Thursday, 10 January 2008

Lancaster UAF report a racist attack

The Marxist morons over on the LUAF site really do have a warped idea of what constitutes a racist attack.

Whilst this blog was reporting yesterday with an update on the trial of a gang of Asians for the brutal assault on schoolboy Henry Webster after clashes between local white youths and a gang known as the "Asian Invasion". What were the red rubbish screaming about?

Two middle aged men at a Christmas Party, where it is almost traditional to try and punch each others lights out whilst falling over drunk banged their heads over an incident earlier in the year.

In the normal course of events this would have been quickly forgotten by both men. But unfortunately for one of the antagonists, the other was Egyptian and so the full weight of the law must come down on the man who uttered the disgusting statement that I feel I must report.

"All you foreigners should not be in my country"
Evil words? Words that almost every True Brit in this Country has uttered at some time or other as they watched the changes taking place to what was once their Country.

But what really sealed the mans fate was when he said that he was a member of the British National Party. Well the UAF mob have leapt on that, despite the fact that a Regional Organiser for the BNP, quickly posted the fact that Chris Williamson, the man charged with assault was not a member and never had been a member of this patriotic party.
I can categorically state that Weeks has never been a member of the British National Party nor has he ever enquired for an information pack. He doesn’t exist or appear in any of our records.
But that cut no ice with the cyber warriors from UAF, they quickly published the evil deed and then deluged the comments section of the news report with attacks on the BNP. Feel free to visit and leave a comment of your own.

If the UAF had really wanted to write about a racist attack then perhaps they should have copied this story from the BNP News site, also reported here on The UK Enrichment News. Then again it was not even reported by the BBC so why should truth burying reds care.

Or if they really wanted to shock why not report on this racist attack here where a machete was used? No. That was another attack against whites and we know how far down the scale whites are in the eyes of global Marxists.

So four separate stories. Three of them really racist but unreported by LUAF. The other a drunken brawl blown out of proportion to be used by the red rubbish of the UAF.


yorkielass said...

Here we go again The united alliance of facsists with their mis-information tactics.
While the real news goes unreported.
The Spanish March In Madrid 2nd Jan.Up to 2 million march yet the BBC saw fit to censor this story!

Today I read that a fellow writer 'LionHeart' faces arrest simply for reporting the facts of life of living in a Moslem town like Luton. He has exposed prostitution, drug running, money laundered and given to fund extremist groups and a host of other matters that impinge upon this brave chap's life. He has been threatened, physically attacked and yet his pleas for help to the local police are ignored and he is the one now facing 7 years in prison for inciting religious hatred! That is Britain under New Labour and the EU and it is going to get a lot worse, unless we the People do something about it while we can!

I am a Christian and I find aspects of Islamism highly distasteful and there is no chance of any pathetic interfaith dialogue because the Moslems regard it as weakness, yet Brown was this morning talking about extending interfaith dialogue and understanding in respect of comments he made in respect of Bishop Michael. The man that refused to honour a Referendum promise, is a bag brown stuff in my opinion and a congenital liar and bloody idiot. I reckon he and Miliband combined with Jack Straw, might just about reach sub normal IQ rates of around 70% and as they're white, I can't get done for inciting racial hatred as I belong to the same people. Islam dialogues and assimilates one way only and we all know which way that is don't we?

Last year a group of firemen was forced to go on a Homosexual Equality course after disturbing some creatures giving blow jobs to each other in a public place, in this case a public piece of Common land in Scotland. Also an aged couple were threatened by police after they complained about two men having sex outside their cottage. This again is modern Britain; we live in a society of inverts- a world of immorality rather than common decency and virtue. Even our children are now force fed books and shown the 'positive' aspects of 'gay' life. I don't find anything gay about it actually but altogether sinister.

Even Peter Tatchell a man I have a lot of time for actually, has complained about a seven year sentence that the zealots of the EU and New Labour intend to foist on individuals expressing dislike or disapproval of 'gay' lifestyles. Another queer pal of mine, is very concerned about the damage being done to the homosexual community by these Marxist PC warmongers; Michael my old teacher reckons it could put gays back into the closet as a pissed off public, react to this increasingly sinister thought crime rampage by Straw and Co and their EU friends in Brussels.

Yesterday 2,000,000 Spaniards marched on the streets in Madrid protesting at the introduction of queer marriage and indoctrination of their children in matters homosexual. The Pope Benedict addressed the crowd via huge TV screnes. The Media in Spain merely stated that only 10,000 or so turned up! Well if you look at this reprint below form LifeSite News the Pro-Life Group new journal you might understand otherwise..

Well Over One Million Spaniards Demonstrate for Marriage and Family
Mainstream Media Systematically Misreports Attendance Figures - Reuters, Associated Press deflate official figures

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

MADRID, January 2, 2008 ( one and two million people gathered in Madrid's Colón Plaza and surrounding streets on December 30th to affirm the values of marriage and family, and to protest the socialist government's attacks on the institution.

The gathering, held only three months before Spain's presidential elections, was addressed by Pope Benedict XVI by video link from St. Peter's Square, where he told the crowds that "the family, founded on marriage, an indissoluble communion of man and woman, is the sphere where the life of man is protected."

"It is worthwhile to work for family and marriage," said the Pontiff, "because it is worthwhile to work for man."

The Pope also observed that "parents have the fundamental obligation to educate their children in the faith," and said that through their marriage, couples are "the testimony in the world" of the love of Christ for mankind.

The gigantic rally, which was called the "Encuentro de las Familias" (Family Encounter) was held in response to the anti-family policies of Spain's socialist government, led by José Rodríguez Zapatero. The Zapatero regime has instituted "homosexual marriage" and has mandated a school indoctrination program that teaches students to accept homosexual behavior. In addition, the socialist government of the Province of Catalonia has officially joined an international homosexual organization which previously lost its UN recognition for promoting pedophilia (see previous LifeSiteNews coverage at

This was not even reported by our own BBC, the modern version of Volkisher Beobachter. Indeed neither has the ongoing warfare on French, Dutch, Danish and Swedish streets. No all is ignored in our wonderful brave new world of mulitcultural joy, songs and cakes, just like the relentless deaths of young Russian kids in Afghanistan during the 1980s. The Russian popular grapevine in the street though, told a very different story to Pravda and in the end, Russian distrust and disgust at these lies and disinformation led to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992.


Frankie D said...

Some very articulate BNP supporters taking them on there GA.
And from all over the country too.
The Left haven't got any rocks without "racist" written on them. We've proved we aren't so the public can filter out the white noise of LUAF (Ketlan&Denise) Searchies and assorted idiots.
Britain is in trouble and only the BNP tell it like Joe Public actually sees it.

O.R.I.O.N said...

Ossowski looks as though he survives on a kebab and white lightening diet,how anyone can take the bile and b/s this moron churns out is beyond me...

He has also claimed in the past to be ex bnp,is this true?

The Green Arrow said...

frankie D. Yes excellent responses from the public.

I have just returned home after a long journey and those comments have really picked me up.

One really wonders at what goes on in the minds of the members of the UAF to be so blind to the truth before their eyes.

put labour in the dustbin said...

considering the man was in fact standing up for his human rights under the UN indigenous peoples act 2007 he may well win his case should he find a good lawyer and the British goverment along with the EU would be turned on its head!

when we win seats at the London GLA and our finances increase as well as the solidarity union expanding then expect the BNP to get out the big gun legal experts.

Labour should be afraid - very afraid, we are going to bury them for good.

the Tories will get one shot and blow it through europe and corruption - whos left?