Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Send in the UAF Clowns

I thought it about time I tried my hand at making a video because I have some ideas for the election. This took about 90 minutes to make and it shows but I will get better.


BFB said...


GA, I was beginning to loose faith in you but this has restored it.

And a great song to boot!

Hat tip to you, sir!!

johnoddybnp said...

I just got a call from Stephen Speilberg but I told him not to bother you as you were too busy!. Seriously I thought that was really… adequate, thank you for telling us you will get better but look on the bright side, you still have a day job to go back to!!!.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi John, everyones a critic:)

I was going to polish it but my misses wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix so it had to go out as is. Enjoyed the film though.

It was much easier than I thought it would be. If a person took the time to do a proper story board they could turn out something really good in a few hours.

Dont know when Ill do another.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi BFB, oh ye of little faith. As a blogger you know that some days you run hot and others cold.

What have you done with our troll. Is it really an HE? I rarely read her/his posts. How do you know?

johnoddybnp said...

Only joking.........Honest!!!!.

BFB said...


This is how I know...


"Hot and Cold", Yes, I understand. But there is only one way to deal with a TROLL. Hope the above link helps.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your remake of 'A passage to india' (make that a passage BACK to india for all the spuriously fast tracked imports)

Reconquista said...

Good work GA,looking forward to your next one!

Is it me or does the pic of Cruddas in the vid look very creepy? Horrible repulsive little man.


Brendan said...

Nice effort mate. Even though I was put off the BNP a few years back as a result of some unpleasant experiences with BNP supporters;I am fast getting over my disaffection. What option does any Brit or Anglophone Diasporan opposed to the insane, insidious agenda of the EU have other than BNP? Who else is even trying to do something? UKIP?...lol
One must admit you are a courageous,industrious, and dedicated band of patriots. May our ancestors bless you and future generations honour your deeds.

Best regards.
A dispirited loner.

johnoddybnp said...

At the moment I’m suffering from a cut lip and a black eye !. Nothing to do with my brush with the UAF or meeting Louise down a dark alley.
“She who should be obeyed” told me I wanted to go shopping at Cheshire Oaks, “better choice” she said, “better choice of what ?” I thought but just nodded. As we sat in the traffic outside Queensferry I reflected on my “It’ll be too busy” squeaky response to her as she forced my other arm into my sheepskin coat “this will keep you warm”, talk about lamb to the slaughter. “don’t forget your keys” she said, breezing out of the door. The dog gave me a knowing grin and got a boot up the backside for his troubles.
30 litres of fuel later and 12 times around the car park we found a space just large enough to squeeze the car into. She was off and headed for the shops. Now I don’t know about you but there’s only so much “that’s nice” or “I do like that” that I can take before my automatic response of “Yes Love” becomes monotonous and you drift off into that wish I’d stayed at home mode.
I was dragged back to my senses by the sound of a raised, shrill voice, the wife and I looked on as an Asian chappie screamed and shouted at his wife, in a language not too distant from the flower pot men, throughout the bollocking his wife’s eyes never left the pavement and when he’d finished he walked-off and she fell into step one pace behind him. In disbelief I turned to her indoors and said “ Do you know love, there could be something to this Muslim thing ! “.

johnoddybnp said...

We were laid in bed last night and I snuggled up to the missus, poking myself in the eye with one of her curlers and fumbling with the buttons of her winceyette nightie “What’s that ?” she screamed, “Well if you don’t know by now” I retorted, “Not that thing” she said cuttingly, “That noise”, “Oh, that’s GA making his next film….it’s a comedy”

The Green Arrow said...

ROFL John. I am being very quiet at the moment learning how to use this software for making the clips so I can do a real good job on the next one. It is going to be a blockbuster of epic proportions and a cast of thousands. Celil B deMille is doing the choreography for me via a weedgie board.

Anonymous said...

A good first attempt GA...i suffer from both coulrophobia and bromidrophobia,at first i thought both were a tad irrational until i realised they were linked to the traits of the enemy.

keep fighting .