Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Three little pigs get the chop

A price winning digital book based on the story of the Three Little Pigs has been rejected from a goverment annual award because the little piggies could offend Muslims.

For Gods sake, everything offends Muslims. They offend each other even and then in the absence of anyone else, slaughter themselves in great numbers. Something I personally do not have a problem with if it stops them bothering pigs. Oh and goats. They should not bother them or any animal in fact. Plain wrong.

A plonker government spokesthing said:

"concerns about the Asian community and the use of pigs raises cultural issues"
Damned right it raises cultural issues. And the British Cultural issue is that the use of pigs is to produce the greatest sandwich filler in the World - Bacon.

It also has deep cultural roots for the True Brits in teaching Our Children the benefits of building our homes out of bricks and not straw or even tent materials.

Although now it seems the pig has become a sign of resistance to the takeover of Our Country by the ungrateful colonisers who are swamping our land, our children's future and attempting to steal Our Bacon Butties. No way Turnip.

To highlight how completly and utterly barking mad are the Dhimmi fools who speak for the government, that they go on to say that the story might alienate parts of the building trade also.

Twisting words, like the weasels they are. They go on to say:
"Is it true that all builders are cowboys, builders get their work blown down, and builders are like pigs?"
No wonder the British National Party is being swamped with new members everyday. The True Brits have had enough of the jobsworths who govern us bending over like - dont say it - to keep the newcomers sweet until they can lop our heads of legally once they have taken over what was once Our Land.

Should you wish to purchase the book, you may review it and do so here.

Hat Tip Najistani


najistani said...


"A historic statue of a wild boar is unlikely to return to Derby's Arboretum, because it could offend Muslims living nearby. The Florentine Boar stood in the Derby park from 1840 to 1942, when it was beheaded by flying masonry during an air raid. Derby City Council had hoped to replace the statue with an identical replica when plans for a massive overhaul of the park were first considered a decade ago. But following reservations raised by some people in Normanton about a new boar statue, the authority decided to consult with local community leaders.

At a meeting of the council's minority ethnic communities advisory committee it was recommended that the boar be replaced with something else because of the strength of feeling among nearby residents as pigs are perceived as offensive creatures by many Muslims. Derwent Ward councillor Suman Gupta said, "If the statue of the boar is put back at the Arboretum I have been told that it will not be there the next day, or at least it won't be in the same condition the next day at least. We should not have the boar because it is offensive to some of the groups in the immediate area."

The Green Arrow said...

Najistani, that statement by Gupta is a threat and the boar should go back as part of our heritage, even if it needs an armed guard 24 hours a day.

najistani said...

Nationalist sites might like to advertise the politically incorrect three pigs software:

English Rose said...

that's disturbing it truely is, when the bnp does get in, it will have it's work cut out, getting that lot out

Paul said...

Excellent footage of Richard Barnbrook openly marching for fair pay for long suffering police officers conned out of money by Jacqui Smith the Home Secretary (needs money to pay minders to collect kebab?)25,000 police officers took part in this unprecedented demonstration by serving officers. This is fertile ground for us, these men and women are at the sharp end of this crazy Marxist state we live in.
The Leader of the Police Federation is interviewed on BNP TV!
We have arrived people. This gives us credibility and much needed coverage. Roll on the London elections.
Rebel blogs are openly hoping this win is sabotaged along with the REDS (surprise surprise?)

najistani said...

POLICE are understood to have confiscated a collection of porcelain pigs from the front window of a woman's house in the same road as Leicester's main mosque following a complaint from local Muslims that the display was offensive.

Nancy Bennett, a 49-year-old foster mother from the Highfields area of Leicester, said the complaint about the pigs was made after she went to the police to report harassment. She has alleged that she has been targeted by local youths since the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, when she decorated her house with red, white and blue bunting. It is understood that the pigs were displayed alongside a quote from the Koran which said: "Let there be no coercion in religion."


Paul said...

Nancy, you're on my Christmas card list. Passive (or not so passive )resistance.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Something I personally do not have a problem with if it stops them bothering pigs. Oh and goats.

Dogs too.

They hate spaniels, can you imagine?

What a bunch of loons.