Friday, 4 January 2008

Lets have a closer look at Boris

Yes, I know we are several months away from the Londonistani Mayoral elections but a previous post made me develop an urge to learn a bit more about the "Wise guy playing the fool to win". Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. We shall call him Boris for the rest of the post.

And like one of Shakespeare's clowns or fools, Boris often utters lines causing some laughter whilst concealing some serious common sense. Here is one on Red Ken the Newt Man:

“But here's old Ken - he's been crass, he's been insensitive and thuggish and brutal in his language - but I don't think actually if you read what he said, although it was extraordinary and rude, I don't think he was actually anti-Semitic.”
but I particularly liked this one:
“The dreadful truth is that when people come to see their MP they have run out of better ideas.”
Boris is the great-grandson of a Turkish Immigrant, Ali Kemal, who came to Region 8 of Eurabia (then called England) in 1910. When the Great War of 14-18 kicked off and the Turks were massacring British Troops at Gallipoli , the family thought it advisable to change their surname to Johnson. Turks then, as now were not greatly loved by the True British Public.

Boris, born into a wealthy family had a very privileged upbringing, going to Oxford and on wrecking sprees with the Bullingdon Club bad boys. Whist there he was involved with the British-Arab University Association and a close friend of Darius Guppy who went on to defraud Lloyds of London of £1.8 million during the 90's. Boris is not to fussy about the company he keeps as we shall soon discover.

Now I cannot say too much about the Bullingdon Club, because as a young sailor overseas, I would often answer the call to arms of a fellow ships company crewman in ports around the world to help give visiting French Sailors a reminder on which Navy really ruled the seas.

And there we would be. Welsh, Scots, Irish and English, side by side fighting the old foe as if Trafalgar had happened only last week. Great days. Although unlike the Bullingdon boys we were only doing what we were trained for.

Leaving Oxford, Boris went on to work for The Times but was sacked for falsifying quotations about his God Father. Some God Son.

A few years later we find Boris, by now an M.P. again being sacked, this time as Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party after lieing about accusations of an extramarital affair.

Boris is extremely unlucky in love and was again caught out with yet another extramarital affair a few years later. This time though he was in luck. David Cameron, another Old Bullingdon boy stated that the affair was a private matter and so Boris kept his job as Shadow Minister for Higher Education. A place where morals and family values are clearly not taught.

But why am I typing all this. All you have to do is click here and you can read the mans history for yourself.

Boris though he appears amiable enough is not a man to trifle with. He revealed his true measure when he gave his former schoolmate and friend Darius Guppy the address of a News of the World reporter in order for Guppy to have the journalist taken care of in an Al Pacino kind of way.
Johnson asked how badly Collier was to be beaten up, and Guppy replies "He will probably have a couple of black eyes and a... cracked rib or something like that".

The conversation ended with Johnson agreeing to supply the address. Despite the call from Guppy, Johnson did not alert the police and the incident only became public knowledge when the recorded telephone conversations where summarised in the Daily Mail.
Nice guy Boris. Last week Boris was promising 5 bedroom houses to the Jewish Community in North London whilst running with the fox. This week he is proclaiming to the World how proud he is of his Islamic roots whilst hunting with the hounds.

Red Ken or Basher Boris? Tough choice for Londonistani Voters. Maybe. But not for the True Brits who have not yet fled murder city. They at least have one honest man to vote for. The British National Party's Richard Barnbrook.

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