Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Schoolboy denies racist taunts

Henry Webster - suffered horrific injuries

The trial is taking place of the men and teenagers accused of the vicious hammer attack against schoolboy Henry Webster back last January.

When the story first surfaced in the Sun newspaper, it was reported as a racially motivated attack, when classmates said there were racial taunts after tension between White and Asian students belonging to a gang called the "Asian Invasion" descended to an all time low and a fleet of cars carrying Asians turned up at the school gates and ambushed Henry as he left the school grounds.
“One man came running up and had a hammer in his hand. He hit Henry more than 15 times and then they sped off again in two cars.”
Now in a unique twist, it is the victim, who on being grilled by the defence barristers is being accused of being part of the group making racist statements. An amazing thing the Race Card. Equalled only by the Get Out of Jail Free Card in Monopoly.

I would like to remind the readers of another story here. Only then the weapon of choice was a machete.


Anonymous said...

He looks just like anybody's kid, no chav bling, shaved head or swastikas carved into his brow, just the sort adult Muslims would have to be team handed to attack in other words.
Who are that uniformed Hungarian band of brothers currently putting the frighteners on immigrant criminals in Hungary?
We could do with such forward thinking individuals in Britain.
I was poking about the blogs as you do and I saw a Hungarian moderator posting about how all that is needed is a few hundred white men to rise up and the sleeping ones wake out of the coma they've been in. Stirring stuff.
Its got to come, this government needs booting straight to Pakistan where they can live out their days among their own kind.

ivan said...

GA story on the BLOATING BULLSHIT CORPORATION local london teletext luton there has been a wave of attacks on houses in recent weeks,the latest being a beer keg thrown through a window of an elderly resident.its goes on to say that residents have said the attacks are racial.Now usually the BBC will go all out full throttle to say the racists are WHITE but not a word on this story.could it be that the victims again in this case are WHITE and the BBC refuse to acknowledge or print it as usual ?

Karen S said...

Only the BNP can halt this utter madness.
What a great blog. I've been reading it all day since my boss sent me a link.
Between reading this and the BNP site I finally feel a little hope for my country.
The elections cant come fast enough for me.

ivan said...

well said anon i am a whiteflighter brummie.i moved some years ago into an inner city regenaration area which was affordable housing for all.most people that bought the housing were young and it seemed nice to be by their local football club birmingham the 2001 cencus the stats came out horrible for the local council as over 90 % of this small area were white.most of our fathers had grown up here and in the surrounding areas and we rebuilt a thriving community from brickies to bankers,even the run down pubs started doing well again.But the council soon got to work and transformed two old schools,one into a mosque and one into a somali centre.sadly most of us have now moved out.but i know i did my bit 2 years ago in one of the inner city wards where we got 14% of the vote 1st time standing

ivan said...

karen.. nice to see you on the blog there are some other fine people that post on here,send the green arrow onto as many people you know.the arrow is one of the hardest working bloggers going.together we can can reverse the rot and rid the me as i said earlier i am a brummie that never moved that far from the dirty old town