Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Lib Dem Councillor in race row

A Liberal Democrat Councillor, Elwyn Watkins (left) has put the cat amoungst the pigeons in Rochdale, by stating that Rochdale Council is perceived as doing "nothing for poor white people" in an email that has been leaked to the press. Way to go our unknown Whistle blower. More please.

The email concerns Rochdale Councils decision to axe funding for a local Community Group called Syke Community Base. In the leaked email, he goes on to say:

"if Syke was Asian, then funding would not have been a problem and that Rochdale council does nothing for poor, white people".

He then went on to say, "I have no answer to that argument" and added "expect the BNP to be pushing at an open door in May" - local election time.
Well he is right there. The BNP are knocking on doors all over the country and increasingly, more and more of those people opening the doors are giving them the welcome usually bestowed on a liberating army. Which at the end of the day, is what the British National Party are. An army of ordinary people fighting for justice and their country.

If Councillor Watkins really cares about the white people in his area perhaps he should consider a change of parties. And there is only one political party that speaks out loudly for the True Brits whose country is being stolen from them and that is the BNP.

You can read the email in full and the complete story here.


johnofgwent said...

You missed the best bit out of your blog.

"Mohammad Naeem", chief executive of "Rochdale's Centre of Diversity" (What's that then - Yet Another Cosy Little Turnip Farm Funded By White Taxes) has written to Council Chief Executive, Roger Ellis, to "demand he takes action".

But the local MP defends the Councillor, saying "He (Councillor Watkins) is reflecting the frustration of the people he represents" and "Like all good councillors, he is trying to put forward the thoughts of those in his ward".

You see, the local MP is a lib dem. So he knows what both new liebour and tory fear in equal measure... there is a real chance of election success for anyone who can harness the frustrations of the electorate.

It's how the lib dems get elected.

So when a lib dem says the BNP will be pushing at an open door come next election if this sort of thing continues, he can be counted on to know what he's talking about.

And as for "Mohammad Naeem", can I ask what exactly is this turnip doing for the ordinary voter of Rochdale ? And how much is he being paid to pour scorn and contempt down from his minaret ? And who exactly is paying his salary ?

Memories of the Willow Tree said...


How can i send u a private email?

Frankie D said...

Nah nah nah nah nah, loosely translated as get it up you Mr Nsaseem of the the Diversity funded quango. The cats out the bag and peeing on your leg. If it had been a diversity funded mosque come fortress it wouldn't have shut down would it?
Good on the Libby Dem guy. Gosh Tory mayors yesterday Libby's today..has someone slipped a Mickey Finn to these guys, or is it all about London elections in May?

Paul said...

London elections in May eh?
you could be right there. Every now and again (just before an election) some pap is trotted out to make the sleeping people of the country think that the matter is in hand. That our masters care about us after all. I believe abusive husbands frequently buy flowers and chocolates for the wives they've hospitalised, just in case she finally leaves. (See I'm not bad I do love you)
oh I'm just an old cynic, the Tories and the Lib Dems do want what's best for Britain after all. I await another veil challenge from a Labour minion any day and Littlejohn will write another anti mad mullah bit. All is well.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
more glorious "diversity".
These women really should just cover up in a burka its the way Britain is going for us anyway.

Anonymous said...

some other old guy (72) forced to grovel as a racist.