Sunday, 9 December 2007

The UAF and the Ballerina

Simone. Safe in the arms of the BNP

In a desperate attempt to draw attention away from the hurricane of bad publicity that as been blowing away their pretense of being a legitimate, non violent organisation, the Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) mob have done what they always do when the stone covering up their criminality and corruption is moved.

They attack and the targets that they usually attack are women. This time their target is not a female BNP activist selling The Voice of Freedom but Simone Clarke, principal dancer of the English National Ballet.

What has upset the mad marxists, is the fact that Simone has been elected to the executive of Solidarity, the British Workers' Union. Solidarity you remember, was formed as a reaction against the betrayal of the marxist dominated unions that have betrayed British Workers by encouraging the colonisation of Our Country by supporting mass immigration.
Clarke, 37, brings to Solidarity several years of industrial relations experience at the ENB, where she is on a committee that represents dancers' interests. Her new colleagues at Solidarity include Mark Walker, a former BNP election candidate and teacher who has received Solidarity's support after being suspended from his teaching post. Its general secretary is Pat Harrington

In a brave show of defiance to the Trade Unions that demand that British National Party supporters be sacked from their jobs and expelled from their unions, the English National Ballet(ENB) has rebuffed calls to sack Simone and their production of The Snow Queen will be performed at the London Coliseum from Tuesday to Sunday. Way to go ENB.

Of course what also winds the Marxist frogs up is the fact that the ballerinas partner was a Cuban of Chinese extraction to which a normal person would say: "So What?" but not the UAF.

The UAF would have people believe that the British National Party is some mad white supremacist organisation that hates people because of their skin colour which is clearly not true. The BNP hates nobody, except maybe the politicians seeking to create the New World Order.

They know as well as the next man that love is colour blind and whilst they promote the continuation of the white True British people they do not condemn people for falling in love and that is what the UAF hate most. The tolerance and live and let live attitude of the BNP.


Tam Glen Scotland said...

Well done Simone. No doubt we can expect the usual smelly protests as she entertains children of all races with her beautiful dancing. Lets support this courageous lady.And well done her employers.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely happy picture, and its true she is safe with theb BNP.

Paul said...

Surfing the worldwide web of a Sunday morning (as you do)looking for REAL news, not the pap served up by the MSN to keep Britain stupyfied I came acrodss interesting snippets from the usual suspects of the Far Left. They are getting their smalls in a twist over the rise of the real Far Right in other countries. Russia and Hungary come in for most handwringing. The usual "Smash The Fash" and howls of "Nazi" are missing...they're scared.
Somehow I dont think the brave boys at Searchlight or Antifa will be sending over reinforcements any time soon to these countries to assist their comrades having a hot time of it. A very violent Far Right rears its head (with the apparent support of the indigenous population)
No, the best Searchlight can do is fundraise, well its not the same as beating up BNP female paper sellers is it..or harassing a ballerina for joining a legal political party?
Now I'm not condoning the violent uprisings in Russia and Former eastern Bloc countries but they have suffered terribly and lets face it they have no gay limp wristed politicians to tell them how lucky they are to be so enriched, nor do they have a responsible party like the BNP who offers a solution, not hate.
We are fortunate to have Nick Griffin as a safety valve, he preaches non violence, tolerance and a right to free speech. He's a much more attractive target for those brave boys in Searchlight and Antifa, so is Simone clarke.
I dont think the Neo Nazi skinheads in Russia etc have any chance of seeing them or their placards.
We ignore this at our peril, silence Griffin and something much much worse could surface.
Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.

Sir HM said...

Sort of off topic, but Fred's latest column is a good one.

ALERT!!! UAF on suicide watch! said...

this is all GREAT FREE publicity for the BNP.

i hear the UAF are on 24hr suicide watch for their 5 members lol,

they are now talking about going cold turky to help them work out how they got it so badly wrong, how did everything blow up in their faces after decades of lazy, pathetic, lying!

also good to see mark got on the board, he and his brother are a great asset to the BNP.

well done Mark and well done Simone.

Iris Bloom said...

Sir Henry,
I followed your link to Fred and thats shocking. The whole set-up is coming to boiling point on a global scale. Its the Clash of Civilisation the fight for survival. We've had this here, hushed up by the MSM white kids beaten and killed by these animals but all we get is Stephen Lawrence shoved at us. Kris Donald is never even mentioned anymore, he's forgotten.
These savages are so stupid and uneducated that they dont realise they are being used and whipped up by some very bad white people of the Far Left.

The Green Arrow said...

Sir HM. A good link and something everyone should read.

With the UAF in freefall, I have been given to understand that Denise Garside has gone away for a weeks counseling by the Samaritans.

yorkielass said...

I'm very familier with Hungary recently in the square in Budapest there were at least 650 men and youths in uniform a right wing party demanding an end to what they see as damaging to their national identity.
Todate Hungary has not received the hoards of foreigners from distant lands to make a claim on their nation.
When the EU decide to apply multicultural ideas into Hungary i'm sure that they will be leaving just as quickly.
Hungarians have only in recent times felt their freedom from the Russian's for sure they won't allow that to be taken away so easily.
The UAF call the English racist they aint seen nothing yet compared to the anger the Magyors will show.
Bullit holes still adourn buildings from the 1956 uprising very close to the same square where the demo took place.
Swedens right wing group also demonstrated this year.
When globalisation moves in Nationalism is bound to rise that's human nature to protect ones own.

Scotch and wry said...

Above - this is why the British people were disarmed with the tragic, (but necessary in the eyes of the NWO), Dunblane massacre. The establishment realised that the responsible gun owners were also likely to be those that valued our unique way of doing things, and perhaps those who would fight back. Of course it also suits the masters to have criminal gangs marching around with guns as it gives them carte blanche to create and implement new legislation. Joe public, and especially our women folk, quite rightly rallied to the terrible events at Dunblane, "forcing" the government to outlaw responsible gun ownership, though sadly Joe and Josephine didnt realise they were being manipulated.

Anonymous said...

The BNP are doing a sterling job despite all the odds put in their way. Although nobody wants to see violence rear its ugly head (well except when the Left become involved, as they usually start it), it's a pity that our own youth arent as proud of their cultural roots and were a bit more in tune with what is happening. Though I suspect that countries like Hungary havent been as "enriched" as ours, or had the same level of restriction and propaganda, so the disaster that has befallen us and other western countries may well be a warning to them.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Simone, we congratulate you and your husband for your fortitude. You are an example to us all.

Annie Oakley..I wish! said...

The Russians dont mess about and the Poles are force to be reckoned with too. I never laughed so much as when the Left were running about explaining to the Poles that they couldn't insult black teachers (that was the parents as well as the kids)
The Poles had no concept of being nice to blacks or Asians.
Creased me up that did.
But watching the Left unsure who to offend the least was the best bit.

Donald said...

I have a feeling the public are coming around to the BNP's way of thinking thats why UAF and their Labour masters are upping the ante with lies and smears.
Patience my friends. Everything comes to those who wait.

Harriet said...

Scotch and Wry you're right, absolutely right. All the law abiding people handed in their guns, but not the criminals.
Its the same with the ID card scheme. All the innocents will troop in like sheep to be fingerprinted and iris scanned, will the terrorists or their supporters, the Yardies or the Yoofs from the black hoods presently holding the record for gun crime?
What do you think?
The law only applies to the law abiding. Worth thinking about.

Ms M said...

I grudge every penny in tax and my charity begins at home now.
Remember our own old sick and poor this Christmas.
That used to be a very British thing before Africa got sexier thanks to Left Wing pop stars and the begging bowl.

yorkielass said...

There was much more to Dunblane than anyone of us realised at the time.
We were not made aware of the 100 year banning order or that there was a suspected paedo ring run by Hamilton for the elite.
The SNP is pushing for a release of the documentation now!
Since there is no framework for closure orders in Scotland, I am calling on Parliament to enact unequivocal legislation to prevent people with a vested interest from burying evidence and diverting the onus onto everyone from judges to procurators fiscal to the police to clerks and to every Tom, Dick and Harry chosen for the purpose, so that the real culprits can distance themselves from their illicit undertakings.

"This closure order was enforced not to protect the names of children, who are adults now, but to protect the names of very high-profile Masons and paedophiles."

On being questioned by members of the PPC, I brought to their attention the fact that, in the Cullen Inquiry transcript, three people giving evidence referred to Thomas Hamilton's connection with the Queen Victoria School in Dunblane. At page 286, Grace Jones Ogilvie, a neighbour of Thomas Hamilton, said Hamilton used to get a van from Central Region for camps at Loch Lomondside and Queen Victoria School. At page 1,803, Ian Steven Boal, who was a teacher and a friend of Hamilton's, told how he was helped by Thomas Hamilton to get a job at Queen Victoria School. At page 2,267, Robert Mark Ure, an ex-husband of a friend of Thomas Hamilton, evidenced that his estranged wife had been to the rifle range at Queen Victoria School with Thomas Hamilton.

These referrals to Queen Victoria School were mysteriously ignored in Cullen's Report. Why were questions not asked about who made it possible for Hamilton to have easy access to and influence in QVS. Being a boarding school for children of the military, apparently sten guns were occasionally used on the range.

According to a former school master at QVS, Hamilton had free access to the rifle range. He also disclosed that he had been complaining for years about very high profile people arriving at the school (Friends of QVS they were called), some of whom took children away from the school for weekends to play out their perverted, sordid, sexual fantasies on children. Hamilton was the mediator for this paedophile ring. This schoolmaster was prevented from giving evidence at the Cullen Inquiry and was soon moved away to a remote part of Scotland.

What you had here was a Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Forsyth who, by virtue of office, was on the Board of Directors of QVS, and was also responsible for the appointment of Cullen to conduct the Inquiry. There is Prince Philip, a Freemason, the patron of the Board of Directors of QVS and is an honorary member of the exclusive, secretive and highly suspect Speculative Society of Edinburgh. Then there is Lord (Donald McArthur) Ross, the then Lord Justice-Clerk and Cullen's superior in the judiciary, who was also on the Board of Directors, and is also a "Brother" of Cullen's in the Masonic Speculative Society of Edinburgh, numbered at 1642.

Five weeks after the hearing of my petition, I still had not heard a peep from the Public Petitions Committee so I decided to write to them, stressing my concern about the inordinate delay in replying - notwithstanding the Committee's (inappropriate and unconstitutional) approach to Colin Boyd, the Lord Advocate to ask why the 100-year "Gagging Order" was imposed.

Even forgetting for the minute that the Lord Advocate has no legitimacy in Scottish law whatsoever to agree to the imposition of unlegislated closure orders in Scotland, it would take no time at all for even a primary schoolkid to follow instructions, pick up 106 files, single out the second-last one filed at 105, read the straightforward content, and declare: "I have no idea why these files have been gagged for 100 years?

But we are not depending on schoolchildren here to utter a response. We are depending on politicians and the legal profession. In a reply from the PPC dated 9 December, I was advised:

"As you are aware, at its meeting on Wednesday 29 October 2003, the Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Committee considered the petition that you submitted on 26 June 2003. At that meeting the Committee agreed to write to the Lord Advocate seeking (a) further details of the framework under which a decision to impose a closure order of 100 years can be made, (b) confirmation as to why certain evidence that does not name specific children also appears to be subject to this 100-year closure order, and (c) an indication of the timescales for publication of the full catalogue of Cullen Inquiry material by the National Archives of Scotland and for any subsequent decisions on the release of material and variations of the closure period.

"We are still waiting for a response from the Lord Advocate's Office; once this has been received it will be further considered by the Committee. You will be informed when the petition is considered further and the outcome of that consideration."

After the hearing, the Committee agreed (not with me, but with one another) to approach the Lord Advocate to seek further details. I retaliated: "That could take another 99 years!"

It is now over two months since the PPC approached the Lord Advocate. Rather than elaborate further, I will quote the words of William Shakespeare in 1 Henry VI, iii, 1592: "Defer no time; delays have dangerous ends."

If the above information does not on its own rouse us, the public, into calling for a fresh inquiry into the events leading up to the Dunblane massacre and the ensuing whitewash, we are all guilty of something a lot more serious than complacency; we are all guilt of complicity. To sin by silence when we should protest, makes cowards out of men.

That aside, only time will tell what the outcome will be. In the near future, however, I envisage many clandestine figures in the Judiciary and in Parliament, with something to hide, clumsily tripping over their cloaks and falling on their daggers.

Scotch and wry said...

Jeez, I didnt realise the extent of the corruption involved in this cover up. As a layman I have a natural cynicism to everything that has gone on in this country for the last 20 yrs, and lets face it, with a legal system tied up in knots protecting the guilty, and thus allowing them even greater confidence to commit more serious crime, it just couldnt be allowed for the ordinary generally law abiding citizen to have the means to protect themselves, especially when an army of occupation intent on stealing away our very land was being let in through the back door. Britain has become a seriously wicked country, perhaps always has been at the top end of power, but although we are all guilty for our silence in this and many other matters, in reality how do we, the unrepresented masses, do anything about it- I would imagine the thought that runs through the mind of anyone that could actually change things is would they live to tell the tale?. You know, perhaps if the Muslims do take over it would be no bad thing, as I dont think they would spend much time deciding what to do with the whole rotten establishment, who in their eyes would surely be the lowest of the low?

yorkielass said...

Muslims are working very hard to get the average joe to think exactly that.
A visit to their sites especially Hizb-ut-tahrir at one time they had the structure of an islamic government all laid out ready.
They realised nosey buggers like myself were also visiting and removed the lot.
Believe me there is no way i'd live under their rule it was no different to Iran or Saudi Arabia.
When talking to infidels they use Al-Taqyyi deception is allowed in islam to protect both muslims and islam.
Saturday there was a demo in France
saying no more mosques until we see churches in Saudi Arabia.
This was by SIOE the media just refuse to publish this kind of demo. the 9/11 Brussels demo was given no coverage by the national media at all.
Very shortly SIOE will have their symbol ready having been careful to hide within the shape it's meaning to dodge EU laws.
There are plenty of people taking risks giving in is not an option at all.
When faced with the idea of stepping into the gutter to allow a muslim to walk past in an islamic run state. i'd rather stick my neck out and take risks.
One two or three can be picked off but thousands can't.
That is why the BNP must Grow and groups like SIOE UK. GUARDIANS OF SCOTLAND AND GUY LEVEN-TORRES LE RESISTANCE deserve all the support we can muster.
Example SIOE started nov 2006 with it has over 1000 members right across Europe also groups in the USA.
Not bad when no media coverage at all.
910 group just use search engine.
Time is not on our side just check around the world the very same pattern is used over and over be it the Lebanon, Nigeria, Thailand etc muslims move in and take over the area.
Every demand is given into by dhimm politicians.
This country already has a fair share of voluntary dhimmis too stupid to be anything else.
The majority are half asleep and will wake when it's too late.
The rest have to get organised and stand together and kick ass.
Start demanding lobbying MPs making a noise to get noticed.
GOV spread disinformation it's upto us all to spread honest information.
Had the facts about Dunblane come out at the time Blairs government would have fallen. that way no IRAQ our dead troops would still be alive.
Also the mass immigration although the Tories would eventually have done the same. i doubt that Cultural marxism would have been so rife.
The left are getting scared hence the pathetic women beaters the UAF
sprance around knocking over tables.
They know that a waking population will soon trounce the weazels back where they belong.
An islamic government would 100% be a nazi one making hitler and stalin look like boy scouts.
The over 2 million dead in The sudan since the late 80s would be as nothing.
The marx mohammed pact which includes the UAF pimps has to be uncovered and shown for what they really are!

Yorkielass said...


La Resistance! History Special

The Christian Crusades

Guy Leven-Torres MA(Hons), FSEFA

9th December 2007

In 1095 Pope Urban II called a conference at Piacenza in Northern Italy, to call into being all good Christian men to take up arms and come to the aid of the Byzantine Christians that had appealed through their Emperor Alexis for relief from the depredations of the Moslem conquerors and to free the Holy Land and in particular the City of Jerusalem. The Moslems controlled all of North Africa, Spain and most of the Fertile Crescent.

In response thousands of Europeans took up the Holy War to be waged in the name of Christendom, especially as the Church promised expiation for sin. The success of the venture and other Christian crusades over the next 300 years would have surprised even the doughty Urban if he could have seen it. It really was a special time when European monarchies and Christian peoples came together to combat the Saracen and reclaim the Holy Land for Christendom. So much do modern Moslems fear and dread that time, that even today they rant and rave with all their might in order to prevent what they perceive as a new Western Crusade. The only difference from the earlier era, is that it is Christendom that is being attacked by Islamists intent on founding a World Islamic Caliphate and 'reclaiming' for Islam what was 'lost' to them through similar Christian anti Moslem drives in the West, particularly in Spain. That period is proudly spoken of as the 'Reconquista' when Ferdinand and Islabella the Castilian 'Reys Catolicos' finally drove Islam out of that land with the conquest and subjugation of Granada. Columbus sailed in the same year 1492.

Today we are forever informed by our political masters that Islam is the 'Religion of peace'. Many historians like myself would dispute that having studied Islam in depth. The Crusades is one of my great passions, coming only just after Romans. It is not that I have a fascination for violence but rather a great interest in Humanity itself and the lengths it will go to defend what it holds dear. Human courage and fortitude, especially in the West, faced as it has been by one onslaught after another over its 3,000 year history, is an incredible story of human behaviour and survival that brought out the very worst but also the very best that Mankind has to offer. Indeed it is awe inspiring. And most incredible of all, it is European people that came to dominate the globe in all areas of human activity and especially in the areas of law and politics, arts and science. Europe and its sister civilisation in the United States, are true colossae on the stage of global history.

I for one feel and immense pride in the achievements of our ancestors and it saddens me deeply to see our current elites in all branches of government and education, doing their very wicked best to destroy an huge achievement across the centuries that cost European Christians, thinkers, soldiers and philosophers much suffering and death. We should be celebrating this wonder not killing it or trying to impose a foreign culture and religion, whose adherents are guilty of some of the most heinous crimes against humanity and suffering on a global scale even today, that would have made Hitler and even Stalin look like strict school masters.

The Christians of the Crusades were trying to defend Europe against a pretty dark culture and regime and genuinely reclaim lands and Formerly Christian peoples of the former Roman Empire in the Near East, that had been in that period the most advanced nations in the world before being lost to the scourge that came out of the desert in the form of Arab war bands. Goodness knows what knowledge was lost in these first invasions, with historians of the time telling us in their sources that survive today of Arabs using Roman and Greek libraries as fuel for their camp fires. The true scale of knowledge that has been lost through the actions of the barbarian, will never be known and I suspect, like many of my colleagues do, that only a minute fraction of the knowledge that returned to the West after the fall of Byzantium in 1453 as Greek scholars fled the ravages of the Moslem conquerors, survived giving a very distorted picture of the Classical World and its technological and philosophical achievements that modern archaeology, is only just rediscovering.

It is even possible that the ancients traded with South America for example and sailed in ocean going galleys of gigantic size on holidays to Ceylon and round the southern tip of Africa. People often scoff at ancient technology, like the time it was suggested the Romans had huge powerful water mills. This was rubbished by many at the time until a few years ago, a whole complex of water mills was found in France.

As for those that dispute that fact that the ancients may have had trade with South America, Herodotus mentions the fact that an Egyptian Pharaoh ordered a Phoenician expedition to sale the Red Sea. These did so but returned three years later via Gibraltar after sailing around the tip of Africa. Many scoff at this today but I would remind these that the Vikings reached and traded with the Americas long before Columbus and more than one American academic, believes the ancients reached the Americas before them: conservative archaeology tends to have a very closed mind at times. The ancients were no less intelligent than us and probably more so it seems.

Today we are forced to accept the de facto Islamisation of our countries. Many historians of the Rightist persuasion like myself, aware as we are of the realities and sacrifices of history are absolutely appalled by such a prospect, based as it is upon a deliberate distortion of history and archaeology by political activists in politics and education but also incredible ignorance of the truth revealed by ancient sources.

One of my colleagues feels we are living in a time great historical collapse like the Roman Empire in the late 400s AD when it was subdued by the Northern hordes. The Romans too had their 'useful idiots', who through pangs of false 'Christian Conscience' and the need to assuage equally false notions of guilt, harried the Roman authorities to allow the barbarians into the late Empire as 'protectors', even giving them lands and Roman titles as allies or 'foederatae' of the imperial rulers. Many rich landowners found themselves having to hand over a third or even two thirds of their holdings to these ignorant incomers who quickly established a duel system of law; one for themselves and another for the now inferior Romans. We are seeing this in France and Britain already.

It took 700 years for modern Europe to evolve, mainly due to the fact that the Christian Church managed to survive and conserve learning and effectively Christianised Europe to a point, that a new ecclesiastical Roman Empire evolved. More importantly the barbarians that conquered the Romans were similar in racial stock to the subdued Europeans with not dissimilar religious, tribal and political arrangements to the previous invading Celts, Dorians and Latins that heralded from the Eurasian heart near the Caucasus range from where Indo Europeans sprang, as they wandered in search of land, aeons before erupting into Europe.

Iran for example is not Semitic but Aryan as is Northern India. The name, Iran is a corruption of 'Aryan' and their ancestors too, long before the arrival of Islam and its ignorant hordes of tribal raiders had similar tribal, religious and political arrangements to the peoples that had populated Europe over thousands of years from Celts, Greeks, Romans and Germanic tribes that eventually evolved into modern Europe and the greatest civilisation ever seen and that our modern traitorous 'Useful Idiot' elites, wish to destroy by wicked laws and increasing oppression, so designed to 'deconstruct' our nation states. I have explained many times how and why this is being done through such methods as mass migration and the deliberate implantation of a foreign religion and vehement attacks and ridicule of Christendom across the West, inspired by the Frankfurt School and its modern exponents 'Common Purpose'.

Many will say that in time, perhaps a few hundred years, a new Islamic European civilisation will rise on the ashes of the old. This is patent rubbish and foolishness of the very worst kind. Those states absorbed by Islam were once the flower of human achievement in thought and technology. Today a thousand years and more later, these same lands and peoples are among the most primitive and technologically backward in the modern world, most existing on Western credit and purchase of oil. The fact that they survived at all to some level of technological superiority to the West, is only thanks to the ignorance of the Arab conquerors who could not even trust their own families to support them, so riven with strife was Arab society, based as it was upon blood feud and revenge on such a scale, that Mohammed himself, or rather his successors after his death organised the invasions of the Middle-East and the spread of Islam to unite the warring tribes on the verge of self annihilation.

These factional problems then proceeded to erupt in the conquered lands as well as they succumbed to Arab rule. The history of Islamic Southern Spain is one of terrible civil war and carnage, with whole populations wiped out by its Moorish rulers. In desperation, caliphs turned to the Christian populations; better educated and less emotional to rule and run their governments for them. However over time as Islam tightened its hold on these too, the knowledge and technology that these Christians, Hindus and Zoroastrians had inherited was lost, culminating in the great escape from the destroyed walls of Constantinople in 1453. There was no 'Great Age of Islam' but rather a 'Dying Age of Greek and Persian Civilisation' of which we in the West are the true inheritors. It was Aryan Indians that invented the '0' or zero that led to the evolution of modern electronics and space exploration, not Arabs.

In conclusion, The Crusaders were a legitimate defence of a threatened Christendom. And it is to these brave souls that bore the cross of Christ and shed their blood in defence of the West against savagery and ignorance, that we owe so much for our Christian heritage today. I also recommend the 'Kingdom of Heaven' as a good film to watch that is very near to the historical truth. As for a history of the Crusades, I recommend Steven Runciman's trilogy, 'The Crusades I-III' or 'The Crusades, A Short History' by my old Professor Jonathan Riley Smith.

Today, only sixty years after two major wars, that the Crusaders could not even have imagined, and 300,000,000 European dead and wounded, our own atheist elites are deliberately undermining Christendom from within by chronic appeasement and deliberate action and guile. The Church was its first target of course, as this is the Roman and Christian basis of everything we are. Next they subverted our young with false history and a hatred of their own cultures through politically correct education and erosion of national conscience and consciousness but worse, adopted a program of almost overt anti white racism, that is the reverse of Hitler's attempted eradication of the Jews.

As a result our Church is totally incapable of doing what it did in 1095 under Pope Urban. During the last two wars, the Church strove to organise resistance against the enemies of European civilisation. The successors to Hitler attacked the Church first of all and nowadays we see the result; a whole population that does not even understand its past or its faith that gave so much to European civilisation and to the world but especially Africa and South America, the former now lost in places like Darfur and Nigeria where militant Wahabist Islamism has returned these lands and peoples to a new Dark Age: the genocide numbers in the millions, yet the effete myopic EU Left, simply bully the weakened populations of Europe with hate laws and violence, while ignoring the reality of Africa and its suffering. Even worse these evil elites are pushing the same rotten barbaric extremist religion that killed so many Africans in Dafur.

Islamist pretensions are based around a revised National Socialist style Arab supremacist ideology as indeed Mohammed's original faith was corrupted into, by his successors who saw it as a means to unite the desert tribes, although I have my doubts that Mohammed did not want the same after his rejection by Jews and Christians: he was a sore loser like most modern Moslem leaders.

No I am afraid no Crusade shall ensue now from the heart of Europe to defend Christendom from the heathen, for there is no Church and Pope Urban to inspire and no Roman Alexis to appeal to us. No indeed those that should be doing all this are too intent on obeying the wishes of their Arab oil rich masters.

Should these people succeed in founding Eurabia and given the almost total acceptance of it all by a stupified European population with full stomachs and pornographic TV, credit cards etc, I see nothing to prevent a new Dark Age gripping the West, as we rush headlong like lemmings over the cliff intent upon our own demise. The trouble is it will not just be Selfish Europe's demise but billions of others across the Globe, deprived of American and European aid, to be replaced by a New Age of Islam: A Great Age of Bloodshed I suspect if history tells us the reality and it normally does so!

Anonymous said...

"The BNP hates nobody". Well, except for muslims.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Simone Clarke to join the Executive of the independent Nationalist Union Solidarity. She is a brave lady who has stood up to persecution. She has years of Trade Union experience too. I'm delighted she is part of the team led by President Adam Walker and General Secretary Pat Harrington. The attacks on Simone from the infantile left will have zero impact.