Saturday, 19 January 2008

The Association of Muslim Lawyers

For years now, the Cult of the Dead Paedophile have been building a parallel infrastructure to that currently in place in Our Country.

They have their own Muslim Parliament, their Muslim Council of Britain and hundreds of other Islamic organisations set up in place ready for when they become the dominant force and that day draws nearer by the hour.

If you have any doubts about the direction they intend to take their new country in, once we the True Brits have become a minority read on.

Remember, the people who make up the Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML) are not uneducated peasants but supposedly the cream of their society. The movers and shakers. This is their 3 point plan to impose Islamic law in Region 8 of Eurabia (UK).

Step 1 - To make UK's laws compatible with the Sharia (on issues such as polygamy and inheritance laws for instance).

Step 2 - To set up a network of parallel sharia courts (ruling initially on personal and family law for Muslims) whose authority is recognised by the government.

Step 3
- To help sharia courts to gradually supplant existing secular courts as the Muslim population increases to the point that they become a majority.

The AML, campaign vigorously for Islamic Sharia law to be gradually incorporated into UK law while also advocating the creation of parallel legal system of Islamic Sharia courts. They have informed the general Muslim public that the incorporation of Sharia into our law is the most important step towards the UK becoming a nation governed by the evil of Sharia.

Those of us aware of the danger to our children's future must double our efforts to try and warn those True Brits the folly of continuing to support the evil Tri-Axis pact of the Lib/Lab/con.

Only the British National Party can save us now. If they fail, the Country falls and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.


joining BNP this thursday said...

I just hope you're right about the exponential rate of growth in BNP support.

Anonymous said...

They've got their own medical group, forgotten what grand title they have awarded themselves, but 2 of their aims and objectives are
1) to promote islam in the UK
2) to promote the health of muslims in the UK
keep up the good work

The Green Fox said...


Hey GA I picked up this link from a comment on GOV for an interview with Lionheart.

What do you make of his current views on the BNP. Personally I think he's back to front.

Green Fox.

The Green Arrow said...

I also hope the growth figures are correct. Reports indicate that they are.

The Moslems also know have their own version of the Boy Scouts. Will post link later.

Lionheart was a broad supporter of the BNP until we had that bit of nonsense. He continues to support anyone prepared to take on the Turnips including the BNP stance on Islam.

I will support him on a freedom of speech issue even if I do not agree with everything he has written.

Anonymous said...

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 15:40

Thank you for the link. I have added that disturbing case to the UK Enrichment News.

Why did he only serve five years for the first rape of a child and life should mean life second time around.

Flanders Fields said...

GA, I linked to you in a post (Taxes and Lawyers). I hope nothing there will be interpreted as being unsympathetic or demeaning to Britons.

It is time for people to have some idea what the realities of life are going to be once the international leftists and their friends have formally imposed their will on the everyday life of the people of the West.

Britain may be hardest hit, but it is happening in every country of the West. Good luck to all of you and to all of us. I hope you can get organized effectively and have a tremendous turnout against the leftist controlled parties.