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We want to offer sharia law to Britain

Sharia Law - Like it or not it is coming

Earlier today I wrote about the Association of Muslim Lawyers who are pushing for Sharia Law to be run in parallel with the laws of the country, they and the other followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile are slowly but surely taking over. Our Country.

Well it seems I was a little ahead of the pack, because if you go here then I assure you that what you read will make anyone who is not yet a supporter or member of the British National Party consider becoming one.

I will not spoil it for you you by cut n pasting the juicy bits of what is in store for us should we not resist the demands there, that you will read. Go check it out now please. Your comments on your return would be welcome. You might also like to read something I wrote about democracy a few months back.


najistani said...


Smith admits London street fear.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has admitted she would not feel safe walking around London after dark.
Ms Smith told the Sunday Times that she would not be comfortable alone at night in deprived parts of the capital, as well as more affluent areas.

Asked if she would feel safe walking alone in the Hackney neighbourhood, Ms Smith replied: "Well, no, but I don't think I'd have ever have done."

I wonder if Brownlips will sack her for going against the LIEbour party line? Haven't we all been assured that there is no such thing as a no-go area for Kuffars?

Anonymous said...

I heard the comment attributed to Jacqui Smith too. I'll be blogging my own take on this later. But I poped in here to say last week's Radio 4 'Beyond Belief' was indeed truly beyond belief. Three Moslems arguing the toss about the finer points of Sharia Law. The best bit was a WOMAN lawyer going up against a Moslem Imam whose views were so obviously 'Death To All You damned Infidels' the venom oozed from the radio speaker.

I will try and find a podcast of the programme and grab it for posterity. Because it is well worth listening to. Catch u later. Jog

yorkielass said...

These so called muslim scholars must think we came down with a rain shower.
Al-Taqqyi constantly being used to lie through their teeth.
No law can run alongside ours especially sharia without eventually becoming dominant.
The below was written in 2004 yet ignored. in 3 years we have seen sharia laws implemented in Halal also in seperate areas in swimming pools libraries etc for muslims.
Our banks and finance centre of London now all becoming sharia compliant.
Sharia is not creeping in it's now galloping.
At the end of 2007 our universities are to teach islam studies to all students paid for by us.
Our children are already being indoctrinated at primary school that way turning the minds of the very young.
Dr Patrick Sookhdeo ex muslim and scholar in Christianity and islam wrote.

Briefing No 31, 12 November 2003

Christians in western Europe have seemingly submitted to the anti-Christian relativist secular paradigm that relegates their faith to the margins of society. They seem to have come to terms with the privatisation of religion and its removal from the public debate on morals and society. Muslims, in contrast, are in the process of regaining their lost confidence and have embarked on a strategy aimed at reintegrating Islam and politics. This process is taking place not only in Muslim states but also in countries of the non-Muslim developing world and of the West that contain Muslim minorities.

Of course there are many faces and variants to Islam, and there are many Muslims sincerely working for democratic values and human rights. Many Muslims in the West want only to live a peaceful life enjoying the economic benefits of Western society as well as its freedoms and opportunities. However it is also true that the majority opinion in Muslim states is very much impacted by radical Islamist concepts. Liberals in Muslim states are a minority that is cowed by the vehement drive against them which includes physical violence and the threat of being legally labelled as apostates with all that entails. The limits of the possible in all Muslim countries are determined by Islamist discourse, and most regimes submit to Islamist demands because of their fear of destabilisation and of deligimitisation. In the West, Muslim liberals have the freedom to express their views, but still face the ire of community leaderships heavily influenced by the power-centres in their countries of origin and by the resource-rich Wahhabi Saudis who fund much of their activity.

The aim of Islamist movements is to emulate the early model of universal Muslim hegemony in politics and culture. “We aim to establish Allah’s religion in its entirety, in every soul and upon every inch of this earth, in every home, institution and society” [1] . The later decline of Muslim power is blamed on a deviation from true original Islam. A result of this view is the labelling of all systems not based on Islam and its law (shari‘a) as evil, corrupt or apostate, thus meriting destruction.

Abul A‘la Mawdudi, one of the fathers of modern Islamism, stated that “The aim of Islam is to bring about a world revolution . . . the Muslim Party should not be content just with establishing the Islamic system of government in one territory, but should extend its sway as far as possible all around . . .if the Muslim Party commands enough resources, it will eliminate unislamic governments and establish the power of Islamic government in their place” [2] . This then is the ultimate goal – a worldwide Islamic government based on shari‘a - and modern Islamists have developed a many-pronged approach to achieve this goal.

Oil riches and growing dependence of West on oil from Muslim states.

Islamic Revolution in Iran

Successful Jihad in Afghanistan

Disintegration of Communist world

Growing size of Muslim communities in the West

Success of radical terrorist attacks

Sense of being under siege by a Western-Christian-Jewish conspiracy

Many groups are involved in the drive to re-establish the old glory of Islam, revive its fortunes and bring it to a position of world hegemony in all areas. There is a plurality of movements and organisations, many seemingly innocent but in danger of being manipulated and infiltrated by the more radical groups.

Here are some of the strategies and tactics employed:

The Islamisation of Knowledge. This is a drive to change basic western categories of knowledge bringing them into an Islamic framework. Funding academic chairs and encouraging and funding Muslim academics to take up lecturing posts in western universities is one method used with the goal of influencing students and the teaching of academic subjects by Islamist concepts of science, knowledge and religion. Another method is the founding of Islamic think tanks, research and academic institutions particularly in the West, using them to disseminate Islamic views on the integration of all human knowledge into an Islamic system based on the principles of Qur’an and Sunna and on the legacy of Islamic civilisation. Some of these institutions are linked to Islamist movements while presenting a moderate face to their western audiences. They develop links to Western academia and liberal Christian institutions that tend to co-operate with them because of their academic credentials, ignoring their hidden agendas

Active Da‘wa (Islamic mission), especially in the West, leading to the conversion of a small but ever growing number of Westerners to Islam. The conversion of celebrities is especially effective as a tool to further encourage this trend and make it acceptable to the Western media and public opinion. The production and distribution of Muslim missionary material – print, audio-visual, and internet – is being pushed by a well-funded and extensive network of da‘wa organizations. However, the ultimate goal of Islamist da‘wa is the establishment of Muslim dominion – Islamic states – in every country of the world.

Demographic Changes. The population explosion in Muslim countries as compared to the West, coupled to the growth in the number of Muslims immigrating into Western states, is seen as being in God’s providence, tilting the balance decisively in favour of Islam, and giving Muslims a more effective political lobby worldwide and within the Western democracies. The hope is that this will effect legal changes in favour of Muslim issues (such as the introduction of blasphemy laws to protect Islam from criticism); increased Islamic education; and the introduction of shari‘a laws as binding in the personal affairs of Muslim citizens as part of a state-recognized Muslim community.

The Full Islamisation of Muslim-Majority States, destabilising secular regimes and replacing them with an Islamic state based on shari‘a is the goal of all Islamists. Some seek to further this goal by legitimate use of democratic avenues, while others engage in violent means to hurry the process along. Iran, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, are but a few examples of this process

Destabilisation of States with large Muslim Minorities, especially on the fringes of Islam (the Bloody Borders of Islam)
This is happening right now in states like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya, the Philippines and India. It takes several forms:

1. The demand for implementing shari‘a in Muslim–majority regions even when Muslims are a minority in the country as a whole. This is seen as a prelude to imposing shari‘a on all the population. The northern and central federal states of Nigeria offer a good example of this trend

2. Support for Muslim demands for independence or autonomy as well as for outright rebellions against central governments. This is practised in Kashmir and the Philippines. The reasoning is that Muslims believe they should never be under non-Muslim rule and the aim of both tactics is the expansion of the area under Muslim political domination.

“The Islamic Movement should consider itself at the ‘beck and call’ of every Islamic Cause and respond to every cry for help wherever that cry may come from. It should stand with Eritrea in its jihad against the unjust Marxist Christian regime . . .by Sudan against the treacherous Christian racist rebellion . . . It should support the Muslims of the Philippines against the biased Christian regime . . . it should also help the Muslims of Kashmir . . . support the Muslims of Somalia . . . mobilise the Muslims of the world for the Palestine Cause . . . ” [3] .

Infiltration of all Western Systems. This effort is subsidised by vast amounts of money from Muslim oil rich states, businessmen and charities. Islamic lobbying groups are founded to put pressure on state ministries and bureaucracies, the media and political parties. Huge investments in the West underpin demands for the introduction of Islamic financial tools. Governments are put under pressure to follow Muslim-friendly internal and external policies or forego economic benefits. In education school textbooks, especially those teaching history and Islam, are being rewritten so as to present a sanitised view of Islam and its history as always non-violent, peaceful, tolerant and equitable. “Politically correct” views on Islam are fostered and any critique of Islam is attacked as Islamophobic. Legal action is taken against those criticising aspects of Islam, alleging they are inciting religious hatred.

[1] Ibrahim, Abdul-Maajid, & Darbaalah, In Pursuit of Allah’s Pleasure, London: Al-Firdous, 1997. (p. 55).

[2] Abul A‘la Mawdudi, Jihad fi Sabilillah”, Birmingham: U.K.I.M, 1997, pp.12-13.

[3] Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Priorities of the Islamic Movement in the Coming Phase, Swansea: Awakening Publications, 2000, pp. 163-167.

3 years on we see how successful those groups have been.
so don't say it can't happen here it already has!


English Rose said...

see my view on it

do you ever consider your childrens future? said...

as always great posts from Najistani and Yorkielass.

i dont think the people of Europe have yet cottoned on that Europe WILL become an islamic state or the worst world/civil war ever will break out, unless people vote nationalist.

and once Europe goes islamic, they will head strait for the USA. with all the military power taken from the EU states. so it is in the USAs interest to back us - even though we put ourselfs in the shit!

yet no one outside of nationalist circles is wise to it. only when it is too late and a mass of blood is to be spilt will they heed our warnings.

ironically enough the EU may in fact turn out to declare the Muslims as the new jews as Hitler did before, when it threatens to undermine the communist society and corrupt power structures.

more likely however is that by the time the EU realises it is to be wiped out itself after trying to absorb the middle east into the EU the islamists will be too strong for them - the turkeys have voted for christmas, right now they are handing out the knifes, forks, peerages and MP seats.

The Green Arrow said...

ER. Good link. Your header image really sums things up though. I think we all feel like that these days.

Good Luck and keep up the good work


So it is two sets of laws,i suppose that whitey will get busted under both of them,"double jeopardy"

English Rose said...

Thinking now it would have been better with a severed head on the plate.
Take care x

ivan said...

now usually in the wake of the bishop speaking out about no go areas in our will usually get a left wing media twat try and proove the critics wrong. i.e. come to down town birmingham and walk through alum rock,small heath,aston or sparkbrook at 11pm at night,sadly no socialist from the bbc has put themself forward for this task.i remember when we first went into the illegal war in iraq and the bbc decided to send a team down the ladypool road "balsall heath area of birmingham the balti belt" they were filming had all these asian lads in the background shouting taliban,bin laden etc.when it went back to the studio the asian reporter said sorry about moms side come from balsall heath,sadly i have family buried there in the now dormant christian cemetries.SAD.

Man Of The Woods said...

The Marxists and the Muslims, (MnMs?), moving Britain forward into a new Dark Ages.

yorkielass said...

America herself is under the very same attack that is an economical jihad never mind the MSM just going on about sub-prime mortgages.
Keep your eyes and ears open for this group that goes by the name of THE SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND.
In other words rich Arabs using their petro dollars to roam the west mainly the USA and UK buying up businesses,property also shares in the media etc.
America also suffer's the very same dhimmitude we see here.
The empire state building was lit up with green lights this year for Ramadan. Mrs Bush wore the Hijab.
On November 27, an SWF controlled by the government of Abu Dhabi, an oil-rich member of the United Arab Emirates, spent $7.5 billion to buy a roughly five percent share in Citigroup, America's largest and most prestigious bank. Like most of the banking system, Citigroup is in potentially mortal peril from the collapse of the Federal Reserve's housing/mortgage/debt bubble. The willingness of Abu Dhabi to pump billions – the legal limit – into Citicorp prompted a brief but significant market rally, as the investor class prostrated itself with gratitude before its Arab benefactors.

A half-century ago, Abu Dhabi was a desert wilderness populated by itinerant tribes of Bedouin camel herders. Now it is seen as a potential savior of Wall Street.

The ever-mordant Dr. Gary North put this matter into proper perspective:

“A small percentage of a gigantic pool of oil-generated capital, which is managed by government bureaucrats in a city-state whose nation did not exist as recently as 1970, was used to buy 4.9% of the largest bank in the United States because this purchase was perceived as a better deal than buying T-bills denominated in a falling dollar.”

“The stock market will need many more interventions by Abu Dhabi and other Arab oil states, which now control the flow of funds America's capital markets,” continues Dr. North (my emphasis). “The great fire sale has begun. Senior American managers have begun to sell the nation's seed corn to the Arabs. They will continue to do so as the economic agents of American people. The sale of 4.9% of Citigroup is a visible turning point.”


Colin Barr of Fortune points out that earlier this year, Abu Dhabi bought a small but significant share in the enigmatic Carlye Group, an investment fund whose representatives are a veritable boutique of Power Elite types, including George Bush the Elder. This is one illustration of the way that foreign interests – particularly Arab petro-despots – are “becoming stakeholders in US businesses and, by extension, in American society, like it or not.”

James Post, a management professor at Boston University, points out that this is a logical and inevitable consequence of the recent orgy of borrowing from abroad. Most of it in recent years has gone to fund the Idiot King's war of choice in Iraq, and the construction of his Homeland Security State here at home. Now the foreign creditors who have lent Washington that money are coming for the collateral, and, as Post points out, “inevitably we'll see Middle East political influence rising” in Washington.

...well, no, it won't -- but it will profit handsomely from the self-inflicted collapse of American power, for at least a little while.

In fact, Washington has been bending to that political influence for some time, in terms of its military and strategic priorities. As Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker reported months ago, beginning about a year ago the Bush administration has become involved in an effort to create a regional Sunni power bloc in the Persian Gulf. This includes intimate collaboration with al-Qaeda-connected radicals in Iraq and elsewhere, as well as with Saudi princes who, in the words of Middle Eastern affairs expert Frederic Hof, “still see the world through the days of the Ottoman Empire, when Sunni Muslims ruled the roost and the Shiites were the lowest class” -- except, of course, for the infidels who paid in both money and blood to sustain the Ottoman ruling elite.

So now, behind the rhetoric of promoting democracy in the Middle East and protecting our nation from radical Islam, Washington is promoting the interests of the Sunni rulers who fund terrorists and keep the dollar afloat.

How is this anything other than financial dhimmitude?


yorkielass. said...

Mel replies to the lies the pro Sharia muslims told.


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Monday 21 January 2008

The war within and against the west
Sunday, 20th January 2008

Once again, Britain’s ‘moderate’ Muslim community is upping the ante against the British society in which it resides. The Sunday Telegraph reports that senior Muslims are pushing to integrate sharia law into English law. Dr Suhaib Hasan who, we learn, has been presiding over sharia courts in Britain for more than 25 years, is anxious to dispel any idea that sharia means flogging, stoning or amputations. Good grief no, perish the thought apparently it’s ‘only’ about family law.

Uh huh. But as Baroness Cox points out in this story, sharia family law is utterly inimical to English law and British values, based as it is on the subjugation of women and the negation of individual freedom. Moreover, a few paragraphs on it turns out that Dr Hasan actually thinks that stoning adulterers and cutting off thieves hands is an absolutely splendid idea for reducing Britain’s crime rate! Who could object?!

And to back up his whole sinister proposal, he makes the utterly false analogy with Jewish religious law. We are told that he argues that
British law would benefit from integrating aspects of Islamic personal law into the civil system, so that divorces could be rubber-stamped in the same way, for example, that Jewish couples who go to the Beth Din court have their divorce recognised in secular courts.
This is rubbish. Jewish couples who divorce have to do so under English law for their divorce to be recognised by the state. The separate Jewish religious divorce (which incidentally causes much distress to women in certain circumstances to whom it does not grant a divorce, precisely because it does not correspond to English law) is just that, an entirely separate and culturally private matter. Although there are Jewish religious courts giving judgments over a wide range of issues, the whole point is that they have the status of informal arbitration and do not impinge at all upon the laws or customs of the country. They are based on the acknowledgement that, where Jewish religious law conflicts with English law, Jewish law gives way. Wherever they have settled over the centuries, Jews have always accepted that, as citizens of that country, they are bound by its laws. They have never required the host country to change its laws or customs to accommodate them; nor do they set their own religious laws above those of their country.

It is very important that people realise the crucial difference between allowing a minority the right to practise its own precepts while fitting in with the law of the land, and allowing members of a minority to force the law of the land to fit in with them. It is very important that people understand that the pressure to sharia-ise Britain is far more dangerous even than terrorism because – see the government’s embrace of ‘sharia finance’ – its implications simply aren’t understood and it is likely therefore to be accepted. Salami-slice by salami slice, this is how British society will be dismembered.