Sunday, 20 January 2008

Oh what a tangled web we weave

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!

THE BIG LIE of our times is to deny that Islam is an intrinsically violent, aggressive and murderous ideology.

Our lords and masters repeat their PC denial of this blindingly obvious fact in various forms ('Religion of Peace', or 'tiny minority of extremists'etc), in the belief that like some sort of magical spell, it will become true if recited often enough.

Supporting strands of this web of deceit include claims that Islamic aggression is a recent reaction to the sins of the West (colonialism ), or is caused by poverty (buy them off with more jizya), or is carried out by a tiny minority who misunderstand the peaceful commandments of the Koran, or, in a whopper that would be worthy of Goebbels himself - that Islamic terrorism is actually anti-Islamic, as preached by the hypocrite Jacqui Smith.

Another strand of deceit is the never-ending search for the Holy Grail - the Mythical Moderate Islam which is claimed to be the real authentic version of the Cult of Mohammed. Of course any 'moderate' version of Islam would have to repudiate the violent verses in the Koran, and so commit blasphemy by rejecting the Word of God.

But, as public awareness of Islam grows, these repeated denials and myths parrotted by politicians begin to look increasingly absurd.

Many of us now understand the implacably aggresive nature of Islam and its polarised worldview - the tribal antagonism between Ummah and Kuffar, the territorial antagonism between Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, the overwhelming need to kill or humiliate non-Muslims, the death penalty for those who attempt to leave Islam and the obligation to totally exterminate the Jewish people.

But what else can the politicians say other than repeat the RoP mantra? The alternative would be to admit that on their watch they have allowed, and are continuing to allow, the invasion of millions of Dark-Age savages committed to a vicious totalitarian ideology which demands our death or subjugation.

So as regards telling the truth about Islam, they are damned if they do and damned if they don't! They have a choice of either staying in denial, and thus appearing to an increasingly Islamic-aware electorate to be gullible idiots and bare-faced liars, or else they must admit that they have been so incompetant as to allow a social disaster to take place that can have no outcome other than civil war.

Yes, we've got the traitors skewered! Damned if they do, and damned if they don't! We can discredit the dhimmi politicans by pointing out, whenever they spout their RoP bullshit, how the commands to murder, mutlilate and rape non-Muslims are an essential part of the cult, because the superstitious savages believe the Koran to be the word of God himself, and the rapist, murderer, bandit and pedophile Mohammed to be the 'Perfect Man', whose example is to be followed in all things, including gang-rape.

If we hack at the these main strands of deceit, then whole PC web of lies will eventually unravel and the dhimmi politicians will be utterly discredited. Then maybe we can get an effective government.


BR said...

GA your posts get better all the time, keep up the great work!

It really is appreciated.


The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for your kind comment BR but it is "guest" posts that have been contributed like this one by Najistani help.

If you would like to write something I will happily post it if it advances our cause.

Good Luck

BR said...

Najistani is a God - i cant compete with that! still, i make my own little contributions anon when i can.

Every little helps!

looking forward to the May elections.

yorkielass. said...

In the sudan 2 million Christians were slaughtered in the 90s this has been the pattern all along of this so called cult of peace.
Today although the MSM refuse to lay the blame where it belongs at the door of islam we see KENYA again Christians paying the price and the west turns away.
So it's due to Iraq. Afghanistan even looking at muslims the wrong way.
NO,Home secretary it's due to one thing alone and that is ISLAM itself.
You trying to say different makes me question your own belief system have you gone over to the cult?
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Wherever muslims reach a critical mass destabling the country that they reside in follows.
How many are here?

Ronbo said...

Indeed, Green Arrow, how many more 9/11s will it take before the West wakes up and takes up the terrible swift sword of justice to cut the throat of Islam?

One thing is for certain: This planet ain't big enough for Western Civilization and Islamic Barbarism to co-exist. In the words of Lincoln, "A house divided cannot stand, it must become all one thing or the other."

We need politicians like Cato The Elder of he Roman Republic who ended all his speeches in the Senate with, "And Furthermore Carthage Must Be Destroyed!"

This contemporary Cato says, "And Furthermore Islam Must Be Destroyed!"

najistani said...

Another good video from Pat Condell on Muslims attempting to destroy free speech. If it can happen in Canada it can happen anywhere.

LEL said...

Excellent post. Western "leadership" has sold us out completely. They are hoping that the islamic crocodile will eat them last, to paraphrase Winston Churchill.

najistani said...

Tony B.(ig) LIAR to star in Geert Wilders film:

Kerdasi amaq said...

You guys are nuts. The only to integrate with Islam is to become a muslim yourself.

What ye don't see is who is allowing muslims into Britain. You don't understand why they are doing it (it isn't your best interests as white Briton that they care about).Also, you don't know who they are.

Ronbo you are just playing your enemies game and you don't know who they are.

Yorkielass what happening in the Sudan is inter-tribal conflict under the guise of religion. What they are really fighting over is oil. Muslims must be kept out of Britain but the real controllers of Britain (you don't know who they are) will not let you.

Some of them have been in the news recently, acquireing titles, Lord this, Lord that and making hefty donations to the Labour party.

Finally, does anyone seriously believe that Osama bin Laden is responsible for 9/11?

Anonymous said...

I may be with Kerdasi on this, I want Islam out of my country, Equally I'm ashamed that we are in fact stealing Iraqi Oil, or at least our leaders are, we never agreed to it.
As for 9-11, again I want Islam out of my country, but equally, I dont believe muslims carried out 9-11 or the 7-7 attacks.

Someone is getting us to fight their wars for them.

And I think I know who.

Anonymous said...

The real controllers of Britain are the Rothschilds, the Banks, Ask yourself why does westminster borrow money, atr interest when it could print our own currency free of charge.
Islam and the west are being set up for war.

Anonymous said...


They're taking a big gamble then. Islam forbids usury, that's why they like Shariah Compliant Finance. Regards to war, if it did come to a civil war the sheer numbers already here would leave us so busy and embattled on all sides in this country that we would not have the strength or energy to fight a war anywhere else. We're talking about roughly 5 million people and they are much more motivated than your average Brit to cause real destruction when inclined to. I'm not sure whether we'd have the stomach to deal with that. I would hope we would, but then given most people have been raised on a diet of BBC bias, I'm not overly optimistic at this point.

I agree that bankers are a very powerful lot, but I don't think they'd be suicidal enough to import extremism wholesale in that way.