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Malta and National Action

Malta - Awarded the George Cross during 2nd World War

Back in June of last year, a new political party was formed in Malta as a results of this historic Island (G.C.) being swamped by illegal immigrants.

The party is called Azzjoni Nazzjonali(National Action) and has the two main Dhimmi, pro-European sell-out parties on the Island frothing at the mouth.

I think you will like some of the things that their leader, Josie Muscat has been saying since the party started. But bear with me for a moment.

As you may or may not know, a Danish Islamic Website has said that as soon as Turkey joins the E.U. a million Turks with the legal right to live anywhere in Eurabia will descend on Denmark and make it a Muslim country overnight.

Now we only have to look at the fate of Kosovo, where uncontrolled immigration of Muslims was actively encouraged by the traitor politicians of the west to see that kind of action is not beyond the realms of possibility. In Kosovo, there are now less than 10% of the original owners of the land remaining. The remainder being forced to flee to Serbia or die at the hands of Islam.

So back to Malta, where in the past the Soviet European Union of Eurabia has insured that the two main parties of Malta have toed the EU line by making various threats to the Island that bravely resisted the Germans during the 2nd World War. Must we always betray our allies?

But that does not worry Josie Muscat and his party. They to have seen the evil of Eurabia and the threat to their culture and Island. They want out and by the looks of it, so to, do the people of Malta.

And so out come our common enemy, the government controlled media, misquoting and misrepresenting Mr Muscat in their online Malta Today. Well read it for yourself and see what you think. Does the press response seem familiar?

What Josie said:
Let’s load (the immigrants) onto a plane and fly them to Brussels, and let’s see how they welcome them there.

What we think he meant:
“Let’s pull out of the EU.” Josie knows (or at least, ought to know) that Malta is party to the Dublin Convention. As long as Malta remains signatory to that treaty, any immigrants “sent to Brussels” will simply be deported back to the first point of entry into the EU: i.e., Malta. So for Josie’s plan to work, Malta will have to first withdraw from Dublin II, and by inference also from the European Union; an eventuality that Josie has already threatened vis-à-vis the issue of spring hunting.

What Josie said:
If all else fails, AN will close the open centres, and make detention indefinite until a burden-sharing agreement is reached.

What we think he meant:
That AN will first overturn Malta’s ratification of the Universal Charter of Human Rights, which specifically prohibits indefinite, arbitrary detention (one of the reasons Malta’s detention policy was limited to 18 months in 2004). But in order to do so, AN would also have to occupy two thirds of Parliament after the next election, as the Charter is enshrined in the Constitution. If nothing else, Josie certainly sees big.

On another level, Josie also seems to be proposing that Malta holds these foreigners as permanent hostages on its territory, until their release is secured by the EU bowing to our demands. This is a tactic identical to the international blackmail used by Libya in the case of British and American oil company employees held hostage in the 1970s; and also during the Lebanese hostage crisis in the 1980s. Needless to add, it will do wonders for our international reputation.

What Josie said:
While in detention centres, illegal immigrants would have to pay for being clothed, fed and accommodated…

What we think he meant:
AN’s policy will render all immigrants indebted to the State to the tune of several thousand euros – a sum they can never pay back until gainfully employed, which is impossible in the permanent detention system Josie himself is advocating. This leads us to the next phase, which is:

What Josie said:
Illegal immigrants should work on embellishment projects while employers negotiate adequate pay with the government, with the income being used to feed and clothe them.

What we think he meant:
That Malta will re-introduce slavery, forcing people to do public work in return for only the basics of survival.


Malta has a proud history of resisting the Islamic Invaders. You might like to read this previous post and urge you to follow the link there and read an incredible story of heroism.

Note: For those interest in the resignation of Tango Man, Peter Hain go here.


najistani said...

THE heroic people of Malta have a proud history of defying jihad-crazed savages:

"The Siege of Malta (also known as the Great Siege of Malta) took place in 1565 when the Ottoman Empire invaded the island, then held by the Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Knights of Malta, Knights of Rhodes, and Chevaliers of Malta)

The siege, one of the bloodiest and most fiercely contested in history, was won by the knights and became one of the most celebrated events of the sixteenth century. Voltaire may have exaggerated when he said, "Nothing is more well known than the siege of Malta," but it unquestionably put an end to the European perception of Ottoman invincibility...

... Queen Elizabeth I of England is said to have remarked: “ If the Turks should prevail against the Isle of Malta, it is uncertain what further peril might follow to the rest of Christendom”. All contemporary sources indicate the Turks intended to proceed to the Tunisian fortress of La Goletta and wrest it from the Spaniards, and Suleiman had also spoken of invading Europe through Italy.

....Malta had lost a third of the knights and a third of its inhabitants. Birgu and Senglea were essentially leveled. But such was the gratitude of Europe for the knights' heroic defense that money soon began pouring into the island, allowing de Valette to construct a fortified city, La Valetta, on Mt. Sciberras, which was designed so as never to allow the Turks to occupy the position again.

... it was the first true defeat of the Ottoman Empire in a century and lifted European morale immeasurably.


question for green arrow said...

I would very much like to join the BNP but my one reservation is that I am an engineer and there are many jobs in the defence industry that require some form of background check/ security clearance. Do you have any idea whether BNP membership could affect this or do you know of any members who have succesfuly gone through the checks?


Anonymous said...

Proud Malta, I never realised our debt to them as civilised human beings. I hope they prevail against the latest invasion. ps why are journalists the world over so anti their own people and left wing, dont they realise that if Islam/EU takes over their countries then surely they will be out of a job, as I cant see the new masters wanting the people reading anything other than state sanctioned propaganda, can you?

Anonymous said...

If you are worried about joining the BNP then just support by donations, spreading the word of our common sense policies and vote for us. And if you have information that can help the BNP then contact via the main website.

Anonymous said...

Hi there GA, Ive not been around for a while but Im back to add my tuppence worth now and then.
Well done Malta, follow the example people.

I dont know if your readers have ever looked up David Ikes web site or not but it is worth a read as it turns up a few jems, amongst the weirdness, especially the daily updated news. Scroll down to the dated news articles and read on. You will find a few good paths to follow GA for your blog articles.
There is an interesting article on the Canadian Human Rights comission who figured in the news this week.
Also check out the video on the North American Union.


The Green Arrow said...

Harry welcome back. You were missed. I will check out those links.

For those interested in joining the BNP but worried about their jobs then do as I did. You do not need to be a member to support and promote the party. Help with donations and spreading the word in private conversations. Posting links to supporting sites.

However if you do wish to join, the BNP already understands your problems because they have faced them before. There are serving police officers and members of the armed forces in the party.

Contact the BNP. There are ways around these things.

yorkielass said...

God-Bless Malta. again showing the way! the SIOE member there keeps us all informed of the problems they face.
This was placed on the blog Last Ditch the guy is a lawyer he certainly knows his stuff.
This also proves the lie that it's the BNP only that is stirring things up here.
From doctors,lawyers to the ordinary man and woman in the street there is a rising anger at what we can all see happening to our country.
All the new laws brought in over the past years have been used against law abiding citizens more than anyone else.

His words to Britons!

'Terror law plans to be unveiled'.

For once the craven, useless BBC tells the truth, albeit inadvertently. These are indeed "terror laws." We should all be more afraid of them than we are of the hapless, if fanatical, incompetents of Al Qaeda who far more frequently blow themselves up and set themselves on fire than do us any serious harm. I travel by air almost every week and would willingly accept whatever slight risks might be involved reverting to pre-9/11 airport security. I know no frequent traveller who would not.

There are some elements of a free society which are far more important than democracy. Indeed democracy is no guarantee of a free society at all. You can democratically elect tyrants (e.g. Nazi Germany, present-day Iran, future Iraq and Pakistan). You can equally enjoy freedom without democracy, if your rulers are constrained by the rule of law. I would rather deal with past constitutional monarchies in England, than the unlimited quasi-republic of today. The intrusions into my life of state power would have been far less frequent and I really don't have any more influence over the choice of my rulers now than I would have had then. Rather, "legitimised" by their democratic mandate, my "democratic rulers" have ventured farther into my private life than any monarch would have safely dared.

The principal value of democracy is that it should - if functioning correctly - be a constraint on government power. Once democracy leads government to venture where it has no place, it ceases to be legitimate. Once it leads to 4.1 million idlers enslaving their fellow men by voting en bloc to have the omnipotent state steal one half of others' working lives to provide them with a sinecure income, it is no longer democracy, but a criminal conspiracy.

For me, habeas corpus is more important than the right to vote. The protection of my private property against theft or government confiscation is more important than the right to vote. My right to bear arms to protect my family from British criminals carrying an estimated 4 million firearms is more important than the right to vote.

So even if a majority of my fellow citizens believes, and expresses that belief through its democratic representatives, that the state should be able to hold me without trial and without charge for 42 days, I deny the state's right to do so. I am innocent until proven guilty. The police should assemble their evidence before they arrest me, not while I am in custody. Even if it were not stupidly impractical (if I am guilty, all evidence will be destroyed as soon as my associates realise I have been arrested) it would not justify depriving me of my freedom without due process of law.

A free society does not involve mutual subjugation. History shows the majority to have been wrong more often than not on most points of importance, but that's not my point. Even if the majority was always right, it does not give it the right to impose its view. We are all in a minority on some point or another, and we are all unfree unless we can insist (to any point short of concrete harm to others) upon that point. A democracy is a matter of selecting a government to do the proper, limited tasks of government, not of choosing a tyrant.

The present government long since overstepped all limits of political decency. It seems to think itself our mother, our father and the sole arbiter of our welfare. Nor is HM Opposition doing its job properly. I am disgusted by the tone of the debate on this subject. No party speaks from principle. All parties are making electoral judgments as to voters' perceived views on a non-existent trade-off between safety and freedom. They have no right to make those judgments.

That the majority of my countrymen may be idiots who think "it will not happen to me;" that they may be racists who think these powers will only be used (as the record suggests, by the way, may be true) against darker-skinned citizens of a particular faith; that they may be gutless ****s who would give up their freedoms rather than stand up for them like men, should not be my problem.

The continued demolition of our freedoms and our real human rights (as opposed to the ersatz versions promoted by our oppressors) will not reduce terrorism. It will legitimise and therefore increase it. I am a patriotic, law-abiding citizen, but I am not far from believing there to be justification for the violent overthrow of the British State. Jefferson was right. There is no stable system of government which can secure liberty indefinitely. The present British Constitution is effete, decadent, worn-out and spent. As Jefferson said;

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. it is its natural food.

With a heavy heart, fellow-Britons, I suggest it will soon be time for some forestry.

Drake's Drum said...

Here's the link;-

All the best.

communist subversion methods said...

GA very inmportant video on communist subversion

short summary version

long version

ivan said...

good story arrow i have been to malta many times down the years and was out there last year and went to a nazzjonalli meeting.the maltese are proud and passionate people and respect of my old friends took me to valetta to show me the scale of the the old bus depot used to be full of old folk watching the world go it is full of african immigrants.if anyone is ever out in malta just tell them you are bnp especilly in a certain bar in the square in bugibba(they love us).i could tell you a few stories but put it this way,the maltese deal with the problem correctly.i am in regular contact with some of their officials they are good people

ivan said...

forgot to grandad was of maltese descent and spoke with the biggest brummie accent,he fought in india and stayed on during the partition in the late 40s.he told me many of story about the islamic threat,he had many sikh friends in birmingham that all said the same.he won many medals to which i his grandson own and cherish proudly.he has been gone 30 years this novemember but i still miss him like me he was the bravest man walking.OZ GILES a true british soldier

The Green Arrow said...


We never seem to learn from history. With regards to Malta I remember as a boy reading about "Faith, Hope and Charity", the three airplanes of the RAF who flew from Malta during the war.

yorkielass said...

They use the word Mediterranean to cover up what this means. this is the EU/ARAB DIALOGUE AREA..EUMED
Note the target date of 2010 when should we be fully in Europe there is not a damned thing we can do.
Free movement. 9 muslim countries with free entry into our homeland.
Agriculture.while our farmers are being run down.
Barcelona declaration signed by the tories Rifkin.
Never discussed with we the people infact kept well hidden.
No minutes are kept at these meetings.
Politicians and their marxist supporters say that the EU/ARAB dialogue is just a conspiracy theory.
Relying on our apathy to search out the details of this treachery.
My belief is one reason the EU audit of their books have not been cleared in 13 years is that the trillions we give to Arab states would soon become apparent.
Can't have that can we?

The Euro-Mediterranean Free-Trade Area

Set to become the world's biggest marketplace

In the Barcelona Declaration (1995), the Euro-Mediterranean Partners agreed on the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area (EMFTA) by the target date of 2010. This is to be achieved by means of the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements negotiated and concluded between the European Union and the Mediterranean Partners, together with free trade agreements between the partners themselves. Turkey signed in 1995 an Association Agreement establishing the definite phase of a customs union with the EU.

Together with EFTA this zone will include some 40 States and 600-800 million consumers, i.e. one of the world�s most important trade entities

Implementing free trade through Association Agreements

The European Commission, being in charge of trade and economic cooperation with the South and Eastern Mediterranean, is responsible for preparing, negotiating and implementing Association Agreements. The new generation of Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements provides for the gradual implementation of bilateral free trade. The Euro-Mediterranean Free-Trade Area foresees free trade in manufactured goods and progressive liberalisation of trade in agricultural products.

Negotiations for Agreements already concluded include those with Tunisia (1995), Israel (1995), Morocco (1996) , Jordan (1997), Egypt (2001), Algeria (2002), Lebanon (2002) and Syria (2004). Those with Tunisia (1998), Morocco (2000), Israel (2000), Jordan (2002) and Egypt (2004) have been ratified and are in force. . These agreements, cover a large variety of CFSP, economic, social, cultural and financial co-operation themes as well as free trade.

Interim Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements signed with Israel (1995) and the PLO (1997) and Lebanon (2003) concerning trade related matters are in force.

The tasks of the Mediterranean Partners

As well as bilateral "vertical" trade liberalisation with Europe, the Mediterranean Partners are committed to implement free trade among themselves ("horizontal" or South-South integration). As for example the Arab Maghreb Union (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya) and more recently the Agadir Agreement signed in February 2004 by Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan.

Pan-Euro-Mediterranean cumulation of origin

Pan-Euro-Mediterranean cumulation of origin refers to the initiative launched by the Euromed Trade Ministers to extend the system of pan-European cumulation of origin to all Mediterranean partners. The initiative is aimed at reinvigorating trade and economic cooperation among Barcelona partners and other European Countries.

A "pan-Euro-Mediterranean" protocol on rules of origin was developed in a working group with all partner countries concerned. This protocol was endorsed by the Euro-Med Trade Ministerial meeting in Palermo on 7 July 2003.

The next step is the replacement of the current protocols on rules of origin by the "pan-Euro-Mediterranean" protocol, both in the agreements of the EU with each of the partner countries, and in the agreements between the partner countries.

Taken from the official European union early as the 60s..yet no time to mention it.

With the other Mediterranean partner Turkey, the European Community concluded first generation association agreements in the 1960s. As a result this a customs union with the EU entered into force on 1 January 1996.



COM (2002) 157 final
Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement Signed on 22.04.02
In process of ratification


COM (2001) 184 final
Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement Signed on 25.06.01
In force since 1.06.04

OJ L 147
Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement Signed on 20.11.95
In force since 1.06.00


OJ L 129/02
Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement Signed 24.11.97
In force since 01.05.02


COM (2002) 170 final
Association Agreement (April 2002)

Council Decision and Official Text
Council Decision Corrigendum
Final Act
Interim Agreement (September 2002)

Official Text
Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement
Interim Agreement for Early implementation of trade measures
Signed on 17.06.02
In force since 01.04.06

In force since 01.03.03


OJ L 70/00
Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement Signed on 26.02.96
In force since 1.03.00


OJ L 187/97
Interim Association Agreement, awaiting a Euro-Mediterranean association agreement Signed on 24.02.97
In force since 1.07.97


(Final text will be soon published on the web)
Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement Negotiations concluded.
Initialled 19.10.04

Council to decide on signature.


OJ L 97/98
Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement Signed on 17.07.95
Entry into force 1.03.98


OJ L 35/96
Agreement establishing the definite phase of the customs union Signed on 6.03.95
In force since 31.12.95

OJ 217
Agreement establishing an Association between the European Economic Community and Turkey 29/12/1964 P. 3687-3688

Top Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner | Directorate General External Relations

yorkielass said...


The Greatest Act of Treason in History

Anders Bruun Laursen
Who can mention an act of treason to Europe greater than the Euro-mediterranean Declaration and Project (EMP)?

The added flyer has been issued in Denmark in comparatively few copies - but has nevertheles aroused some stir.
The flyer does not include the tremendous efforts made by the Euromediteraneans to brainwash our youth. Look here, for instance:

For 12 years now European politicians and media have remained entirely silent about the formidable Euromediterranean Project. And, in fact, it even began already in 1973 with the European - Arab Dialogue, which was nothing but submission to Islam (Bat Ye´or: Eurabia 2005).

The EU grants free movement to muslims from 9 countries into Europe. Thereby, the EMP will change our demographic composition and so our ancient European culture, religion and identity into a totally foreign and unwanted Islamic identity in a few years after this opening of the floodgates to a rapidly increasing desperate and fanatic Islamic birth surplus without room or means to survive at home. Already now Muslim birth rates in Europe threaten the survival of European culture.

Our politicians seem to use Islam as a deliberate ram to crush our identity, culture, Christian religion and national states in the name of globalism - which was originally called The New World Order - mentioned five times by president Bush sen. during the first Iraq war. Significant Dates in the Creation of the New World Order. And this latter term is still used by Mikhail Gorbatchov.

The EMP is not only a brick for the globalistic masons: It is their ideal model for a one-world state. Eurabia The Euro-Arab Partnership

Anyway, knowledge about the contents of the Euromediterranean Project should be able to bring about further "No"s in national referenda on the new EU-Treaty, which is a prerequisite for the implementation of of the Euromediterranean as a Union. By the way, since 2005 a Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly convenes regularly. Margot Wallström - The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Euro-Mediterranean partnership

However, it seems that our politicians are scared of more referenda - and will try to see a "mini-treaty" through on the sly, instead.

Are we helpless against these dictatorial initiatives by the EU?

No. If we can mobilize enough protesters via the blogs, we might gain access to the media.

Especially if we give notice to terminate our newspaper subsciptions, if these papers will not bring our protests. Mass protests could still turn our politicians away from their dangerous way to the Euromediterranean dictatorship and sharia.

Can we organize to stop the Euromediterranian frenzy?

Short Link to this page

Anders Bruun Laursen

new site must see said...

GA please check this out, it is a source for great videos exposing corruption.

new great investigative website

i dont know its political angle other than exposing lies and corruption.

what i have seen so far is captivating - though they are not the most articulate they are there doing their bit.