Thursday, 10 January 2008

Richard Barnbrook - BNP Mayoral Candidate (2008)

Photo of Richard Barnbrook - BNP Mayoral Candidate (2008)

Barking & Dagenham Councillor Richard Barnbrook, who is also the party's group leader on the council has been selected as the British National Party candidate for Mayor.

Councillor Barnbrook says: "London is facing a number of growing problems: crime, housing and transport are among the main ones, and these are all aggravated by continual and uncontrolled mass-immigration.

Parts of our capital city are dangerous, rundown, and increasingly unpleasant places to live.

On 1st May 2008 Londoners will have the opportunity of electing someone committed to stamping down on crime, improving road and public transport, increasing the supply of social and affordable housing, removing the one million or so illegal immigrants living here and making London a better place for us all to live."

Richard Barnbrook was born in Catford on 24 February 1961 and has spent much of his adult life working in the capital.

He has recently become engaged to Simone Clarke, lead dancer for the English National Ballet who hit the headlines last year after her membership of the BNP was reported in the national media.

Councillor Barnbrook says: "Since graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in 1985 I have been deeply involved with the theme of Landscape in Art and have achieved an international reputation for my work on both a large and small scale.

I have exhibited and lectured extensively throughout the world and lived in the United States, Thailand, France and Germany and in doing so have gained good understanding of other cultures.
Over the last seven years I have also taught art, focusing on schools with a high percentage of students with special needs. I also began my own freelance design company, which broadened into an environmental charity with strong roots in English culture.

My charitable work has taken me into British communities where I have become well acquainted with the local people in order to design environmental and educational solutions that meet their needs.

My voluntary work has also taken me onto the streets and I am a 'streetleader' for my local Council, which involves removing graffiti and tackling antisocial behaviour and other forms of vandalism in South East London".

Source: MayorWatch


yorkielass. said...

A young lass from my town at the london university sent an email to ask could she help the BNP.
I put her in touch with Richard and she helped with the leaflet drop.
At 21 years old she did a fantastic job which she really enjoyed. home for Christmas she said how the people welcomed her at their homes.
This young lady i think will become a BNP star in the future.
Well done Sarah!!

Helena said...

Seconded to Sarah yorkielass and best wishes to Richard and lovely Simone. The very best of luck in the Mayoral elections.
Red Ken will burst a blood vessel at the thought of the BNP being privy to his past profligate spending.

Nobody's lemming said...

Wouldnt it be nice though to see the reds quirm, and their place at the trough taken by those who put Brits first? Good luck BNP, the country needs YOU!

Anonymous said...

The BNP should dig ALL the dirt on the newt-licking traitor Red Scum Ken, his anti-white-black supremacist, IRA and religion-of-peace pals and put it boldly on leaflets to be given to ALL londoners.

Victory in May!

Anonymous said...

London suffered the blitz like no ther city in Britain yet has been taken over by enemies of the country and the British people.
If London falls we are lost.
Good luck Richard and the BNP.

Scottish patriot said...

A clean cut young man with a beautiful patriotic fiance. What a gift to Nationalism this couple are.