Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Charlene Downes Update

Charlene Downes

None of us should have forgotten the sexual grooming and the subsequent murder of a 14 year old child for which immigrant Iyad Albattikhi and his boss are facing a re-trial after a previous trial failed to reach a verdict.

You can read the details of the first trial here.

Well it seems that the re-trial has been put back until April. More information here.

The excellent Nationalist News has done a very good job of bringing all the news links concerning this horrific case together that you can read here.


The Green Grass said...

Got you Green Arrow.

I've taken a snapshot of that post which I've mailed to the police, the CPS, and the defence lawyers who are contacting the owners of Blogger for your IP address.

You're going to learn the hard way that we have laws in this country, one of them being sub judice, which you have breached with your statement.

Have a good night's sleep, tosser.

The Green Arrow said...

I hope you have Green Grass. The more publicity we can get out about the grooming of young white girls by Asian Paedophiles the better.

yorkielass said...

Sod off green-grass you piece of filth!
Charlene was a child. anyone touching her was a peado!
not alleged the trial is over moonbat lover and traitor!
now take another snapshot arsehole!


gatesofvienna said...

Remember back in 2004 when Channel 4 made a 90 minute documentary on this very theme? They had uncovered evidence that young white girls, as young as 11, were being groomed by "Asian" men for sex. However, the documentary was never shown because a chief constable's warning that it might trigger violence in the run-up to the local and European elections. In other words, preserving the good name of Muslims is more important than the well-being of our children
And don't forget channel 4 also uncovered the very same incidents of muslim men grooming young white kids in the 90s.
Like then. sod all really has been done to stamp this out.
But then we all know what to expect nowadays for our tax pound?
£70 million for muslim women's assertiveness training. not a penny to prevent the rape of white British children!
You Green-Grass disgust and sicken me to my soul.
Run and get you bone from your master now..run along..hop it!

ORION said...

Crawl back under your stone with the rest of the degenerate uaf scum...you make me sick.

najistani said...

Dear Green Grass,

I don't quite see how GA's post violates 'sub judice' . He does not pass personal judgement on their guilt or innocence. He merely reports that a crime has taken place and states that the defendents are facing a retrial.

Surely you wish to see justice done?
Or are you yourself a member of a pedophile ring attempting to intimidate those people who wish to bring to public attention the prevalence of paedophilic grooming no matter what the ethnicity or religious affiliation of the accused?

Whether the perpetrators are Methodists, Quakers or Baptists, there should be no special treatment. Justice must be done and seen to be done.

Paul said...

Probably the same tosser that nicked your profile GA and posted porn?
Anyway, back to Charlene, an innocent victim of multi cult Hell.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Green Ass you puss filled hump of Osmama's whore camel, why don't you take a snapshot of my post about the brutal death of Charlene by your illegitimate semen stained brothers. It has a different pic of her on it, you could print it off and spend some quality time in the bathroom with her, you kiddy fiddling piece of shit

Felicity said...

Beautifully put Bournemouth Nationalist. I admire a man with an imaginative turn of phrase. I'd like to endorse everything you said but had to take my earrings off to repeat it in front of the mirror (they looked ridiculous) without them and my lipstick I looked quite fierce. Its a look I'm going to cultivate in dealings with these swine from now on.

Felicity x