Thursday, 10 January 2008

Ibstock & Heather by-election results

A Councillor in waiting.

In a very hard fought campaign, Ivan Hammonds and his activists managed to frighten the Tri-Axis parties half to death in the Ibstock and Heather by-election held today, 10th of January 2008.

Coming a fantastic second in a campaign where the other parties had pulled out all the stops and also united to distribute a lot of negative propaganda about the BNP.

The full results are as follows:-
  • Labour 699 30.9%
  • BNP 637 28.2%
  • Conservative 515 22.8%
  • Lib Dem 411 18.2%
Turnout 40.4%

The results in the May 2007 elections were:
  • Con 737/731/599
  • Lab 707/620/559
  • UKIP 411
  • LibDem 225/222

You and your campaign team have done us proud Ivan and have shown the British Public that there is now a real alternative to the corrupt Tri-Axis parties of the Lib/Lab/con pact. The BNP. The real party of the people. Also a big well done to Wayne. A True Professional.

Thanks also go out to the BNP activists from surrounding areas and even further afield who rallied to the flag and travelled to North West Leicester to help out their comrades. You can bet your assistance was much appreciated.

One wonders how the press will try to explain these results away.

Next time guys. Next time. Meanwhile let us continue to try and wake up our fellow subjects who still do not smell the coffee. Illegal wars. Massive Corruption. Colonisation of Our Country. They cannot stay deaf to our voice forever.


Anonymous said...

A brilliant result. Well done Ivan.

Paul said...

ethnic cleansing in Luton as last remaining whites (and blacks) are terrorised in their homes.
Mmmm, whites and blacks not welcome, wonder who?

mobilisation and the tactical use of all resources. said...

well done all involved, you done us proud!

roll on the London GLA, the mainstreme will be terrified of losing their seats now they have seen how we can rally and
mobilised our formidable `Democratic Elections Taskforce(tm).

proven to be a most effective democratic weapon against the corrupt communists - mobilisation and the tactical use of all resources.

the media prevent us reaching the people - so we will go directly to the people.

let the great British people hear and let the great British people speak.

onwards to victory with the BNP!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That must have upset the UAF!
A very respectable result Ivan well done.

Nobody's lemming said...

Congratulations!, we are so proud of you.

yorkielass. said...

Great result..just made my day!
Reading the vioce of freedom re-BNP successes unreported in the BBC
must fill them with absolute fear as the British people are thinking for themselves.

"Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them." (Surah 9:121-)

PaganBrit said...

This is a great result. It won't be long before these photo-finishes start turning into victories.

stop the spin said...

This is not a "great result". This is second.

Our Folk need Nationalist councillors and MPs not "good percentages".

GA - your "spin" is as bad as the main parties!

Anonymous said...

stop the spin:Feel free to enlighten us with your contribution.A serious request by the way ;i'll reserve judgement until you reply.

Anonymous said...

You may like to look at this report.

ivan said...

great result in ibstock for ivan hammond(by the way i am not the above ivan)its shows in all our overspill towns and villages we can really now start to make an my new adopted white flight town. i used to walk in pubs and hear people whispering "thats the bnp bloke" but more and more are now coming forward and talking to on the leaflet trail next month and think i could have a suitable little team to help.i have always called it networking since joining the party(spread the word and be proud)people are really starting to wake up and listen and i feel for 2008 we are on for big things.

najistani said...

The BNP need to recognise and overcome the various levels of censorship operating in our society in order to get the nessage across more clearly.

There's an excellent article on the various forms of pro-Islamic censorship - some very subtle and psychological - at

Paul said...

Thats an excellent link najistani and echoes (much more coherently) everything I've said before about the role of the Nanny State to weaken our resolve.
Incidentally people the excellent Foehammer blog has been taken down again by cyber jihadists.

Anonymous said...

This is another ail in the coffin of censorship Najistani. The BNP came within 63 votes of takling the seat. The locals know that now.
An even bigger push with more activists next time is needed.

Floss every day said...

Remember undercover mosques where the Iman joked about dentists having the power to inflict unspeakable pain on homosexuals? Remember the "lyirical terrorist" working at Heathrow who e-mailed jihadi's and was dismissed as a "silly girl" by the media.
This guy was in contact with her and lo he's a dentist.
He was interested in how good security was at Heathrow as he headed off for the ubiquitous "wedding" in Pakistan.
He'll do at least a year under our tough terror laws....coming to a hospital near you in around 13 months.

Mike H said...

Well I've tried to get the link to the terrorist NHS dentist on the rebel blogs, in an attempt to get them to post articles of interest to true Nationalists.
I dont know if they'll post them or not among all the pompous clutching of "integrity cloaks".
Heres hoping.

Oscar said...

Forget that Mike and forget them. Ivan and his troops are the time of Nationalists with backbone we need. Well done boys and girls. Its YOUR type who will be remembered. We dont need any champagne Nationalists in our party just salt of the earth ones.