Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Perhaps they want Civil War

Churches destroyed by colonisers in Kosovo - Our Future?(Click for larger image)

I believe I read somewhere that the optimal population of Great Britain should be around 36 million. This figure would easily be sustainable just by the current birth rates of the indigenous True Brit population so why interfere with nature? Well man does that. Sometimes he cannot leave well enough alone.

Now, because of planned, uncontrolled immigration, our population is now 60 million plus and likely to grow exponentially as the Islamic Enrichers have on average 4+ children per female. Dangerous overcrowding is on its way.

Latest figures have shown that the Moslem population of colonisers in Our Country will treble within the next 17 years. I personally believe that those figures are wrong. Because those figures only take account of the so called "legal" immigrants and ignores those here illegally. They also fail to take into account those still arriving at the rate of one a minute. Jam them in boys. Jam them in.

And what do we get when overcrowding occurs? Research as shown that stress levels increase, diseases multiply and the ability of the services to cope start to crumble. Eventually in order to survive the different groupings within an area will start to compete for survival and living space.

But in the UK something terrible has been brought about by the world changers of the New World Order. They have managed over the last few decades to handicap the native White People of Our Country by taxing them to such an extent that in marriages both partners have to work just to survive and pay their way in the world or surrender themselves to be the slaves of the state existing on benefits.

This has an impact on the number of children they have and because of stress and financial constraints they are limited to one or maybe two children. Not through choice but through necessity to survive themselves and provide properly for the child they love and can barely afford.

But the Islamic colonisers do not face these pressures. They arrive in Our Country from lands where their cult requires them to have many children(upto 11) and spread outwards over the face of the Earth like a cancer spreading through a body. A disease that will eventually kill us all if we do not cure it. A disease that the over burdened True Brits must pay for.

And the colonisers must leave their homelands if they are to survive because the conditions they have brought about in their own lands would eventually bring about their deaths should they stay.

Because what is happening in their own lands as a result of overcrowding is the attempted genocide of different religious groupings within Islam itself by declaring certain Moslem groups such as the Ahmadiyya of "impersonating Muslims" which then allows the "majority Muslims" to either drive them from the land or exterminate them as they have done with the Christians in countries they have stolen control from. And these deaths and departures then make more room for the remaining maniacs to spread into.

And in Countries where there are different groupings of the Cult such as Shia and Sunni Muslims civil war breaks out as they each try to exterminate the other sect. Millions died in the Iran-Iraq war that lasted almost the entire eighties. All in the name of Allah and a Dead Paedophile and they are fetching their civil wars with them when they occupy our land.

Now I have often wondered if the Great War of 1914-1918 was about a bit more than an assassinated Duke. Did the powers that ruled the world then and whose descendants rule the world now want a big cull of the working classes fearing a global revolution? Lets us have a big war boys, that will keep the peasants happy and get rid of a few million at the same time.

Are the World Leaders really that stupid that they cannot see what is coming? Do they really think they can turn the World into one big soup of people and expect them to live in harmony?

Do they not realise that in our little part of it, that eventually the True Brits will eventually rebel and fight back as they are forced from their homes and lands. Sure "they" will attempt to crush protest and keep a lid on it. But they will not be able to do so forever. The pressure cooker will explode and then the vengeance of the people will be terrible. And who will suffer?

It sometimes seem that this is what they want. Civil war and strife across Europe, where we the little people slaughter each other in the millions. But why? If someone has a theory please tell me.

Well the only way that the True British People can avoid the coming civil war which will make the Balkans look like a trip to the seaside is to support the British National Party and pray they are succesful. Because if they are not then we are going to have to fight whether we want to or not and if we lose what then? Well where are the Christians of the Lebanon and where are the Christians of Kosovo?

Dead or in chains.


najistani said...

There is another component to this vicious downward spiral of population replacement.

Because the parasites are infesting all the low-cost housing, and indeed are being given preferential allocation of council housing in many areas, decent couples are having to wait longer and longer before they can afford a house.

They may not be able to afford to have children until they are in their late 30's. Also, there's the phenomenon of 'white flight', where indigenous people are having to pay more for houses which are located away from the swarms of enrichers - a major consideration for any parent who doesn't want their child to fall prey to street-jihad attacks or pedophile-gangs.

As everyone who has studied biology knows, parasites are prolific breeders - a tapeworm can produce up to 2 million eggs a day.

The Green Arrow said...

You are as usual correct Najistani. My brother only has one son because he wanted a home first.

I have seen news reports where council homes are being build for the enrichers with SEVEN bedrooms. How much does that cost us?

najistani said...

More Islamic parasitism from Sultan Knish:

"Islam's Demographic problem is the result of a meeting between two civilizations, with the superior civilization generously bestowing some of its humanitarian gifts on the more backward civilization without realizing the price that would be paid for it.

The Jihad, the Clash of Civilizations, the campaign of terrorism and violence that we have seen is the product of that same demographic expansion sweeping across the West and purging the way in the name of their own brand of Lebensraum, crying "Make Room. Make Room!"

As Western birth rates drop to "make room", Muslim birth rates continue rising, parasitic on the technology and charity of the West. Like a virus devouring the body that sustains it, Islam's Jihad would never survive its own success. Were that same agricultural and medical infrastructure to collapse, Muslims would wake to find themselves in a strictly Malthusian world devoid of charity or compassion in which they would have to face the consequences of their own destructiveness.

Democracy is not the solution to the Muslim world's problems, civilization is and civilization requires maturity. The West has provided the Arab Muslim world with just enough of a taste of civilization to infuriate it and to cause a variety of social and political problems. Democracy in the Muslim world just turns the violence, the irresponsibility and the frustration into the electoral platforms of Islamist platforms. Civilization is what is needed, but a people must choose civilization, they must choose to grow and learn. Instead the Jihad is the Muslim world's reply to the West's offer of civilization.

From http://www.israelforum.com/blog_article.php?aid=1168883&highlight=iran

Epona said...

Excellent article GA!
I had just posted re:- 'White flight' last night:-
"Government figures set to be released later this year will show that an astonishing 250,000 people fled Britain in 2007.That’s 684 a day, or one every two minutes."

I then found:-
"520 new immigrants arriving every day."
I cannot even begin to work the figures out, taking into account their fast rate of reproduction!?


Interesting analogy re:-parasites, najistani :-)
I read somewhere that an organism that spreads too fast dies in it's own waste products.

yorkielass said...

Not only 7 bedrooms GA but with halal kitchens. what the hell is that about? in Germany animals are slaughtered in muslims kitchens. i do hope that is not what is occuring here.
POPULATION..i came across this in one of the red top newspapers awhile ago.
The guy seemed to be onto something.
Ignore stats re muslims here that is a state secret.........16% higher births in London than the rest of England. that was a stat on radio 4 last week. 13% the rest of England.
Letter re pop...

Without reading all the posts here something occurs to me regarding the stated figures, the current population of allegedly 60 million rising to 69 million by 2050.

Several years ago I spoke to an MP about British population figures and voiced my doubts as to their accuracy. Whilst doing some research for a project just prior to this I came across an inside headline in the Daily Telegraph of either February or April 1962 stating that the UK population had exceeded 50 million.

This is now 45 years ago and even allowing for deaths and emigration does anybody really believe that it is only circa 10 million more today. Especially given the now begrudgingly admitted official ignorance over how many illegals and others have settled here in recent years.

In front of witnesses I suggested to this so called MP that the UK population was probably 70 million. I even offered him a bet of a year's wages to prove me wrong. Far from disagreeing with me he went completely silent, indeed he would not respond at all. I took his silence to be an admission that I was somewhere near the truth.

As with everything else stated by this government and its employees (and former administrations) official figures are nonsense.

One of the defining characteristics of British governance is that it cannot be trusted at all about anything it controls or oversees.

march 2007.

yorkielass said...

The Booby Hatch: The Insane Takeover the Western Asylum
29th January 2008
Guy Leven-Torres

I have often thought that the ruling elites in the West are all suffering from some kind of collective insanity or psychosis, even a deathwish. There is no doubt that the current lot are by any normal standards absolutely, completely, and irretrievably nuts! A present and clear danger to us and themselves and in my book at least should be, quarantined in the nearest available asylum under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act 1983. Mind you I am starting to like the idea that these people should be treated more like sick animals and put down by the vet instead, because far superior animals do not shit on their own kind like this lot do! No in Nature those that killed their own species would have been attacked and eliminated years ago....

We import millions of migrants every year from Africa and the Moslem world and we are continually informed it is for our 'cultural enrichment'. That cultural enrichment brought down the Twin Towers in New York and 3,000 deaths, 15,000 orphans and widows, 200 deaths and 1000-1300 wounded in Madrid, 52 deaths in London and 400 wounded, annual riots in Paris and every other French city, riots in Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden, where the local natives have been informed they 'have no country anymore.' Meanwhile in Malmo, a once beautiful city near Copenhagen, the local Swedes are regularly attacked by 'culturally enriching' gangs of Somali and other Moslem thugs, that according to one of their leaders 'I just love it when I get a Swede to kiss my feet and plead for his safety'. This was the grateful acknowledgment of a Moslem asylum seeker to the largesse given him and his pals by the Marxist Swedish state, eighty percent of whom live on Sweden's fast diminishing welfare budget. A former social-democrat Swedish Prime Minister, has even kindly (just a passing thought) informed the white population that their country will indeed be Islamic and he hopes that by being nice to Moslems now, 'they will be nice to us, when they run things.' And Belgium sociologist is delighted that Brussels will soon be an Islamic city.

Those that have strongly objected to all this have been hounded by police, vilified in the press, heavily fined, imprisoned and all civil amenities like work and personal finance removed. By any normal standard of acceptable sane behaviour, this is absolutely stark raving mad! Completely crackers, bats in the belfry, soft in the attic, ga-ga, barmy and a hundred other cliched euphemisms of popular description. The question is why do we, the hopefully still sane majority put up with it all? And does it not occur to anybody that it is our money that pays for all this crap and that our children and theirs. are the one's that will have to pay the cost of all this situation in years to come as we continue to primitivise by importing wholesale, the barbarity and murderous 'lifestyles' of the Third World?

Look at the recent revolting behaviour in Kenya. That is going to be Europe pretty soon believe me! Men with their skulls cut in half by meat cleavers and women with their bosoms cut off, for simply voting for the wrong party or belonging to the wrong tribe. Wonderfully culturally enriching isn't it? We already have nutcases plotting to flood and drown London Tube trains and bring down airliners in their version of 'cultural enrichment', namely an evil desert god that hates pictures of himself in Danish mags, regards homosexuals like Peter Tatchell as fit for the ovens and women and Jews as either beasts of burden or pigs and apes. Yes, all very culturally enriching to the extent that 700 Britons are leaving by the day they cannot withstand the enjoyment of it all!

Now even in Britain we have the weblogger and writer 'Lionheart' threatened with arrest and seven years in prison, simply for revealing the awful behaviour of Moslem gangs in Luton. This is a fellow who has been physically attacked, abused and threatened with a death fatwa for exposing drugs and prostitution funded terrorism in his town and then exposing the police corruption as well, that allowed the fanatics to know where he was located. The man has had to flee abroad and now risks not only arrest but death either through assassination, or in one of Britain's Moslem run prisons. And one suspects that when the EU Reform Treaty goes through on the bullying tactics and scaremongering of the EuroElite and our own PM Brown, the secret Police will be coming for the rest of us too. Eurogend is coming to Britain by the way, to a street near you!

And don't bother asking for proof because only a bloody moron and imbecile could doubt this fact by now! It's thanks to bloody idiots always demanding 'proof' like 'Doubting Thomas' did to the risen Jesus that we are in the smelly manure right now, right up to our bloody necks and still drowning. And no I don't care if you are offended because idiots need to be offended big time! I am permanently offended by the way by people who forever ask for 'proof'. The proof oh simpletons is right before your eyes! As Melanie Phillips is always saying-'If you don't 'get it' now, you never will!'

Now we even have government education agencies turning away books about three cowboy builder pigs as they might offend Moslems and cowboy builders. For Christ's sake where are the strait jackets? Or have we used them all up? Like the X- ray machine that can only be used by British immigration officials at Calais to catch foreign criminals hiding in trucks, only with the 'permission' of the asylum seekers first, which one would have thought rather defeats the whole idea in any normal society but not in the booby hatch that ours is become. Then we have the scandal of Channel 4 being investigated and threatened with 'prosecution' for 'inciting racial and religious hatred' after its excellent Dispatches programme, exposed Moslem clerics inciting murder and mayhem. According to one police source, the reporting of the offences was a racial 'offence' in itself! So next time you are shot at by a asylum seeker or black gangster, don't bother to report it as that is a crime as well! What kind of lunatic thought that one up? And it is going to get worse in the PC land of Never-Never Weird Think and upside down morality that infests the body politic and executive today in Britain and much of Europe!

This rot all started years ago with Feminism and some women's (or certain Leftwing women) desire to not 'offend' people. Not 'offending' people is a 'feminine' trait usually but this feminisation of society has now spread into the effete middle-classes as well! Look at our youngsters for example. Most of them are of insipid dreamy character, illiterate, ill kept, slovenly, dirty, ill mannered and appallingly ignorant and arrogant. Most follow the feminist, 'mustn't offend anybody' or 'I love the EU', or 'You are a Racist and Islamaphobe' or a 'Nazi' for being a Nationalist.

No, they are not the same! And criticising death and murder by migrant criminals is not being xenophobic either! If an asylum seeker can afford to pay $5,000-$30,000 to a people smuggler, he is hardly poor is he? If I had $30,000 I would be off out of the UK today! And where do you think these 'poor' asylum seekers got their funds? Probably through an enforced cash withdrawal via an Uzzi automatic or forging tourists' credit cards. Meanwhile genuine refugees are lost in this criminally abused system. Quite frankly why the hell are we allowing all this and our welfare systems to be abused like this? Absolutely bloody mad! Does nobody care about where their own money is spent by this dreadful government?

Our boys are bereft of their national manhood, our girls the products of some Feminist Finishing School for Debauchery and Foulness and I doubt in fact we will ever recover from this wicked full frontal assault on our lands and cultures.

Cathargo est delenda! Cried Cato in the Senate!

Perhaps it should be Europa est Delenda! How can anybody of sane mind allow this idiocy to continue?


Nobody's lemming said...

There's no doubt about it, after the "whitemanculls" of the last century, the quality of the caucasian genes has never recovered. Thats is not to say that many brave men did arrive home from both wars, (I am the son of one!!) but not enough to redress the balance of those wasted. What we have since then is a nation that was and is predominantly populated by the offspring of the stay at homes who did what they could to avoid serving. Couple this with a government planted ideal among the young soldiers (and especially the girls in uniform) to have no more than two children, as many ex service personnel believed having too many children gave the leaders the excuse to wage wars, and we have the result of a spineless nation. Just look at Germany, the generations that came after ww2 have spent their days as apologists and self loathers, when really they had nothing to be guilty of, yes this is partly to do with the brainwashing that has happened since, but Germany lost a massive ammount of its spirited men, again the relatively few that came back werent enough to re stock the gene pool with strong principled people. Planned, well mr Rockerfeller and mr Rothschild would probably disagree, but then did the former not brag that he alone could stop the murderous slaughter on the western front of ww1 with just his signature?