Monday, 14 January 2008

Organs to be harvested

Well if any more proof were needed that Our Country(Region 8 of Eurabia) is seen as nothing more than a cash cow for the New World Order then you only have to read about the Governments plans to harvest human organs from those who have died or perhaps even helped on to the afterlife.

Having now asset stripped all our industries and almost reached the limits of how much they can tax us without actually starving us, they now intend to harvest us for the purposes of raising money and because they think they have the right to do with us, the people, the sheep as they will.

The government will say that everyone will have the right to "opt out" but we know what means. Nothing. They will put pressure on the people to become "harvestable" by saying that if they do not opt in they will be denied medical treatment should they need it.

And do not think for one moment that they will only take the organs that they have waiting recipients for. They will eventually take everything. Not because they need all the organs but just because they can.

And how long then before "surplus" organs are sold on the world market. It happens already in China with "parts" being harvested and sold from convicted criminals.

And whilst here. If you are a smoker or overweight, you already know that the NHS is already refusing treatment for certain ailments unless you either give up the weed or lose the pounds. Pounds sometimes put on because of disablement and lack of mobility.

Leaving aside the fact that the tax raised from smoking pays for the entire national health service and a bit over, plus the fact that smokers tend to die younger and therefore take less out then they put in the government still wants the penny, the bun and the change.

So if you are a blood or organ donor then stop donating. If they want our blood and bits of us then make them pay for every pint and organ they need. They squeeze us. Squeeze them back.

Give them the same as they, the enemy give us. Nothing.

UPDATE 15/01/08

A hat tip to John of Gwent for providing the following and the link

Certainly not everyone is guaranteed a transplant. There are two reasons why not. First, if you have a rare combination of tissue type and blood group, a good match may never come up. Since there is a shortage of kidneys, there may just always be several people in the country with a better match for every available kidney. Because priority is given to getting the best chance of survival out of the kidneys available, this can be a problem for some people. This is particularly so for ethnic minorities in the UK, who generally have combinations of blood group and tissue type rare in whites. Furthermore, kidney failure is commoner and organ donation rarer in Asians and blacks than in whites.

to the UK National Kidney Federation here. So that is it. We are to be spare parts for the colonisers. Like hell. I would rather be fed to a pig.


English Rose said...

I made a video and put it on youtube if you want to see it
Take care

Anonymous said...

Remember THIS :-

The problem is a shortage of organs for ethnic minorities.

How can I ensure my organs don't go to a moslem ? If I can be sure of that, the NHS can have my bits. If not, no bugger can have them.

yorkielass said...

State canabals. organs should be gifted not forced the government can get stuffed they bleed us dry already.
Gordo knows he's safe as a guy said yesterday on a phone in. he has no backbone.he's brainless gutless his one eye worn out.
What caused concern was how many ambulance medics called in with warnings. how when a card was found on patients C.P.R.would stop!
It's just another money spinner to keep the elite alive.
I noticed again the guilt trippers were out "how selfish those that refuse are"
I'd rather be selfish than used to save the life of some i'd rather see dead.

Anonymous said...

As soon as a gift becomes compulsory its time to sytopgiving. Everyone should OPT OUT leave instructions with your family. Snered at in life and desecrated in death/. Dont forget Gordon Brown for this.

yorkielass said...

Sarkozi took socialists into his new government.
With ideas like this hospitals are becoming danger zones in more than one way.
Socialist thinking again hits rock bottom.

GalliaWatch: The Latest Addition

One could accept the idea of longer life expectancy on the condition that the elderly be made solvent, thus creating a market. For my part, as a socialist, I am objectively against longer life spans because it is a lure, a false problem. Euthanasia will be one of the essential instruments of future societies in any case."

Paul said...
Trevor Philips speaks so the Nation listens to this tireless worker for white rights to sit down and shut up.


Now the gov. plans to organ cannibalise the British dead (maybe those not quite yet dead too) so that it can pass the plunder out to the worthy. PM Gordon Brown says we Brits are just not consenting to enough organ donations so the government says our consent to do so will no longer be necessary--Of course Mr Brown defends such barbaric actions saying the pre-dead British can always "opt out" of the out opting.

Perhaps we should come up with a pre- death money making scheme and develop a price schedule for our various organs and body parts -after all shouldn't we be the ones to financially benefit from our own bits? ----that way the government would have to pay us a suitable pre-death fee for chopping us up like a Funny Boyz kebab.