Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Technical difficulties and Comment Moderation

Yesterday evening I relocated to a different "Home" and will be staying at the new location for two months.

As a result of this move to an area where internet connection via a USB Modem is even worse than the previous site, my connection is extremely flaky and will not stay connected even at dialup speed. If it stays connected for a few minutes I am lucky. This means I am not getting enough time to "check" my online mail accounts to moderate comment properly. It has taken me four hours to get this out.

Occasionally I will be traveling to areas where there is better reception for a few hours so will save posts until then.

Now about Comment Moderation. It is on permanent. Originally this was because of people posting obscenities but now it is also on to also prevent comments by agent provocateurs making foolish statements purporting to be from BNP supporters. Comments that could then be used to attack Our Country's only hope of survival in the elections.

If you want wide open debate now, I am afraid you will have to go elsewhere. Check out the forum links on the right.

This site is gearing up for the elections and will have no time for circular arguments.


The Green Arrow said...

I am having difficulty here at the moment with moderation and have not been checking the way I should.

I will be removing any comments that incite hatred or violence from anyone.

Nobody's lemming said...

Sad to see that you have HAD to do this GA, but its the only way I guess. Even then it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth because the criminal left have yet again managed to quell free speech. The cancer which manifests itself in a myriad of disguises, collectively known as Communism is a vile suppressor of human feeling, emotion and values, and far from being "for the people" as we were taught at school, silences dissent in any way it can. One day lefties, without the power of your money'd backers and traitors in politics and media, sanity will prevail and you will be punished. For the sakes of our children!

PaganBrit said...

Hi. After reading yours and other blogs I've decided to set up my own. The more people who start speaking out the better. I hope your technical difficulties resolve themselves soon. Don't stop doing what you're doing.

GR said...

In light of recent events this is for the best, the way some people have been misled into making out-right attacks on the BNP and working hand in hand with the left shows the lack of political acumen some ex-members have!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are moving from safe house to safe house, what did you do? Just kidding. Hope you will be up and running before too long.

yorkielass said...


Microsoft plans system to turn workers into battery hens
by IanPP on Thu 03 Jan 2008 01:24 GMT | Permanent Link | Cosmos
The Register reports that Judging from a recent patent application, Microsoft hopes to build some sort of "activity monitoring system" that keeps an eye on worker productivity using various "physiological or environmental sensors."

These sensors would track everything from heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, facial expressions, and blood pressure to brain signals and galvanic skin response.

Galvanic skin response is what drives a lie detector.

Redmond sees this system as a way for companies and, um, governments to monitor "group activities." "In particular, the system can monitor user activity, detect when users need assistance with their specific activities, and identify at least one other user that can assist them," the patent application reads, in classic patent speak. "Assistance can be in the form of answering questions, providing guidance to the user as the user completes the activity, or completing the activity such as in the case of taking on an assigned activity."
In other words: If you don't do your duty, the system will make sure your duties are assigned to someone else.

Plus, all this personal information is safely stored away for future use. According to Microsoft, that's a good thing. "The system can aggregate activity data across users and/or devices.

No doubt we will all be connected to the systems via our RFID enabled ID Cards.

Have you also noticed how no-one refers to us as people or the public any more. The Orwellian use of Citizen or Worker have taken hold everywhere you look. It gives a really good glimpse into the future.

Just what kind of future mega corporations like Microsoft in conjunction with Authoritarian governments have in store for us all is open to speculation, but this for me is just beyond the pale..I have no intention of becoming a battery worker in anyone's world, and with Microsoft's record of insecure software, god only knows what the outcome may be.
For Generations the UK has stood up for freedom, fighting against the evils of the Stazi in East Germany, Communist control in Russia and China and mass surveillance of its peoples.

The NuLab government of Gordon Brown has ensured that we in the UK are now part of that same Authoritarian world.

If you are sick of being spied on by your own government, being told what to do, what to eat and drink, being told what you can and cannot say or think, having your personal data forcibly collected then databased, lost, corrupted and made worthless by the government,