Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Bogus doctor made patients worse

Oh Doctor you're in trouble. Oh goodness gracious me.

Well, well, well. The other day I wrote in I want to tell you a story about an Asian work colleague telling me why he prefers to go to a White British doctor given the choice as many Asian doctors qualifications were in fact bogus.

And then what do I find in my final look around the Asian News Mags, this little gem. A bogus doctor has just been convicted on four counts of deception. Concerns were first raised about Gurmukh Singh in 2005 but a full investigation did not take place until May 2006. The money he charged his patients was sent out to India.
Detective Sergeant Lindsey Curry said: "This man abused one of the most sacred positions of responsibility in a community. He may well have had genuine intentions to help people, but he was unqualified to do so, and massively overcharged for his services. In some cases, the conditions of the people who went to see him actually got worse, and all of them ended up well out of pocket. As well as claiming disability benefit, Singh was earning hundreds of pounds out of his patients. The amount of medicine he had in his house suggests that he had no intention of stopping either."
Like that fellow Littlejohn, who hunts with the hounds and runs with the fox says: "You couldn't make it up".


Anonymous said...

Good intentions?

Jesus Christ, lunacy reigns.

What wuill it take for people to speak the truth?

Madness. Absolute madness.


Anonymous said...

Why arent people waking up to the fact that so much crime is commited by foreigners, who obviously feel above the law in this country?. I dont bother watching the news on tv either, because I am sick of the sight of crowds of angry coloured men waving sticks or guns around for some reason, and this is what we our children are being encouraged to aspire too?

br said...

galloway to satnd for mayor


bernard said...

Hold on, it ain't that bad.
In my experience, pretty well 100% of his patients would have been other Indians.
If an 'indigene' has gone along for treatment then they deserve to get berry-berry and the dreaded disenterry.

English Rose said...

If I'd have known when I was younger I would never have had children, what legacy are we leaving them? I sometimes could cry my eyes out. I am going to vote bnp when the time comes I have made my mind up, I think lots of people are beginning to think like this as well
read some of these comments

vinny said...

we had a husband and wife team back in my old town when a new development was built.they both had welsh names but were very broad asian speaking ? she was definately not a doctor.she lost at least 4 of my wifes smear tests.he was sound as he would give you a sick note for a month just for having the snivvles.