Thursday, 17 January 2008

Islam Revealed

You must watch the following 9 minute video. Islam Revealed. If you doubt for one moment how dire our situation is then hopefully this clip will make you realise the threat to Out Country.

You know there is only one political party with the courage to grasp this deadly nettle and prevent its spread and that is the British National Party.

If you do not assist them, then one day your children will curse you for your cowardice.


najistani said...

More street-jihad in Londonistan?

"A schoolgirl was beaten, gang-raped and then had drain-cleaning fluid poured on her body apparently to destroy DNA evidence"

najistani said...

I found this at Lancaster UAF, of all places:

"In seven years the BNP vote has grown 97 fold, polling over 3,000 votes in 2000 to over 292,000 in 2007. If the BNP’s vote trend continues they could be on course to make a significant breakthrough into British politics. This year the BNP will be standing candidates in the London Assembly and local elections across Britain. In previous London Assembly elections in 2004 the BNP missed getting elected by a mere 0.1%. "


Now my maths isn't all it was, but I think I'm corect in saying that 97 is 1.92 to the power of 7.
This means that the smoothed out compound growth rate in BNP votes over that seven year period was 92% per annum.

Or to put it another way, on average BNP support is doubling every 13 months.

Paul said...

Oh I predict it will escalate in the coming months Najistani. Every little chip away at our culture, laws and traditions makes one person out there sit up.
Every youngster jostled or insulted in the street goes home and mentions it to someone.
What you are seeing is the holding of the breath, the calm before the storm.
Its political suicide now for a politician to tell us how nice Islam is, they've beren very quiet lately haven't they?
Patience my dear Najistani patience. Everything comes to he who waits?

Anonymous said...

The street jihad story was on the BNP site yesterday. Its the first place I look for real news not the filtered rosy stuff in the MSN.
They called a spade a spade and said the attackers were black. I'm assuming the girls ethnicity was witheld because she was white.

Nobody's lemming said...

Yes and those figures are after Nuuuu Labours vote rigging in all its many guises. Just 0.1% is enough to stop the BNP, especially when the books have been cooked, but in reality it would be very interesting to see the number of votes they really pull in. Of course we will never know will we, thats one set of secrets that wont be sent out on disc to identity fraudsters!.... what has become of our country?

bernard said...

Yes, very dramatic video but can someone explain to the bloke presenting it that most jews, esp in the western governments, are quite content with the on-going multiculti experiment, and don't look to change their tune anytime soon.
Quite baffling duplicity.

Wolfblood said...

'anonymous' don't forget to look in on UKTabloid too -

..... and check out the 'Strider' column ;-)

Anonymous said...

American militant anti-islamists are armed to the teeth and will not wait for the government to protect them from another attack by muslims. Probably one of the reasons that the US government is working round the clock to prevent another US Islamic 9/11 because they don't want mass muslim slaughter and mosque bombings. Which is what the Islamists want, an attack on their people after another 9/11.

The British, however are being brainwashed, unarmed they have to rely on a pathetic socialist government to "protect" them.

I can see, 10-20 years down the line American forces, again, liberating parts of Europe from another totalitarian European genocidal dictatorship. But maybe next time, Americans will not get involved after years of pressure from European anti-Americanism.

This time the Europeans need to end the madness before evil hatches, and that time is not far off.

Epona said...

I have copied this (and the statistics above) onto my Swindon Site GA,
Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"Our" country, perhaps?