Thursday, 10 January 2008

So what does £180,000 buy you these days?

Say hello to Prescott and Blunkett for us

Well if you are Cabinet Minister Peter Hain it will probably buy him a seat on the back benches of Government. It certainly did not buy him the Deputy Leadership of the sinking ship called Labour.

For it certainly looks now as if this former apologist for terrorists days as a Wheeler Dealer of a corrupt Labour Government are numbered and about time to. I for one am fed up with having to read the lies put out by Tango Man.

But how ignorant of Labour Politics is Sir Christopher Kelly who said he was worried that someone like the immigrant Hain did not appreciate the importance of making a full disclosure to the Electoral Commission? Hain did appreciate the importance. He just did not care. He saw himself as above the law. He saw himself as one of the "Elite".

Well how about the names now of these donors with so much money to throw away on a mad, orange Marxist. And if I was one of those names, I would like to know where my money was spent - if indeed it was.

Let us hope he falls a long, long way. But not too far that a future British National Party cannot pick him out of the gutter and dig a little deeper into his murky past and give him the justice he truly deserves. Still worry about the DNA test Peter?

UPDATE 11/01/08 18:14

For a very detailed report into the Peter Hain affair and more revelations on the dubious dealings of not just Peter Hain but the Labour Party please go here. Very, very interesting,


ivan said...

heres a good one folks,heres to lionheart.

ivan said...

sorry forgot to send this one on,please send this video to as many people you know worldwide it is a great marketing tool for the bnp,and the hits have really gone up in recent weeks(it stands your hair on end)god bless our nationalist cause.

Yorkielass. said...

Thanks Ivan shall pass it on!

The progressive policy think tank
involved with the Hain fiddle.
A think tank that so far as done no thinking.
Maybe a labour private pot.
Karma came to bite back...Cruddas!
Try telling the inland revenue you were too busy to tell them about your earnings.

Hain thought he'd get away with it and that is fraud!
Why after the election for deputy PM did Hain continue asking for money?
They make the rules. or are the laws intended for the general public and not for politicians?
Still he will need extra dosh to fund his new life back home in Africa soon i hope.
Why the hell we allow ourselves to be ruled by foreigners i will never know.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on Hain and co -

Time for Hain to face the music!

Anonymous said...

Barnes article makes sinister reading. In theory all these Muslims own untold acres of Britains most beautiful areas. What will happen when the call goes out for jihad among those presently "sleeping".
Will they seize these areas?
After all, thanks to the tax free breaks they enjoy..they own them already?
Did you think white flight would save you people, wake up.
You could be living on Arab owned land and you wont know it till a few jihadi's turn up at your door to caim it.

Anonymous said...

So thats why socialist always look so well dressed. They are secret sneaky millionaires.

Anonymous said...

A friend and supporter of Mugabe who unleashed the savage "veterans" on the white farmers who had made the country the bread basket of Afica.
Its a hell hole now.
Way to go Peter Hain. You keep strange company.