Thursday, 31 January 2008

Calne Council by-election today

Well for Robert Baggs, the BNP candidate and his team of activists in the Calne Town Council by-election the day has arrived when they see how succesful they have been in getting out the British National Party message to the voters in their part of the world.

I have taken the liberty of taking the following from Roberts Blog which has updated on a regular basis with the actions taken by himself and his team. I have said it before.

The BNP activists are the hardest working activists in any party. And why? Because they know the truth and are fighting not for themselves but for their children and their children's children. Here is Roberts final post before the results are posted sometime this evening. Rest assured once I have them they will be published on this site also. They also serve who stand and wait.

It seems as if certain folk in the Lickhill Ward of Calne have been upset by the "Vote BNP" signs we put up around the ward. It just further emphasises why my main concern is with law and order and adequate policing in the town as most of the signs have now been stolen. However, as the signs have been up at least 36 hours, having been put up between 7.30 and 8.30 on Monday evening, everyone who has travelled in and out of the ward will have had the chance to see them and they have served their purpose. It'll certainly save us the job of taking them down. I am not sure if those responsible for taking them down are aware, but they have committed a criminal offence in doing so, theft I think you call it! But, as said, job done.

I have been busy tonight taking calls and answering emails from well-wishers so am glad that the final leafleting session took place earlier this evening, as I would have been pushed for time otherwise. It was encouraging that whilst out, the few people we saw confirmed they were going to vote for us.

Additionally, whilst not managing to speak to everyone in the ward, there were a lot of positive words of encouragement from those we did and I look forward to seeing everyone again either at the Army Cadet hut in Bryans Close Road or the North Star Club in Bremhill View over the course of the day. The weather forecast is for heavy rain but I hope that won't stop anyone from coming out to vote, as I would like to think we Brits are of sterner stuff than to let a drop of rain prevent us doing what many people in the world do not have the chance to do and that is exercising their democratic right to vote.

In just over 24 hours the counting will begin and I would imagine that a result will be available before midnight and I will post it on my blog as soon as I get back.

Finally for today, I would just like to thank all of those who have helped in my campaign, all of those, locally and nationally, who have offered kind words of support and particularly friends and family, who, whilst not all sharing my political beliefs support my right to do so and last but not least those who will be voting for me tomorrow, knowing that they are doing the right thing for the Lickhill Ward, for Calne and for their country.

Vote Robert Baggs, BNP - you know it makes sense!


Message for Najistani - Aurora would like the links to your post that contained references to the Muslim activities in Kenya.

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najistani said...

Sorry G.A., I don't know about Muslim activities in Kenya. It must have been someone else who commented on them.

However Muslims are seeking protection against criticism of their murderous pedophilic cult under UK race laws. Being a Muslim is to be classed as an 'involuntary identity'.


So whatever happened to Free Will and 'no compulsion in religion'?