about these military actions. They include the claims that:

* the war in Iraq was based 'on lies and deceit';

* the UK 'broke international law by entering the war against the Saddam regime';

* George Bush and Tony Blair had been engaged in 'continued aggression in Iraq and around the world'; and

* that 'a massacre of the Iraqi people is being perpetrated and George Bush and Tony Blair will have to account for these crimes'.

In urging Britain's Muslims to vote as it did, for the reasons it did, MAB was encouraging them to place their religious identity before any other, and suggest to them that there was no other attitude that any self-respecting Muslim could have other than one of implacable opposition. It claimed this, not just of the initial decision to invade Iraq. It claimed the same of Britain's and America's military presence in Iraq after the overthrow of the Saddam regime, when such a presence might well have been thought desirable to maintain order and for purposes of post-war reconstruction.

Contribution towards Social Cohesion

Whether by accident or design, MAB's leaders have injected into British politics an element of religious sectarianism, encouraging British Muslims to feel victimised and beleaguered on account of their religion, as well as to form themselves into a single electoral power bloc. In the wake of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, Azzam Tamimi, the current president of MAB, reportedly said:

'Wherever I go, people say "Haven't you heard about American missionaries in Jordan waiting to go into Iraq?" These are educated people; under normal circumstances, the missionaries would not be a big deal, but now people find it very difficult to believe this is not a crusade against Islam on the part of the Bush administration.'

In August 2006, before an audience of 8,000 at a daylong event in Manchester entitled 'A Call to Humanity', designed to present Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims, Dr Tamimi asserted that:

'The greatest act of martyrdom is standing up for what is true and just. Martyrs are those who stand up in defiance of George Bush and Tony Blair. You stand up to them and you say, "Desist. Stop this injustice; stop this oppression. We are Muslims in Europe, not European Muslims." Being fair and just means... not rubbing shoulders with Blair and Bush... Fighting those who invade Muslims is a just cause. The government is trying to turn the war on terror into the war on Islam.'

More recently, following an attack on a Bangladeshi-born imam in his Glasgow mosque, MAB's Scottish spokesman, Osama Saeed, likened the treatment of Muslims in Britain to of Jews in Nazi Germany. He reportedly said in December 2006 that he was 'not talking about large numbers of people being rounded up, but... situations where Muslims are routinely assaulted in the streets... In Europe in the 1990s a slaughter of Muslims took place in Bosnia so we are not talking ancient history or pie in the sky. The climate can change quickly.'

It has not been only by fostering a sense of victim-hood and persecution in British Muslims that MAB can claim to have sowed the seeds of discord and animosity. At the same time as making claims designed to make British Muslims feel fearful of their non-Muslim neighbours, the leadership of MAB has managed - through other statements and forms of action - to introduce into British public life an air of Muslim defiance and menace towards the host community that is difficult to construe as anything but threatening.

First, its leaders have consistently claimed that, because of the government's foreign policies, Britain has been made vulnerable to inevitable acts of terrorist reprisal. While not exactly amounting to a declaration of jihad against the British people for what their government has done, by claiming such acts of terrorism to be inevitable (rather than condemning them out of hand) MAB has arguably come as close as possible to endorsing them without explicitly doing so.

Second, a former president of MAB, Mohammed Kassim Sawalha was responsible for organising in London in 2006 a festival entitled Islam Expo, ostensibly designed to promote a better understanding of Islam and to encourage dialogue and tolerance between Muslims and non-Muslims. By holding this four-day festival at the same time as the first anniversary of the July 7th London suicide bombings, the symbolism of its timing could hardly have been more obvious, or more calculated to strike a note of defiance.

Rather than encourage London's Muslims to join with the rest of the capital and nation to mourn the events of 7-7, they were being invited instead to assemble elsewhere in the capital in joyous celebration of their religion and culture and of what sets them apart from their compatriots.

A further indication that, in staging the festival when he did, Mr Sawalha injected an air of menace and threat into the capital, in effect if not intent, is provided by details of who some of the foreign Muslims were who were invited to speak at the event. Among those advertised to speak on the subject of 'Reform and Revivalism in the Islamic tradition' (though in the event he never attended) was Qazi Husain Ahmed, leader of the Pakistani Islamist party, Jamaat-e-Islami. Among the several claims to have been made against him and his party are that:

* he has 'made flattering comments about Osama bin Laden';

* he has 'called the United States a "world terrorist"';

* he has 'advocated "martyrdom operations" in Iraq, Israel, Chechnya and Kashmir';

* 'he met with Osama bin Laden in Sudan and received a 'fiery ,message of support' from bin Laden in 1998; * his party has 'encouraged its members to shield al-Qaeda members... fleeing US troops in Afghanistan';
* it has 'hailed al-Qaeda members as heroes';

* it has boasted of 'maintaining "close brotherly relations" with and "practical links" to the Middle eastern terrorist group Hamas'.

Inviting a man, about whom such un-repudiated accusations have been levelled, to speak on the first anniversary of 7/7 in the very city in which the attacks took place, can hardly be thought to be a constructive or sensitive way to go about encouraging 'a better understanding of the Islamic faith... and a strengthening [of] the values of dialogue, openness and tolerance', as advance publicity for the festival stated.

Attitude Towards Non-Muslims:

Towards Those Not 'of the Book', i.e. Neither Jews nor Christians

In January 2003, Azzam Tamimi was one of three panellists who took part in a discussion held at the Cambridge Union before an audience of several hundred students on whether Islam is a threat to the West. In the course of this discussion, a fellow panellist from the Hyde Park Christian Fellowship asked Dr Tamimi about the so-called 'Sword verses' in the Koran. Of these the most famous runs: '...fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)'. In reply, Dr Tamimi reportedly reassured his interlocutor that he had no cause for anxiety, since these verses only talked about pagans, not Jews or Christians. When, in response to this reply, he was asked where this left Hindus and 'many of those people sitting here who claim no religious affiliation', Dr Tamimi was reportedly 'stumped'.

Towards Jews

The MAB openly opposes the existence of any form of Jewish-majority state in Palestine. However the MAB's leadership says it is in no way anti-Semitic.

Indeed, an article published in the April 2007 edition of Foreign Affairs said that MAB's founder president Dr. Kamal Helbawy gave a 'recent sermon' at the Finsbury Park Mosque on the need for Muslims to be good neighbours as well as of devout faith. In it, he reportedly 'lauded a Jew for displaying [this] Islamic virtue'.

When asked afterwards whether he had been inspired to give the sermon by recent news reports of Muslim anti-Semitism in the Midlands, he is reported to have replied, 'Precisely'.

[Robert S.Leiken and Steven Brooke, 'The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood', Foreign Affairs, vol. 80, no.2 (March/April 2007), pp. 107-121, p. 117.]

However in a speech at a conference of the Muslim Arab Youth Association held in December 1992, Helbawy reportedly told his audience:

'Do not take Jews and Christians as allies, for they are allies to each other... O' Brothers, the Palestinian cause is not a conflict of borders land only. It is not even a conflict over human ideology and not over peace. Rather, it is an absolute clash of civilisations, between truth and falsehood. Between two conducts - one satanic, headed by Jews and their co-conspirators -- and the other is religious, carried by... the Islamic movement in particular and the Islamic people in general who are behind it.'

Other members of the MAB have made similar comments. Under the heading 'Benjamin Franklin, The Jewish Threat on the American Society', the October-November 2000 issue of The New Dawn, MAB's monthly newsletter, reproduced a paragraph warning America of the dangers of its admitting Jews. It did not say that the text was taken from a hoax written and published by an American Nazi in 1934.

Similarly, at a rally held in Vienna in October 2000 entitled 'Jerusalem Calls Out to You', Azzam Tamimi said of European countries that had supported the creation of Israel in 1948:

'Let them give [the Jews] half of Austria or part of Germany or let them throw them to the far corners of America. However, our land, they must leave it, and if they shall not, they will thus justify the observation of the [Israel daily] Yediote Aharonote writer some days ago: "we are now defending our existence with our very lives, and there is nothing behind us, only the sea". Indeed, they have nothing before or behind them except the sea. Either they sail on it in ships back to whence they came, or drown in it. This is the fate of Israel.'

Status of Women

In a January 2003 Cambridge University Panel discussion on whether Islam is a threat to the West, Dr Tamimi was asked about the rights of women under Islam, and, in particular, the implications of Sura 4:34 in the Koran in which husbands are accorded permission to beat their wives, if their husbands consider them errant. Dr Tamimi reportedly responded that beating them was only the final and most drastic of three disciplinary measures permitted husbands under Sharia law by which to 'discipline' their errant wives, so that it was wrong to focus on it alone. He then reportedly expressed surprise that this Koranic verse was of such concern to Westerners since he knew of many Arab women who regularly asked their husbands to beat them.

Witnesses said that Tamimi's remark was not intended as a joke.

In 2004, Dr Tamimi helped arrange for Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian preacher based in Qatar, to visit Britain. Qaradawi has called for victims of rape to be punished, if they had been dressed 'immodestly', as well as for the stoning to death of homosexuals.

Attitude towards Suicide-Bombing and Other Acts of Terrorism

Although MAB's leadership have always publicly condemned the London suicide-bombings of July 2005, as well as the September 11 attacks, many have praised similar acts when carried out against civilian targets in Israel, Chechnya and Iraq.

For example, in August 2005, Dr Kamal Helbway was asked how he could condemn attacks on civilians in London and New York bombings but support those in Israel and Iraq. Helbawy replied:

'Let me ask you a question. If I am a citizen and the French are threatening to occupy my country, what should I do? Do I not have the right to resist in a manner that compensates for my technological inferiority? Surely, I should defend my country by using all reasonable means. We don't condone the indiscriminate killings in Iraq, but we approve of those who fight against an oppressive regime that has been occupying Palestine for more than 50 years and demolishes people's homes on top of them. We should make a distinction between Bin Laden and Zawahiri who are simply fighting a wrong battle and those people who fight for their freedom and dignity, whether in Palestine, Iraq or Chechnya. [Interviewer: But Tony Blair has come out and said that that suicide bombings are wrong everywhere, including Palestine/Israel.] Well, he is wrong. It is as simple as that! He is not a Mufti. He is a British statesman.'

Separately, Azzam Tamimi told BBC News 24's 'Hardtalk' programme in August 2006 that he was personally prepared to carry out a suicide bombing in Israel.

When asked why he hadn't, if it was as he indicated so glorious and honourable, Tamimi responded: 'I would do it... If I have the opportunity, I would do it... If I can go to Palestine and sacrifice myself I would do it. Why not? ... Sacrificing myself for Palestine is a noble cause. It is the straight way to pleasing God and I would do it if I had the opportunity.'

The reason he gave why he had been deprived of this opportunity was that he was not allowed into Palestine since his West Bank hometown of Hebron was occupied by Israel in 1967.

In an interview published by the Indonesian newspaper The Jakarta Post in June 2001, Tamimi said:

'The Zionist project is an imperialist project directed against Islam and Muslims in the first place. Palestine is holy to all Muslims and does not belong to the Palestinians nor to the Arabs. Therefore, Muslims around the world have a religious duty to... do all they can to liberate dear Muslim land. Until it is possible for Muslims to participate in the Jihad of liberation, they can pray for their brothers, and sisters in Palestine so that Allah may provide them with courage ands steadfastness and the willingness to sacrifice more and more.'

Links with Islamist Organisations

It has been claimed that, in an issue of the newspaper Inspire, produced for a Stop The War Coalition demonstration in September 2002, there was an article on the 'Historical Roots and Background' of MAB claiming it to be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Several months later a spokesman for MAB spoke at a STWC conference in January 2003 and reportedly claimed that his organisation was proud of being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Indeed, MAB itself has been said to have been set up by the Muslim Brotherhood, and further, that at the time of MAB's founding, Kamal Tawfik Helbawy, was the Brotherhood's European spokesman, having joined the organisation in Egypt in 1951 at the age of twelve.

In an interview in August 2005, when asked whether he still considered himself affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, he replied:

'Yes. I still consider myself a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. I resigned from the leadership in 1997 but I don't know if the current leadership has cancelled my membership in this great movement. I hope they have not done this, so that I remain a member until the end of my life.'

At one time or another virtually the entire MAB leadership has admitted to belonging to, or else having very close links with, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Anas al-Tikriti, another former president of MAB, is the son of Osama al-Tikriti, the one-time leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq.

Anas al-Tikriti was born and grew up in Iraq in his father's hometown of Tikrit where, for several years, his father's classmate was Saddam Hussein. The head of the school they attended was Anas al-Tikriti's grandfather.

MAB's current president Azzam Tamimi has been said to be 'a former Muslim Brotherhood activist in Jordan'.

Mohammed Kassem Sawalha, another of MAB's leading members, has also been claimed to have links with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Although in its early years, the Muslim Brotherhood is known to have had secret cells that engaged in terrorist acts, the movement now claims to have renouncing the use of violence to achieve their political goals. Several Western scholars believe that the Muslim Brotherhood's public renunciation of violence is genuine and should be taken at face value.

For example, an article in Foreign Affairs in April 2007 entitled 'The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood', said the group has chosen the path of peaceful persuasion and the ballot box to achieve its ultimate objective of Islamising the world and bringing it under Sharia law.

The article states that the Brotherhood now 'works to dissuade Muslims from violence, instead channelling them into politics and charitable activities'. If a Muslim Brother wished to commit violence, he generally leaves the organisation to do so.[Robert S.Leiken and Steven Brooke, 'The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood', Foreign Affairs, vol. 80, no.2 (March/April 2007), 107-121, pp. 112-13.]

Despite this, the authors say that 'a number of militants have passed through the Brotherhood since its inception, and [that] the path from the Brotherhood to jihad is not buried in sand'.

The authors also say that even comparatively recent 'Brotherhood literature has expressed hatred for all Jews, not just "Zionists".'

Links With Proscribed Islamist Organisations

On account of its close links with the Muslim Brotherood, the MAB also has close ties with Hamas, the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood's global franchise.

Several leading members of MAB have been claimed to have been members of Hamas or to be otherwise closely linked with the group.

Azzam Tamimi has been claimed to have been a Hamas member when he lived in Jordan in the early 1990s, as well as to have issued Hamas communiqués.

Another former president of MAB, Mohammed Kassem Sawalha, 'was named in a US court case as a former senior Hamas commander responsible for terrorist activities in the West Bank in the 1990s'.

Even after he entered Britain, Sawalha reportedly 'continued to collect funds to send to Hamas' military wing'.

Sawalha is also said to have been heavily implicated in helping fund Hamas' military activity in the West Bank with funds sent there by the British-based charity Interpal which is currently under investigation by the UK's Charity Commission

Hamas is by no means the only proscribed Islamist organisation to which leading members of MAB have reportedly been linked.

In October 2006, Dr Kamal Helbawy was denied entry to the USA by the US Department of Homeland Security. It declined to give any reason for letting him in.

Helbawy had been due to attend a conference in New York on the Muslim Brotherhood organised by the authors of the 2007 Foreign Affairs article.

The reason Helbawy was denied entry into the USA may not have been his avowed membership of the Muslim Brotherhood. It has been claimed of him that in 1991:

'Dr Helbawy spoke at a conference hosted by the Islamic Committee for Palestine, a front group that was headed by the convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) operative Sami al-Arian. Other speakers at that event included Specially Designated Islamic Terrorist and current General Secretary of PIJ, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, the notorious Egyptian "Blind Sheikh", Omar Abdul Rahman (spiritual leader of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre, currently serving a life prison sentence for his role in a plot to blow up New York City landmarks), and PIJ founder and spiritual leader Abdel Aziz Al Awda.'

MAB has also supported a campaign to prevent the extradition to the US of Babar Ahmad, a British-born Muslim who is accused of running some of the most prominent pro-jihadist websites.

According to US federal prosecutors, Ahmed was heavily involved in pro-jihadist activity while still an undergraduate at Imperial College London in 1996:

'Mr Ahmad launched a website dedicated to promoting Islamic fighters in Bosnia, Chechnya, and Afghanistan. Dubbed, in honour of Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian who served as bin Laden's spiritual mentor, the Web site rapidly became a prominent and influential English-language platform for Islamic militants.

'According to U.S. prosecutors and terrorism analysts, Ahmad enabled radical jihadists to deliver their message to a global audience by connecting to and several of his sister Web sites.'

The US prosecutors also said that the 11 September attacks, printed a lengthy article in praise of the 'Nineteen Lions', a reference to the 19 hijackers.

'The attacks on September 11th 2001, which saw the WTC turned to rubble and destroyed an entire section of the Pentagon, were the single most courageous and momentous act of Modern History sending shockwaves throughout the world, which are still palpable today ...without doubt, it was the defining moment in the battle between those who wish to destroy Islam and those who wish to make the Name of Allah Most High.'

Ahmad's relatives dismissed the charges as 'rubbish' and said he was being unfairly targeted because he filed a brutality complaint against the British police after he was arrested in 2003. Neither he nor his family have responded in detail to the charges against him.

'As far as the allegations [are concerned], we're not going to talk about them', his wife, Maryam Ahmad, said in an interview. 'If they are the ones giving the allegations, let them prove it.'

MAB is supporting the campaign against Mr Ahmad's extradition that his family is mounting on the grounds that:

'Under the Extradition Act 2003 Babar cannot challenge any of the "evidence" against him in a British Court of Law. As a British Citizen, he should be entitled to an open fair trial in he UK. If he is extradited to the US, he will face the same Human and Civil Rights abuses that many experience at the hands of the US Government.'

Nicks predictions and the GLA said...

one thing to remember in this is that it is great news for the BNP that the muslims are punblically declaring support for red ken and labour.

it demonstraits that they see themselfs as separatist and it alienates everyone else.

it is in fact a millstone around kens neck!

so it is good newws news for the BNP more so than communist purpose Boris as people will react to this news by turning to the BNP in larger numbers than they would have rather than the conservatives who they may have been considering.

yes self serving Boris will pick up a little from this but not nearly as much as the BNP.

i believe the BNP will get a massive result this time, round far higher than all predictions especially as we are now facing economic meltdown.

i have been monitoring the econiomic blogs and how quick the liberal masses turn anti PC when their financial security and home is at stake is astounding!

they are starting to make us look like liberals - i kid you not!

its gonna be explosive thats for certain.

still NIck our leader predicteed the whole thing - once again.

yorkielass said...

Mr Livingstone said: "One of my proudest achievements is that over the last seven years racist attacks in London have fallen by almost 60%. DRIVEN OUT BRITS FROM THEIR OWN CAPITOL CITY..HOW MANY HAVE BEEN KILLED IN LONDON THAT HE'S SO PROUD OF?

"The fundamental basis of London's openness and choice is that every Londoner should be able to live their life as they freely chose with the sole condition that they do not prevent others doing the same." A BIT LATE HAVING HANDED IT OVER TO EVERY OTHER NATIONALITY UNDER THE SUN.

Mr Johnson said he was "not remotely worried" by the statement of support and warned against "divide and rule" politics.
I am proud of my Muslim ancestry

Boris Johnson

"My grandfather was a Muslim and so was my great-grandfather. I am proud of my Muslim ancestry," he said.


yorkielass said...

GA..could you keep this for when you start the CP page?
This person seems to know alot about this org. he mentions Boris towards the end also!
Danial had made accusations over 7/7.he was later followed by someone he claims to have been from some type of surviellance team.

Anonymous said...
Without a doubt you hit the nail on the head Daniel. Whatever is going on, it is coming out of left field. It is something being done on a quasi-official way by agencies of the government, perhaps the Department of Dirty Tricks. These semi covert activities focused on you is not about intelligence collection but is about watching you all the time to sabotage your life. These operatives are more like gremlins in the works rather than rational state agents. Their job is to be a permanent bane on your life causing mishaps, misfortunes, chronic ill health with electronic and microwave harassment and there is always the slander campaigns in your neighbourhood to recruit locals to join in in the stalking/surveillance.

Each of these acts will be done in a careful and layered methodology to enhance the trauma. You are not the only one suffering at the hands of these murderous degenerates in the UK. There are perhaps many thousands abused in this manner up and down the country: I am one and am in contact with at least thirty others.

The current wretched government enacted Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIP or RIPA) which allows the investigation of anyone for any reason and costs are fully funded. Then in 2003, David Blunkett announced wide-ranging extensions to the list of those entitled to see information collected under the RIPA or instigate an investigation. The list now includes jobcentres, local councils, and the Chief Inspector of Schools. The list includes junior police constables, MPs, social services etc. Applications can be downloaded from the internet, completed and signed off by a local police inspector and unknown civil servants.

Anyone can be incorporated to join in on the stalk and surveillance with the serving of a section 49. Penalties for disclosure and unauthorized discussion is severe and always involves imprisonment.

Further, John Prescott's former department initiated the formulation of an anti British charity known as Common Purposes who are singularly concerned with placing their members and recruits in all senior level of governmental institutions and publically traded company regardless of merit but must be compliant to their organization. This agenda expresses itself in a profoundly unBritish trait, destruction of local representative government, aggressive attacking and isolation of individuals resistant to their overtures and total submission of national interests to the EU.

The individuals controlling Common Purpose are the founders of Demos and various other lunatic Troskeites groups. Interestingly, these radicals remain true to their beliefs of social engineering in line with their Stalinist pedigree only they are after personal enrichment too. I will details methods that can used to scam the funding offered by RIPA in a later comment.

The social engineering angle, as used by Common Purpose, is facilitated by identifying future leaders whom they indoctrinate in meetings and training programmes, all under Charter House Rules to avoid corporate probitary, and placed in office. Equally, potential whistleblowers, noncompliant leadership material, private individuals with ability are subject to investigations under RIPA and other as yet unidentified methods. Boris Johnson has apparently just barely survived the rigours of an investigation for dirt as we speak.

Private individuals, like myself, are used to occupy the time of and train the standing army of gangstalkers in the employ of these aforementioned organizations and interest groups.



The Green Arrow said...


I will be be creating a Common Purpose Link list tonight. I will just get data in to start so people can access it and then try and tidy it up as I get time.

Good Luck

communist purpose backing both horses? said...

boris plays the `proud to be a muslim` card!

WTF! it doesnt get any better than that!

Boris thank you so much for handing a gift of massive proportions to the BNP from the tories!

you couldnt make it up!

is Boris Common Purpose or not? we need to know - write him a letter asking if he or his campain has ANY involvment with Communist purpose.

so far an unsubstantiated report is that when offered funding if he could deny involvment his office just went quiet.

not the norm for a politition to refuse funding.

it would appear that common purpose has done a deal with him and backed both horses!

The Green Arrow said...


The Link List is started with two post and CP Website. Can you or anyone with time go through the comments and reword them into proper posts that can be added to the link with Titles and Source where available.

They can then either be emailed to me at or send as a comment and I will post them and reject them as comments.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that Red Ken gets the Muslim vote?

Just kidding.

But seriously, this BNP needs to be buried once and for all for the sake of our children, if not for us. My advice, bury the hatchet and get back to work. Some of the other blogs out there (not GA's) are wasting their time, bitching like a bunch of curtain twitchers on a rainy afternoon. THIS IS YOUR GLORIOUS MOMENT IN BRITISH HISTORY, SIEZE IT!!

pissed off said...

Just looking at that list of jihadist names corrupting our electoral process makes me want to puke, like seeing a faithful workhorse being consumed by parasitic worms and maggots.

Red ken is a puppet of these murderous mohamedans who are conspiring in their mosques to destroy our country by DECAPITATION. If these creeps can control the CAPITAL then they will conquer the entire country.

As the US veteran said (before he was fired) 'Send these freaking terrorists back to their caves before they get control of the country'

I sincerely hope that once the BNP comes to power they will immediately disenfranchise all hostile aliens (ie ALL muslims).

najistani said...

This list of names should be given the widest circulation possible and maximum publicity so that the dwindling minorities of Christian, Jewish, Secularist, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist and Pagan Londoners can wake up and see who is paying the piper and calling all the tunes (including the amplified five times a day wailing from the MegaMosque which will carry further than Bow bells)

The Green Arrow said...

Louise, I am afraid that this blog is not your private sandpit for you to play in and so you must go elsewhere to find playmates.

You answered yourself in your last comment so why be surprised that I will not publish negative propaganda about the BNP in the run up to an election.

You are free to go and create your own blog any time. I wonder how long you would last before enforcing comment moderation.

Yorkielass said...

We all say marxists are now running this country.
Michael Gove MP stated in THE TIMES 2001 23rd january.."The Marxist Ideologues who are our masters now" This from a now sitting politician elected in 2005.
Nothing more said or done.
To understand what is really going on. take the time to read the booklet by Proff Sean Gabb..Cultural Revolution, culture war;
How conservatives lost England and how to get it back.
Hamden press. put the title and the proff's name into your search engine. this will take you to where the booklet can be downloaded or purchased the choice is yours!
Quote..They have mostly shaved off their radical facial hair and have all put on new suits.indeed.they are happy to make deals with big business that they would once have denounced as fascists. but their basic assumptions-from which their old economical analyses had proceeded-have remained intact.
Marxist theory is marxist practise.
Get the knowledge that these baskets would rather you were kept ignorant of!


Anonymous said...

"But seriously, this BNP needs to be buried once and for all for the sake of our children,"

Whoops! I meant to say that "this BNP infighting needs to be buried"!