Thursday, 3 January 2008

Welham Green by-election - 3rd January

Well I do not know about your area but here in the Welsh Valleys it is icy cold and the roads look treacherous and so I pity anyone who has to go through the door today. Myself included. I have a long drive to pick up some kit that might improve my connection to the net.

So good luck to the British National Party and their activists in this by-election for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council today. Wrap up warm troops and keep an eye out for the state paid activists of Searchlight who are supposed to be operating in the area.

This by-election was caused by the resignation of Conservative Councillor Peter O'Brian following his arrest over the possession of child pornography. Details here on Liars, Buggers and Thieves.

The full list of candidates and results were as follows:-

  • Doug Berry - Con 539 40.68%
  • John Elvy - Lib Dem 484 36.53%
  • Mark Fuller - BNP 214 16.15%
  • Bridie Croft - Lab 88 6.64%
Turnout a massive 46.6%. I was way off on expecting a low turnout but checking out the Lib Dem site for by-elections they were very well organised in getting activists within travelling distance in to help their local team and getting their voters to the booths. We can learn something here.

Con seat, 2006 result: Con 707, Lab 198, LD 156

Not a bad result. Well done to Mark and all his activists. Give our thanks to the people who voted for us next week Mark when you deliver your follow-up leaflets.

You can bet the Lib Dems are crying into their herbal tea right now though:)


Louise said...

With that sort of a line up, I am expecting you to win easily! Bon Chance!

najistani said...

Meanwhile, in Londonistan, the Death-cultists are wielding their block-vote:,,2234410,00.html

The Green Arrow said...

Strangely enough Najistani I am actually writing about that at the moment. I have also got the list of Muslim supporters.

yorkielass said...

Livingston should be hung not elected. he's not fit to stand anywhere in this country for any office of state.
With his links to islamists he is no more than a traitor and should be treated as such!

Anonymous said...

Come on BNP, America is behind you on this one, I get asked 24/7 "something needs to be done about the UK's Islamic population". I certainly don't want to have to watch my kids be drafted into another European war due to apathy. Let's nip this little blip on the tapestry of British History in the bud and go back to our warm beer and pre-1950's crime levels. You want your country back? It's there for the taking, but you could lose it just as easily.