Friday, 28 December 2007

Turnips should be proud to be English

The stupidity or duplicity of some people never ceases to amaze me. One of the fast tracked Moslems in the Dhimmi Government, Shahid Malik has come out with some of the biggest load of crap I have ever recently read.

He has released the following statement in the rag Sun. God know how I wound up there this morning.

“My message to young Muslims is be proud to be English and don’t let anyone steal your identity.

“This is one of the greatest nations in the world and we should be proud to live here – let’s shout about it a bit more. “There is no other country in the world I would rather be.

The rights and freedoms we enjoy are better than any country in the world for Muslims, better than any country in the Islamic world.
Well there is a reason he makes those statements and you know why he makes them. But first this business about Asians being proud to be English. That is like saying someone born in a Turnip Field is a Turnip or an Englishman born in Tokyo being classed as Japanese.

Sure, they can be English Citizens - if they are in Our Country legally but as to being English, that is a complete impossibility. Also a bit of an insult to the Asians I imagine. I mean what was the "don't let anyone steal your identity" bit about? All these years thinking they were Pakistanis or whatever and now with a wave of Maliks Magic Wand they are English.

But Mr Malik is practicing the good old Moslem art of lieing through his teeth because he also admits to backing any other team than England in Cricket. Of course now he is on the gravy train and sucking up our taxes like there is no tomorrow, his tune has changed.

The real reason for the statement of course, was to attack the British National Party.

The BNP with its average 20% plus of the vote now has the power to do serious damage to the traitorous Tri-Axis pact of the Lib/Lab/con pact come elections.

And so The Brown Clown and his cronies are wetting themselves at the thought of losing their seats on the Gravy Train. Now Labour, increasingly hated and despised by the True British People needs every single vote from the colonisers that he can get.

Even if it means grubbing around in a field and calling Turnips English.


Anonymous said...

just read this can he compare the bnp along the same lines as islamic extremists ? mind you the turnip has everyright to be proud to be english,look at the exspenses he has claimed off the english taxpayer

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 08:30

Correct. It was not the BNP who blew up hundreds of their fellow citizens in their attempts to kill Bhutto before finally succeeding.

He is also mistaken if he thinks the True Brits have forgotten the Moslem attacks on Our Country.

There will be a backlash. But it will be done at the polls.

Devils advocate said...

The BNP's over 20% of the vote?..well I agree this is the official figure that they get after the rigged ballots and postal fraud, but in reality what is the true ammount of people that vote for them?. The dificulty we have in assesing political trends in this country is due to a very deliberate policy of encouraging the people not to talk politics (talk football instead!), with the result that anyone daring to speak about the state of the nation in public is quickly jumped upon with statements along the lines of keeping your views to yourself...why?, because it has served the masters well to stifle debate and dissent which may just result in their eventual unseating. With this in mind though, virtually everyone I come into contact with is disgusted with the perilous state our country is in (granted not the out of touch Liberal set, though even those are now starting to question), but of course they stop short of saying who they will vote for due to this fear of being "judged" by their peers. It would be really interesting to find out just how many vote BNP, I concede that many have just given up on voting altogether, which again suits the sorcerors in power, especially when they bring in their own voting base from abroad, but I would bet my bottom dollar that the BNP vote is even higher before all the illegality at the polls, and this is evident in the very concerted effort made by the tri-axis to attack them at every opportunity. If the truth were known and "democracy" allowed to operate unhindered in this country, whats the betting that among the indigenous people at least, the vote would be 40%, another reason for the imported vote so badly needed for Labour and courted so desperately by the Tories.

Anonymous said...

Yorkshire and illiterate said...theres no way that you are BNP my son, judging by your lovely expletives I would say Urinate Against Freedom or some other half wit follower of Mord Levi & Co thinking its being clever with its divide and conquer routine.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Well Yorkshire and Proud quite plainly you must be the most stupid person on the planet if not the whole solar system.

There will be a backlash against Nick Griffin, Mark Collett and Lee Barnes at the polls

From whom exactly, the rebels, that would make a some total of about 10 people. Now I know we genuine nationalists in the BNP are not the greatest supported party in the UK but election by election the percentage who vote for us increases. I hardly think a loss of 10 votes is going to do a lot of damage unless of course they reveal their true stupidity and create another nationalist party.

Nick Griffin's bnp are not the real bnp

No shit sherlock, The "real" BNP as you put it are just a bunch of malcontents who have been fooled by agents of the state with one or two plausible concerns on the party structure and I just can't believe you still cant see it, that is of course if you are a genuine nationalist, which I doubt.


Language of the deranged quite often seen in the comments section of LUAF which leads me to concur with anon that you are not a nationalist and never have been one so my advice to you is to jog on trollboy

pity the lonely reds said...

looks like one red has forgot to take his ritalin today!

Yorkielass said...

Published on The Brussels Journal (
An Ambassador Warns: The Suicide of Europe
By Tiberge
Created 2007-12-26 12:46
An analysis from Christian Lambert, a former French ambassador, writing at Les 4 Vérités, predicts a terrible fate for Europe. He titles his essay, "The Inexorable Suicide of Europe."

The Brussels administration admits officially that each year some 550,000 immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and China, plus South America, enter the European Union. In reality the figure is twice that, in other words, more than a million.

We will briefly take it country by country.

Italy wins the prize right now. For this to become known, a young Italian girl had to be raped and murdered by a Gypsy. Then Rome was forced to reveal that Italy, a country even more poorly governed than France, which is saying a lot, now has 3.7 million immigrants (the official figure), that 700,000 new arrivals were recorded in 2006, and that 560,000 Gypsies have settled there. More than 100,000 of them arrived in the ten-month period after January 1, 2007.

More than 50% of the crime in Italy is due to these "Rumanians". In addition, every year some 60,000 immigrants from Tunisia and Libya (where even Colonel Qadhafi admits that his country is invaded by Sub-Saharians waiting to get into Europe and certain to succeed in their goal) arrive in Italy via the island of Lampedusa. In general, it is easy to enter Europe through Italy where the administration is "lax"...

In Greece, it's worse and Cyprus is one of the great doors of entry into Europe.

In France, nothing has changed. It can be assumed that 350,000 new arrivals enter our country each year, 70% of them from Africa. The number of visas granted has not lessened. It is still more than 2 million – 2,038,000 in 2006 – which proves that the fight against massive immigration is, like all the rest, purely verbal.

While I'm on the topic, I should note in passing that the town of Aulnay-sous-Bois, in Seine-Saint-Denis, has just experienced 4 days and nights of street fighting between gangs of "Afro-Maghrebins" and the police, according to the press itself. At Villiers-le-Bel, Val d'Oise, it is even more serious. The police, attacked with rifles, proved to be impotent. In order to quell these riots military units specializing in street fighting are now necessary, especially since stockpiles of war weapons from the Balkans are being stashed in the suburbs.

In Germany there are 4 million Turks, and new arrivals every day. One German told me that Islamist Turks feel more at ease practicing their religious activities in Germany than in Muslim Turkey.

In Great Britain, 50 powerful Muslim associations control millions of faithful followers, mostly Pakistanis. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, beneath the smile of her gracious very Christian Majesty, there are now koranic schools where children can learn to become kamikazes and blow up automobiles.

In the Netherlands where there are many North African, Caribbean and Indonesian Muslims serious trouble is on the increase. The press writes that the situation is becoming "à la française", in other words: pillaged shops, torched cars, violent confrontations with the police.

Scandinavia is not to be left out where, in order to be in tune with the times, Norway discovered and recruited, as a government minister, a black woman from Martinique.

I might add that there is no common European policy on immigration. Spain and Italy amnestied millions of illegals – a tremendous message for others – without even informing their neighbors.

On the other hand, in the countries of Eastern Europe, there are no immigrants. Why? Because these countries were subjected to communism and are therefore underdeveloped, with no welfare state or free hand-outs, housing, health care or schools.

Some say that one must not exaggerate. The great invasions from the 4th to 7th centuries eventually worked themselves out, didn't they? Great ignorance. We have to realize that these invasions had only a limited effect on the population of nascent France. As a matter of fact, in general, gangs of invaders and vandals, totaling only a few thousand individuals did not settle down in France, except for the Franks to the East. Furthermore, these barbarians quite rapidly converted to Christianity, more precisely to arianism.

It is true that at the time the merovingian monarchy did not distribute to these barbarians welfare of all kinds, declaring: "You are a great opportunity for France. Come, all of you, and join us with your large and beautiful families." No. Back then, people still had common sense.

And now, what will happen? In the short term, immigration will continue to flood in. Problems which have never been this serious will continue to spread and worsen. In the very long term, Europe, which created the most beautiful civilization that humanity has ever produced, will disappear.

The suicide of Europe is not unavoidable – there are many solutions. The fact that there are no leaders willing to do what must be done is the problem. Another strange fact is that so many people seem to "sense" that this is inevitable, as if they have an insight, or an intuition, that Europe's time has come. These are the people besotted by what they see on television and dumbed down by an inferior education. They turn a commentary such as this article into a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Source URL:

leon the pig farmer said...

This is far left propaganda, simply put in return for clamping down on the jihadists they want the government to drive the BNP into illegal status. The EU are also pushing the envelope on this one as the European Nationalists are the only organisations with the power to end the United States of Europe. I wouldn't be surprised if the UK government employed more dirty tricks and imprisoned high level BNP leaders on trumped up charges, or my fear is that the far left and their islamic stooges will employ more drastic measures to silence the BNP.

Fencesitter said...

-The Judas Kiss.

There has not yet been invented a word to even remotely describe what is happening in Europe. Insanity? Madness? Psychosis?- Hardly seem adequate. How can anyone offer forth a rational justification for something that is beyond reason and logic? For millennia our people have shed a river of blood to prevent the annexation of Europe to the Islamic Ummah.

As early as the 8th century, the Muslims were attempting to conquer us and subject us to the will of Allah - Charles Martel was there to beat them into a hasty retreat at tours. In 1571, the Christian Holy league- remember those guys? Christians?- drove the Turks back to a once Christian Anatolia. In 1683 John Sobieski, King of Poland, defeated the turks at the battle of Vienna thus preventing a Muslim invasion of the heart of Europe.

Our people have faced the threat of Islam with steely resolve and courage and action for a thousand years. Our woman and children slaughtered and carried off into bondage by those who submit to the twisted will of their all merciful God. The flower of European manhood spent on the battlefields of Europe and the near east in sacrifice to sacred mother Europa, the one and only homeland of the Occidental race and fountainhead of all high civilisation.

In one generation, a league of neo-Marxist assassins has managed to make all of these great patriotic and sacrificial deeds to have been but in vain. A momentary reprise from an inevitable fate. Who are these self-sacrificing traitors, and how did they come by the authority to blithely offer up my children's future and the very existence of my people on the alter of multiculturalism?

No, a word has yet to be invented to describe such perfidy, such monstrous betrayal, such sinfully dioblic treason. Though the adjective escapes divination, the noun does not. Eurocrat, Labourite, Liberal Democrat, Conservative. Words which shall resound throughout time as terms of abject derision and contempt among whatever remnant of a once proud and ascendant race that may remain after the great Eurocide.

How can any European not be incensed and outraged by this incomparable crime? Have we been so successfully conditioned, and to such a degree that we are truly indifferent to our own fate? To the loss of our identity and heritage, and to the engineered fall of the west? Have we become so cowardly, and subservient to authority, and fearful of 'consequences' that we are willing to buy a few more days of comfortable anonymity rather than risk the repercussions of challenging a seemingly unassailable status quo? It is sad to think we have fallen to such miserable depths from our dizzying former heights of glory. I will leave off with this.

As I see it, there are three camps in Europe. The ethno-centric European. The Europhile. And the Colonial occupation. Until the first, who I believe maintains an overwhelming majority, has been woken up from his socially engineered malaise, the latter two will make an end of Occidental Europe within but a few, moribund generations.

It is the sacred charge of the avowed Nationalist to lay the groundwork for an inevitable mass awakening of our people, and prepare them to accept their growing enlightenment without guilt, hesitation or shame. For the Nationalist has been blessed with the burden of insight and clarity, courage, intellectual integrity and idealistic tenacity; and most of all, a resounding, all encompassing love for our identity as a unique and unequaled component of mankind. I patiently await the day of reckoning in the cozy precincts of my humble abode, as stoically as did Madame deFarge in her drafty wine cellar.


yorkielass said...


This will bring nothing but problems and violence. Muslims will take this as a sign of strength and use it to turn another generation of children into blood crazed jihadi. Watch out Europe your new friends want to chat.

26 December, 2007, BBC
It is more than 500 years since the Spanish reconquered the Iberian Peninsula, killing or expelling every confessed Muslim who could be found and conclusively ending 800 years of Islamic rule.
-This has long been a rally cry for Islam, they could not stand getting their butts kicked out of Spain and have long dreamed of a return.

But on Thursday, a muezzin is calling Spanish Muslims to prayer at the first mosque to be opened in Granada since the reconquista, the culmination of a 22-year-old project that has been plagued by controversy.
-Ya think?

For those who built the Great Mosque of Granada, which looks out onto the once highly symbolic Alhambra Palace, its inauguration - attended by a string of Muslim and non-Muslim dignitaries - heralds a new dawn for the faith in Europe.
-Don’t forget, intolerance, violence and intimidation, enjoy it dhimmis you earned it.

“The mosque is a symbol of a return to Islam among the Spanish people and among indigenous Europeans that will break with the malicious concept of Islam as a foreign and immigrant religion in Europe,” says Abdel Haqq Salaberria, a spokesman for the mosque and convert to Islam.

“It will act as a focal point for the Islamic revival in Europe.”
-That’s true, Muslims will use this as a springboard to attack Europe and regain past glory.

It is precisely this which has caused some discomfort among the local population, but it appears that the mosque’s insistence on harmonious co-existence has gone some way towards calming fears.
-Bullshit, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Cultural contribution

At a time when the Islamic faith is viewed with some suspicion within Europe, Spanish Muslims are hoping to remind the continent of the vast cultural and intellectual contribution made by the Moors, to art and architecture, astronomy, music, medicine, science, and learning.
-All of which they plundered from other cultures before destroying them.

Their rule is also seen by some historians as an example of religious tolerance in medieval Europe.
-Which BTW, never happened but is one of the longest running con-jobs in Europe.

The Moorish period in southern Spain saw Muslims and Jews living side-by-side. The city of Cordoba became a cultural centre for both faiths, while universities sprang up in cities across Andalucia. Trade and industry also flourished.
-Another propagandists lie, non Muslims suffered greatly until they rose up and retook Spain away from the pedophile worshipers and freed themselves from oppression.

The new mosque intends to offer a series of courses on subjects such as education, law and medicine, as well as Arabic language classes, and is planning on issuing its own degree in science to European Muslims.
-Yeah right, they will also teach knitting and flower arrangement.

The mosque and its extensive gardens will also be open to the public.

It will serve as a spiritual home to 500 Spanish Muslims, the majority of whom have converted to the faith in the course of the last 30 years.


It has taken a long time to get this far.

The land on which the mosque has been built was bought 22 years ago, but city authorities continually objected to the planning proposals.

When it was finally accepted that the land could be used for religious purposes, objections were raised to the layout of the building.

Planners had to rethink the height and design of the building’s minaret.

But opposition to the scheme, which received financial backing from Libya, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco, gradually subsided.
-Bought them off huh?

The mayor, a member of Spain’s ruling right-wing party, will attend Thursday’s inauguration.

The king of Spain was also offered an invitation.

But “prior engagements” meant he was unable to accept.
-He was probably puking his guts out at the thought of this failure of Spanish leadership.

moderate muslims said...

read the following poll to realise how proud to be British young Muslims are,

keep in mind that these questions are on a par with admitting paedophilia yet a large percentage still publically gave distgusting replies.

british young muslim yougov poll
what they openly admit!

37% of 16 to 24-year-olds would prefer living under Sharia law than British law

74% of 16 to 24-year-olds prefer Muslim women to choose to wear the hijab-isolate themselfs from the host nation.

13% of 16 to 24-year-olds admire organisations like al-Qaeda that are prepared to FIGHT the West

33% of 16 to 24-year-olds believed that those converting to another
religion should be EXECUTED

moderate? proud to be British?

try not to laugh at louise too loud!

vote BNP