Thursday, 27 December 2007

Benazir Bhutto - so what?

Just after the bomb. A way of life (and death) for the followers of Islam

So what indeed? We have all known for a long time that Pakistan is on the brink of slipping into complete anarchy and only a ruthless military dictatorship has kept a lid on things until now. Is it now about to tip into the Abyss?

Just seconds before the gunman opened fire

I care not a jot for the fate of Benazir Bhutto, despite what the obituaries say. She was as corrupt and as ruthless as those she sought to replace and for those prepared to live by the sword, then they must equally be prepared to die by it.

And in a country where the mad mullahs have taken over the asylum there are more than enough Islamic maniacs willing to wield the sword and one of them done just that today. The thought of a woman, famous for her friendships in the West, returning to become Prime Minister would make them go even more bananas than they already are.

Th al-Qaeda terrorist network has claimed responsibility and issued the following statement:

“We terminated the most precious American asset which vowed to defeat [the] mujahadeen,” Al-Qaeda’s commander and main spokesperson Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid told Adnkronos International (AKI) in a phone call from an unknown location, speaking in faltering English. Al-Yazid is the main al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan.

It is believed that the decision to kill Bhutto, who is the leader of the opposition Pakistan People's Party (PPP), was made by al-Qaeda No. 2, the Egyptian doctor, Ayman al-Zawahiri in October.
And then of course there were her other enemies. So who knows who really done it.

• Taliban fighters and other Islamic extremists who resent a woman who wants to keep religion out of government and who supports the U.S. war on terror. Bhutto inflamed the militants recently when she said she might allow U.S. forces onto Pakistani soil to hunt Taliban and al-Qaeda forces hiding along the rugged Afghan-Pakistani border. The Taliban threatened to greet her with suicide bombers — but denied responsibility for the bloodshed in Karachi.

• Militant supporters of her estranged brother Murtaza, who was gunned down by police in 1996 during Benazir’s second term as prime minister. Murtaza had emerged as a key critic of her regime and head of an armed left-wing Peoples Party splinter group. “He had die-hard supporters who blame her for his death,” Sehgal says.

• Members of the military establishment who undermined her two governments and who three decades ago overthrew and executed her father, the charismatic Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Well there is rioting in Pakistan at the moment. One wonders whether it will spread to the streets of our enriched society and if it does will we even be told about it unless we smell the smoke ourselves?

For images taken during the attack you can go here. Some are very graphic and there is a video of the aftermath here.


leon the pig farmer said...

The peace of Islam.

leon the pig farmer said...

Gordon Brown states the suicide bombers and the opponents of Bhutto were "cowards afraid of democracy". He is so wrong, these are people who hate democracy and want Sharia Law implemented in Pakistan, an imperialist pseudo religious ideology born in Saudi Arabia which is spreading around the world at an alarming rate.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

You do realise of course that had these bombers/gunmen (apparently she was shot at the same moment the bomb went off) had met Louise then this would never of happened as they would have all laid down their arms and shown us their truth self, you know the peace loving muslims that you can hold hands with and merrily skip down the road till you reach the end of the rainbow where you can then feast on a pot of honey and sing Kumbiya.

Or maybe not

Louise said...

This situation was terrible. Your lack of care GA is your concern. Every time someone is killed in violence it is a damned shame for humanity. Yet you are likely to be outraged if a single muslim might not care for the 70 nationalities who were murdered in the world trade centre attacks. Think of the hundreds of thousands of deaths and/or injuries that Bush and Blair have caused and then spout off about your lack of caring for people dying. And the corruption? Well, why dont you ask Mr Bennett about corruption? I believe that he was convicted for gang rape and other violent and racist crimes was he not? Lets not get started on the other illegalities that the NF and BNP have been linked to and involved with. You can point the finger at death and destruction but consider your part in the hatred game.

The Green Arrow said...

Louise. I said I care not a jot. It is not my country. What they do in that backward land is their business.

If they wish to blow each other to bits on a regular basis that again is their business.

Again it is Moslems killing Moslems. It is the only thing that backward cult does well.

On top of all the other rubbish posted here today I can well do without you.

Louise said...

GA: If its not your country and you dont care, why are you being so disrespectful of these people's grief? People have just died and are injured for goodness sake and the nasty likes of you and the great and gloriously ignorant and vile Pig Farmer are dancing up and down about it. Its a cheap jibe. People are dying. Our people are as dirty and low as any other people when it comes to being responsible for death. Its disgusting. Give them some peace and keep your nasty postings to yourself for a little while. If one of yours died, I wouldnt be writing stuff like that. Its bang out of order.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Gosh Louise now you put it like that it really is shocking you must be absolutley horrified. Please tell me what you intend to do to stop all this sensless killing in Pakistan, Iraq, Britain, USA, Bali, Thailand etc etc.

Fanatical Islamists blowing fanatical Islamists into indistinguishable pieces and you're the nasty one GA. Priceless cultural marxism for you

The Green Arrow said...

Louise where did I say I was dancing up and down?

I said I do NOT give a JOT. It is NOT my country. All I want is for those from THAT country who are in MY country to go back there.

When they are busy killing each other they are not killing my people.

Islam is a vicious death cult and still you cannot see it.

Go play with your teddy bear in cloud cuckoo land where the sky is pink and the clouds fluffy.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi BN. I dont usually read her stuff. He/she just goes round and round and round. There is no reasoning with heshe.

You tell her so slowly 2+2 = 4 and she comes back with a load of garbage why the answer is 3.

Beyond hope. Out of curiosity do you think it time to enforce moderation here?

English Rose said...

☆☆☆Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.☆☆☆

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Out of curiosity do you think it time to enforce moderation here?

Well it's entirely up to you GA. Having read the majority of Louise's comments I have found them to be well written but without any substance to what is actually being debated in the most part.

its avoidance of answering direct questions and its quick use of character assisnations without any factual knowledge of her target is indicative of lefty indoctrination. This brainwashing is also apparent in the fact that it never gives an alternative solution to any proposals/ideas that it rejects. Our subject Louise also has a propensity to using mass hysteria slogans that are commonly used by the far left against the patriotic members of the BNP. So all in all I believe that Louise is serving no purpose in solving any of the issues that are facing us today and in that case I propose you should leave comment open to all and just delete comments from all those who claim to be "Louise"

Let Louise practise her freedom of speech where she enjoys it best - With herself

leon the pig farmer said...


"Go play with your teddy bear in cloud cuckoo land where the sky is pink and the clouds fluffy."

Just make sure you don't call your teddy bear Mohammed and you should be ok.

English Rose said...

I agree, I said it once before that she thrives on it, because let's face it does she take it into consideration what you have just said i:e that Muslims kill each other and they are a vicious cult of people, because she doesn't want to listen and that is because Labours ship is sinking and they are in denial.
Proof is in the pudding so to speak, Every time that there is an atrocity for nearly 10 yrs it has been Muslims that have done it. We witnessed all those beheadings and we are people who have morals and we know the dangers that these people pose, but god gave them eyes but they can not see.

Louise said...

Ah, welcome back the stupid english rose!

"Every time that there is an atrocity for nearly 10 yrs it has been Muslims that have done it" (English Rose, 2007).

I beg your pardon? The UK and the USA involved in bombing Afghanistan and Iraq was done by solely UK and USA muslims was it? the UN reports on the lasting and ongoing effects of depleted uranium was the fault of the muslim Brits and Americans who dropped them from planes were they? The actions of the IRA causing atrocities all over the UK involved muslims did it? Timothy McVeigh was a muslim, was he? The Israelis who attacked Lebanon in 2005 were Iraeli muslims were they? All 'Maras' gangs in Central America are muslims are they?

Exactly. The list of NON muslim atrocities goes on...and on...and on...

I never once said that fundamental muslims werent involved in conflict or war. What I said is that the majority are not. And this situation with the bombing in Pakistan is not the behaviour of ALL muslims. Ours and the USA government funded and systematic destruction of entire nations of people to provide them with "human rights" IS ALSO a facade. Every time a Briton is engaged in missionary murder, its no better either. The BNP members who engage (no, not all of you but some of you) in systematic atrocities towards innocent peoples of colour, non christian religions etc are also totally unaccaptable.

If you support the actions that lead to violence (and you do by virtue of supporting your policies which will necessasrily lead to civil war and enforced control of human beings) then you cant be pointing the finger and accusing others. I am denying nothing! What I am saying is that you cannot taint everyone who believes in something with the same brush. If you can, provide me with the evidence that every single muslim is involved in danger and I shall go back to one of my earliest points...IF EVERY muslim was the same (eg violent), the rest of us non muslims would all be dead. We are not. So stop bleating and give these people the respect of allowing them to mourn in peace without your hatred. Otherwise, you are no better than the murderers that committed this crime.

GA: You were dancing all over it. You posted the article. You showed the pictures and then you gloated. If you dont care, keep your yapper shut and show some respect. Blood has been shed. It was nothing to do wtih you so why bathe in it? Its disgusting.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Of course what you are forgetting Louise is that GA volunteered to put himself in the firing line time and time again to protect you and others like you from islamic/communist/tribal savages so you could abuse the privilege of freedom of speech that you tenuously hold on this blog in particular and yet you continue with the ad hominem attacks against GA, an ex member of the armed services.

No Louise it is you that is disgusting and it you and those the behave as you do that fill me with loathing.

By the way who are you more frightened of? The BNP who as a party have had no influence in the murders of anybody. The labour Govt who have murdered hundreds of thousands of muslims and hundreds off its own servicemen. Iran, an Islamofascist country with a stable(ish) govt that is developing nuclear weapons. Iraq, which is in pieces. Afghanistan, which is a dust bowl. Perhaps the USA which uses its influence and military power to bully democratic countries to support it global aims. The EU which has set its sight on destroying all the nation states, their laws and traditions of those it envelops. Or perhap Pakistan which HAS nuclear weapons and has the ability to deliver them and which is about to sink into the kind of Islamic fascism typified by the actions of the Taliban.


English Rose said...

I beg your pardon Louise, at what point did this become your website and allow you to be rude to people?
I wasn't even talking to you, shows the mentality of the left doesn't it, rude little girl go back to bed!
The UK and the USA involved in bombing Afghanistan and Iraq (Louise 2007)
Sudam Hussain was a butcherer and a slayer of his own people! He cut limbs off to humour himself and killed anyone who spoke out! Kind of fits your personality doesn't it. People like you do not deserve our armed forces and neither does Labour!
Afghanistan were harbouring terrorists and also the Taliban were terrorising the people.
Get your facts straight for once you HARPIE!

English Rose said...

p.s you didn't see the ira beheading people in the name of allah and they didn't want to change the country cause they are still christians plus when they bombed they bombed to cause distruction and not death!

Free Spirit said...

Muslims want to destroy this Country!

Anonymous said...

'Oh no, Islam is the religion of peace!' said a Leftwing 'intellectual' to me recently...'Moslems don't do violence Guy.....Those that bomb and kill in the name of Allah are simply criminals!'

I replied, 'But Anne these fellows are driven by the sayings of the Koran and openly boast about killing us infidels and founding a global Islamic Caliphate?' I stared at her looking for a glimmer of comprehension. Then she said, 'Yes Guy but that is not really Islam is it? I mean Stalin said he was Communist but we all know he was really a Fascist! He simply used Communism to rule in a manner that Marx never really intended!'

What do you do with such people? Many of them hold distinguished positions, have countless academic titles and honours, are far from stupid in most things, yet when it comes to history and politics they are as blind to the reality of Truth as a bat on a moonless night! Why for God's sake?

Take the last war 1939-1945. We are told even today that Hitler's National Socialist German Worker's Party was simply a few extremists and that the majority of Germans were good people; many opposed to Hitler. Below I quote from John Toland's seminal history of Adolf Hitler. The time is just after Hindenburg's death and Hitler's final sweep into power in 1933....

'A revolution was going on but since it was almost bloodless on the surface many Germans did not-or chose not-to realise it. This preliminary stage of the Brown Revolution was given an innocuous name, Gleichschaltung (co-ordination). It appeared to be an efficient process of unifying the nation and was received with little alarm. What it did was bring the political, economical and social life of the nation under the control of the NSDAP and plant the seeds of a faceless dictatorship. There was little resistance primarily because Hitler kept within the law.....''The whole city lay under an epidemic of discreet, infectious fear'' Isherwood (British commentator present at the time) wrote that spring...''I could feel it like influenza, in my bones'' (there follows a passage about the way Hitler devised schemes to distract the population with entertainment...parades, marches, festivals and falsehoods, while in the meantime secret arrests were made of opposition members through midnight raids and the protests of those that objected drowned out by the ''aggressive '1000' voices of the government'')

A month after Hitler had failed to persuade the majority of the electorate to vote for him, he had won the temporary confidence of most Germans by his gradual process of co-ordination. Isherwood watched these solid citizens smile approvingly at the young stormtroopers, ''in their big swaggering boots... They were pleased because Hitler had promised to protect the small tradesman, because their newspapers told them that the good times were coming.. and filled with furtive sensual pleasure, like schoolboys, because the Jews, their business rivals, and the Marxists, a vaguely defined minority of people who didn't concern them, had been satisfactorily found guilty of the defeat and the inflation and were going to catch it''...(Toland, Hitler, Chap11, p. 309, An Unguarded Hour. Wordsworth 1976)

As an historian it never fails to amaze me just how similar our present situation is here today in 2007 in the light of the Reform Treaty and aggressive Islamisation of Europe. Indeed it is eerie... The same public apathy, the cheap entertainment, the secret deals, the slothful moves behind the scenes, the public ignorance and voices of protest ignored and vilified by the '1000 voices' of government. The 'influenza' like 'discreet infectious' fear is also there. Everybody knows something is afoot and amiss, yet nobody seems to want to do anything even if they knew how to.

Like the Germans of 1933/1934 we might even be pleased when the Reform Treaty is signed. The Euro is at an all time high and we are not yet at least, suffering the serious economic threat that is taking place in America over the deflationary dollar and prime lending fiasco. With full stomachs and cheap goods, pornographic entertainment, cheap booze and football, the European and especially the British will probably welcome the 'Reform Treaty' as a sensible instrument to integrate the former nations of Europe into EuroState. They will be told it is for their own good and will preserve us from the economic madness of the United States and even better, prevent wars from taking place and welcoming in a time of plenty and socially responsible attitudes across the Continent. The fact that countries like England will no longer exist will not worry the brain dead conspicuously consuming populations, now starting like the Germans to swallow the propaganda of their new totalitarian faceless dictators.

Even better of course is the fact we are superior to the ignorant, immature militarist Americans and their thoughtless greed and Capitalism. We have planned increasingly centralised economies like the good socialist Democrats we are to become. The world is being reconstructed into a 'global space of international dialogue and rapprochement'.

Meanwhile little inconveniences like those, now forgotten suicide bombings and inconvenient attacks on 'innocents' in London and Madrid, were simply the doings of deranged criminals, that had nothing to do with Islam as the 'religion of peace'. No indeed the commuters themselves, killed in London and Madrid were really responsible like the nasty Jews for the state of affairs in the world today. Nobody listened to the poor Moslem victims of selfish western attitudes: the commuters you see brought it upon themselves, just like th Jews Hitler 'justifiably' exterminated. They like the ones in Concentration camps were a necessary measure to change the globe in an image more acceptable to our EuroElite and their Moslem allies.

Watch out for more gnashing and wailing of teeth and the deaths of more commuters, whose surviving families will be told it was their deceased relatives' fault for voting in governments that persecute decent poor oppressed Moslems across the world. Those like us that protest at all of this as we like the Truth, not some EU sponsored spin and lies given out by the modern version of the Volkischer Beobachter, the BBC will be the anti social criminals of the new Reich of course, just like innocent Dutchmen and democrats were in Hitler's 'consolidation' of power.

Meanwhile the mosques will rise around us, the illegal migrations increase tenfold as the EuroState completes its 'consolidation' (gleichschaltung) before continuing its grand effort to turn the whole Mediterranean Sea, into a Greater EurabiaState by inviting into the 'European Union', some of the most oppressive backward Moslem regimes in places like Syria, Algiers, even Iran and Egypt but 'secular' Turkey run by the 'reformed' Islamist AKP Party: EU law allows women to wear Islamic dress whereas Turkey's constitution does not. There are already official political bodies or 'Parliaments' in existence. Type in 'Anna Lindh Foundation' on Google and see for yourself. It comes from the 'Dakar' 2000 protocol extending interfaith and political-commercial 'dialogue' between the countries on Europe's southern flanks through student-scholar exchange schemes and Saudi funded Islamic academic foundations 'to spread European understanding of Islamic culture'.

Meanwhile as the plots increase and riots spread, all carefully sanitised out of the State controlled EuroMedia, we will be informed yet again, it was all our fault that this happened, and that the suicides that killed hundreds of 'guilty' self-centric Europeans were the actions of a criminal minority: nothing to do with the Religion of Peace at all. Our soldiers will continue to die for people without any perception of western democracy and the survivors will return home, to a new creation as undemocratic and incomprehensible as the ones their comrades died defending. The population will ignore them: too painful an embarrassment of course and bureaucrats and politically correct staff will tell them to take off their 'offensive' uniforms, before they are crippled further by filthy wards and selfish dirty NHS staff, for whom Hygiene or 'Hi Jean!' is a greeting from their binge drinking pals.

Meanwhile as the dopey supine new white Jews of Europe, wander about in their new EuroReich, populations in Israel and Darfur, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Lebanon continue to suffer the reality of the Religion of Peace. The Eurabian Elite will wine and wine itself to eventual Islamisation and a further process of 'gleichschaltung' will take place, in order to consolidate our elite's love affair with its Moslem peers. The European population will know something is afoot but just like the last time, will wonder why they feel an infectious influenza type fear but as the skies clear and summer approaches once again and they are reassured by the EurAbian elite that all is well, they will smile just like the Germans did at Nazi thugs in 'swaggering boots' in 1933: only this time the thugs will be carrying assault rifles and the Koran.

War does have such bad manners doesn't it? How dare it impinge upon EuroElites version of things?

johnofgwent said...

Actually English Rose the IRA didn't need to behead people. Their landmines didnlt leave any of my mate's head left to pick up and put in a coffin. Or any of the others with him in the Land Rover at Warenpoint.

But as far as this atrocity goes, who benefits ?

Well, Bush benefits for a start. Let's be honest, it's one thing to send troops in hot pursuit through an international border shooting from the hip at 'terrorists fleeing from justice' (ie from yankee bullets) when the border is owned by a military dictator. It's a RIGHT PISSER for a 'democratically elected president' (if you ignore the disenfranchised blacks in the southern states his brother fitted up, that is) to send those troops across the same border when the government behind it is also democratically elected. Look at all the grief with Turkey wanting to shoot up the PKK.

Mind you, a democratically elected government in Pakistan wouldn't STOP Bush sending his troops over for a bit of shoot 'em up, it would just make it harder for his Press Secretary to invent a lie about why they had to do it.

President Musharraf benefits. He will still be in office and back in army uniform too this time next year, citing civil unrest and the need for order. Just like they say they need it in Rangoon. And North Korea too, because do you know what the difference is between an islamist military dictator and an aethist one ? That's right. There IS NO DIFFERENCE.

So who else benefits ? Well I guess most hardline moslems do. Bloody cheek this WOMAN thinking she can run an islamic state. Whatever next ? She'll be demanding they stop the killings floggings female circumcisions and honour killings next. A bit of hot lead in the neck should serve as a lesson to any other upstarts.

And We benefit too. For every islamist blowing, shooting, macheteing and generally ripping bits of his fellow countryman apart in pakistan that means one less to be handed a visa to come here and be stirred to riot by some non-englisg-speaking imam. REMEMBER THAT nexct time they pass the bucket round for flood relief funding.

So I'm afraid 'louise' that I wont be celebrating like most of Osama's henchmen this eveneing. But I won't be shedding many tears either.

Free Spirit said...

I know that there were casualties and I didn't like the things they done either, but they sure as hell never broadcast it and they couldn't have cut a head off! who can honestly say that they can? from Western society. The IRA were cowards I said it then and I say it now! they ran Irish pubs in London and as soon as the pub closed would stand up and run down the English and drink to Englands demise. How do I know? I knew people who went out with Irish men who reported back to me.
But I just don't think it is fair that we should take this coming from the other side of the World from people who have come here as guests and now they are wanting mega mosques and prayer calls for gods sake!
These people came here because they were victimised by their own.
This is a primitive cult and very backwards and this makes them the most dangerous simply because they have a blood lust!

johnofgwent said...

Oh yeah 'english rose' one other thing

You said when the IRA bombed bombed they bombed to cause destruction and not death ...

Pop over to wikipedia and type in 'warrington bomb'. Oh don't bother I'll copy and paste for you.

At 11:58am on (20 March 1993), the telephone help charity The Samaritans received a coded message that a bomb was going to be detonated outside the Boots shop in Liverpool, fifteen miles away from Warrington. Merseyside Police investigated, and also warned the Cheshire Constabulary (who patrolled Warrington) of the threat, but it was too late to evacuate. At 12:12pm two bombs exploded, one outside Boots on Bridge Street and one outside the Argos catalogue store. It later turned out that the bombs had been placed inside cast-iron litter bins, causing large amounts of shrapnel.

Buses were organised to ferry people away from the scene and 20 paramedics and crews from 17 ambulances were sent to deal with the aftermath.

Eyewitnesses of the time said that "the first explosion drove panicking shoppers into the path of the next blast just seconds later."

Sorry English Rose but anyone who shoves a bomb inside a cast iron litter bin hoping to create anti-personnel shrapnel and do so in a way that drives shoppers into the path of a second identical device is in my book heading to the same pit of hell as islamist beheaders of the "nonbeliever".

Louise said...

Johnofgwent: Fair enough. I never said there was peace all around. I never asked anyone to shed any tears. Its just the bear faced hypocrisy of trying to pretend that its muslims only involved. People shouldnt be using the death of others to act gleefully, thats all. The UK and the USA have benefited big time from supporting dictators, putting them in power, funding the arms trade and then turning around and doing it all over again. Worse, our tax money goes into funding it. These are human beings.

Its a bloody shame for your mates at Warrenpoint. Im gathering the IRA folks that killed them and screwed with their families forever werent muslims. I can tell you that when I couldnt carry a Palestinian Christian baby (not that the religion matters) with two crushed legs to the hospital over the Jenin/Nablus checkpoint because the Israelis told me that bombs were stuffed into the child's wounds (a tiny baby with nothing but nerve and tissue flapping out of her legs) , beheadings werent being used then either. Her home was demolished because the Israelis were building their illegal wall. I couldnt take a short cut becasue the Israelis had thoughtfully placed land mines all over the fields and hills around me. I know that a lot of service people frequent these sites, but if the real piss and gore of war and hatred was in the daily lives of people here in the UK, they wouldnt want it and yet they are so keen to jump up and down about it elsewhere and to invite hostility through premptive racism. This country is not being over taken by muslims (look at the percentages). These acts arent going on here. Our governments do have blood on their hands. We are funding that. If the BNP are elected, there will be civil war. And worse of all, by being racist at every single opportunity, options are narrowing for the BNP to meet its aims wihtout causing destruction. It could do better. It should do better. The BNP owes me nothing and I wont support it. But it does owe its supporters something better and leaving its supporters in a position of nothing more than being armed and trained is not going to be good enough. They'll always be someone taht the BNP is looking to blame for some resource or another that is mythically threatened. Its only weapon is fear and its only promise is not feesiable or humane.

Louise said...

I agree with you about the IRA being no better...but I think youll find that this is an anti-muslim party predominately and simply cannot admit the horrors caused by others, especially those in Ireland (north and south) because that would mean that our glorious 'indigenous' population is not perfect. and we do like to present ourselves as perfect. For if we are not....well....the consequence is the fitting accusation of 'hypocrit'. and we cant be hypocrits because that just wouldnt do when its those nasty nasty muslims that cause "most" harm. As if numbers count when people are dead.

Free Spirit said...

who put the bombs in her wounds?

Free Spirit said...

I don't think I am perfect but I do realise that there is a danger, and a civil war will happen with or without the bnp.

English Rose said...

(johnofgwent)I appologise for saying that the IRA wasn't as bad, I had family in the army who were in Ireland at the time, my cousin had to change his car every week.
I just don't think it justifys having people who came in as sheep and turned into wolves, coming here and wanting to change our way of life and Louise what happened to that baby was horrendous but it wasn't our people. We can't have everyone else here it's too small an island and we can not control what happens over in the far East, there is only one being that can judge or change anything!
Whatever you have seen is terrible but it doesn't make it right that these Lambs want to ruin England!
It doesn't make it right that we are losing everything we hold dear.
It doesn't make it right the way our old people are treated and it doesn't make it right that our people are homeless. Before a government trys to sort out the world he/she should make sure that his/her people are alright first or it makes them an hypocrit!
Because he/she is causing the same thing that he/she is taking those people out of!
No body thinks they are perfect! But I know that there will be blood shed soon and I also know that I have friends who have had Muslims approach their children and ask them to be drugs runners, they also take them off in boots of cars to torture. Can't you see that the situation you described in Palestine is beginning to happen over here?
In London most shops now are owned by Muslims so if you got your percentage from paper then I think it is false percentages!
There are gangs of youths walking about calling themselves typical muslim soldiers.
Certain areas do not belong to the English anymore. It's too much! we can't cope with anymore!

Louise said...

No one put bombs in her wounds! It was the insane fear of brainwashed 18 year olds doing national service and being told not to let anyone in Palestine pass from one palestinian town to another palestininan town. The control there is unbelievable and its not even on Israeli territory! The kids with guns could not be convinced that the baby was genuinely injured, in severe shock and need infusions and surgery fast.

And English Rose, I am not suggesting that everyone is shipped into the UK. I have only ever made the point that committing mass population control in the UK is an abuse of human rights. I never spoke to a single palestinian who wants to live in the UK. believe it or not, most people dont want to. Even pig farmer gets to sit in his armed tower in USA and incite the rest of you to racist hatred.

People are not flocking here to the degree that it is causing trouble and the government could do a lot more to their migration policies. But what hte BNP are suggesting is fundamental and extreme. It will cause a civil war. Look at the trouble it starts when there isnt even a successful election campaign for the BNP!

leon the pig farmer said...


unfortunately, muslims like to hide bombs on infants. The 2nd assassination attempt on bhutto muslims hid a bomb on an infant, a little baby. The baby was blown to bits along with many other people.

"Benazir Bhutto said she would have been killed by the bomb blasts that ripped apart her homecoming processional this October if she had followed her instincts and taken a baby from a bystander."

Louise said...

GA: You can relax now. I know its been a hectic day for us but I have several weeks off now on a work placement. Lets hope that I dont meet any sticky ends to justify your racist fears! Thanks for upholding rights to Freedom of Speech. If I had any power, which I dont thank goodness, the BNP woudl have the same platform that any other party had. Im sure that you get a lot of flak for allowing me on here (though you also get a lot of much more detailed comments from people too so its not all bad eh?!). You run a well organised site. You could do better but I understand the BNP has got to use whatever it can claw away at to make its points - even if that means dumping all over other people's grief and loss in Pakistan.

Take care. Oddy - Keep the arguments warm, we can come back to them! Regards to SirHM if you see him and please do something about the ignorant battle-happy Pig Farmer - I have never seen such whimpish fight in a man! He should have gone to gamges. theyd have taught him a thing or two as my Dad would say.

Over to you folks:---I bet you always prefer to stick it in the back as I walk away anyway;)

English Rose said...

yeah but the government are responsible because they have never listened to us. The just go along on their distructive ways and don't care about the consequences. They do not think through their policies andcause mayhem. You have to admit if nothing else that it is far worse since Labour took over. I can't remember exactly but it had something to do with a muslim protest and British people wanted to protest afterwards to show we opposed it and were told that we would get arrested. When the SIOE went over to Brussels to protest they asked for a minutes silence for the victims of 9/11 and were told that they couldn't have it because it would offend the Muslim population! What if we are offended?
It's all wrong and corrupt and that leads me to believe that something more sinister is happening. I don't just hate people because of their nationality or colour but something has to change, we have to be recognised and our feelings have to be taken into consideration and because it isn't that is what is leading to a civil war and it's not just the bnp that are saying I have heard black people say it. Before I really knew anything I was being told by my black driving instructer that we were going to have a civil war and this was going back 7 yrs ago. I was just angry at this point and then I decided to open a website.
Do you work for the media or government? just wondering.
Anyway on my part it isn't just mindless it is seeing that has swayed me. I lived amongst it. Believe me people are being intimidated.

Louise said...

Pig Farmer: Back off barrack boy. I was holding the baby. Im a trained medic for goodness sake. I could decide what the babies injuries were and how I should hold the baby whilst pleeing for an 18year old kid whose also shit scared to let me get help. Your white American patriots, ones like McVeigh took over 150 people out - with a creche open to small kids and babies. You say your wife is pregnant. Keep your weapons locked up and stay indoors and look after her. Leave the real work of trying to put this planet back together to those who know what they are doing. You need to switch on the common sense button or I cant engage with you further.

No, I dont work for the media or the government. Apart from a service background, I did a bit of work once for the foreign office - funnily enough with a sunni muslim trying to establish a democratic party in his country. Not a bad bone in his body, a total passifist, entirely tolerant of all religion, anti-exploitation, pro-women's rights and one of the most lovely feminists that I could ever wish to meet. Other than that, just medical work and research. I stay away from politics - other than my slight enticements here. My mate suggested that I approach you all to write a book about your perspectives - a series of interviews to understand better where youre all coming from. She said it would be a healthy challenge for me because Im so totally different to you folks and I have had as much trouble tolerating you as you have me. I played with the idea for a bit but backed off it thinking 1. I dont want people to misunderstand me and think that Im pro-BNP (just like every time I stand up for any group, theres always someone to accuse me of being that which I am not - so much so that I couldnt possibly be everything) and 2. You lot probably wouldnt want me to conduct the interviews to help tell your story. Im sure you have decent researchers in the BNP to do that for you. Problem is that the mainstream and non-stream folks like me dont get to hear it.

Im no idiot. I realise that most of you think im totally stupid, a moron, an idiot, fat, hairy, dyke, male, gay, ginger, a prick, a cunt, muslim, leftie, commie, red, troll and so on ad nauseaum.

Still..if your arguments stood up, no one could say that you hadnt had a fair challenge could they?!
My fantasy interview list would be:

Sadie Graham
English Rose
BFB (just so he could repeat the words fuck off but also just in case he wanted to say more).

Im hoping to be back in a few weeks. I may get chance to check from the air port tomorrow. Unfortunately, I dont get to go overland for this trip.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Louise your last comment is complete and utter fantasy and bears little or no relation to what we are talking about.

I was holding the baby. Im a trained medic for goodness sake. I could decide what the babies injuries were and how I should hold the baby whilst pleeing for an 18year old kid whose also shit scared to let me get help.

Nobody asked you about the best way to carry a blown up baby, all that was noted was that terrorists will put bombs on babies to get a kill, where did that come from?

Your white American patriots, ones like McVeigh took over 150 people out

White? American? I detect a bit of racism here Louise along with anti americanism typically displayed by those of a muslim disposition and as for McVeigh, he's a murderous scumbag who deserves to be dead if he isn't already. We in the BNP abhore crimes such as murder for whatever reason and would restore the death penalty for scum like this providing there is conclusive evidence of guilt, if not then life without parole until such a time evidnece is provided to prove someone innocence.

Leave the real work of trying to put this planet back together to those who know what they are doing. You need to switch on the common sense button

We have, that's why we talk about stuff that the sheeple dare not, you're still living in la la land, dancing neath the rainbow with your multi-ethnic friends picking pieces of babies.

No, I dont work for the media or the........

Lie followed by fantasy, a bit of copy and pasting, best ethnic ever, more lies, the most tolerant ever, repeat ad nausium.

You lot probably wouldnt want me to conduct the interviews to help tell your story. Im sure you have decent researchers in the BNP to do that for you. Problem is that the mainstream and non-stream folks like me dont get to hear it.

Try refraining from ad hominem attacks on people you dont yet know, start asking definable questions and listening to the responses, stop dismissing those responses as beyond the pail and encourage us to expand further on issues that are pertinant to the British Public.

Still..if your arguments stood up

They do unless you are a fan of one of the three wise monkeys of course

leon the pig farmer said...

"Your white American patriots, ones like McVeigh took over 150 people out - "

I know next to nothing about mcveigh, apart from what i found on google. all i know about him was he took out the ATF building which housed the agents who slaughtered little kids in waco. He used the same excuse that muslims use when retaliating to Israeli air strikes. "we killed those kids 'cos they killed ours". A sick philosophy. Children should not be targeted in any war. the PLO terrorists love to use little kids as human shields. But Mcveigh was no patriot, liberals love to use the oklahoma bombing as proof about christian terrorism, the truth is, mcveigh was an agnostic and part of the survivalist movement.

And I would suggest not giving any information to Louise, she could be a government stooge. She doesn't even have a signature page on these blogs. Liberal and far left interviewers always twist the truth, say nothing.

"common sense button", another classic. LOL

Griffin's Libyan pal said...

Bournemouth Nationalist,

i find it a bit strange that Nick Griffin thinks Islam is evil yet he has also visited Libya to seek funds from Colonel Gadaffi in 1988? Its a bit like Al Qaeda sending a delegation to Washington to seek funding from Bush for their operations!!! lol

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

That was 20 years ago you stool and further to your ignorant comment it was about at that time that the CIA were funding Osama and his crew to finish off the russians in Afghanistan, so you could say Washington and Al Qaeda were in close contact at this time

Good God another far left moron

English Rose said...

rude as well, I was being nice to her, just goes to show she doesn't want that and she is here for trouble and to gloat about the things she has done

Aurora said...

Green Arrow, I agree with your assessment that Benazir Bhutto was as corrupt and ruthless as the rest of them. She was in the picture to stir up some trouble and I don't think she would have been able to control the rabble over there. I wouldn't like Musharraf as a leader in the west, but I'm not sure that a nice, democratic leader would succeed in that wild wasteland. They almost need someone who can at least maintain some semblance of law and order. All I hope now is that some lunatic doesn't get their itchy fingers on those nukes.

gatesofvienna said...

After all the effort put in by the western media whitewashing Bhutto's corruption not only in Pakistan but Europe as well!
Bang less!

july 9 2005
Jihad Is Knocking
Another Episode in the War between Christendom and Islam
by Bruce Thornton
Private Papers

The slaughter in London is another grisly wake-up call that likely will go as unheeded as earlier ones. Already the standard narrative is being trotted out: evildoers created by what the New York Times predictably called the “root causes of terrorism”: autocracy, or economic stagnation, or Palestinian suffering, or globalization's dislocations, or Western historical sins, or the war in Iraq (the cause will depend on the political prejudices of the pundit) have “hijacked” Islam and distorted its peaceful message. And now they are using Islam to justify murder in order to further their own ambitions or dysfunctional psychic needs. Given this explanation, so the story goes, we must be careful not to demonize all Muslims and assure them that we respect their religion and culture. The tale is then wrapped up with fierce threats against the terrorists and protestations of admiration for Islam.

Believing this delusion requires that one ignores fourteen centuries of Islamic jihad against the West, a war of conquest and colonization ratified by centuries of Islamic theology and jurisprudence. Indeed, what we call Islamic radicals are in fact Islamic traditionalists; it is the so-called “moderates” — those wanting to compromise Islam so it can coexist with Western ideas such as secular government, separation of church and state, and human rights — who are the radicals and innovators. The terrorists are simply fulfilling the traditional and orthodox command of their religion to battle the infidels who resist the revelation of Mohammed and the global socio-political order mandated by Islam.

Listen to one of the most respected and influential of Muslim clerics, Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, on the legitimacy of jihad: “It has been determined by Islamic law that the blood and property of people of Dar Al-Harb [the Domain of Disbelief where the battle for the domination of Islam should be waged] is not protected. Because they fight against and are hostile towards the Muslims, they annulled the protection of his blood and his property." (See Andrew Bostom:).This interpretation is entirely consistent with fourteen centuries of Islamic theology and jurisprudence, which in turn is based on the Koran's injunction to “slay them [infidels] wherever you catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out; for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter . . . . Such is the reward of those who suppress faith.” And this jihad is to continue “until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah.”

Islam's divinely sanctioned entitlement to global domination explains the symbolic value of the London attacks: one day after London was chosen to host the 2012 Olympics, and right in the middle of the G8 summit in Scotland. For both the Olympics and the G8 represent a global order that rivals Islam, one based on Western ideals and institutions, a social and political order in which Islam has no exalted position but is simply one religion among many. And, we should add, a global order whose notions of individual rights and secular government are incompatible with Islamic law.

So much is obvious — facts of the historical record. Yet listen to a respected historian in a conservative magazine: “Muslim holy wars (“jihads”), as taught in the Koran, were first and foremost a personal inner struggle for moral purity” and only secondarily a war against infidels. So all those Muslim armies that conquered the Christian Near East, North Africa, Egypt, Spain, Sicily, the Balkans, all that plunder, slaughter, rape, enslavement, kidnapping, and destruction were only the “secondary” jihad. How could such blindness to the obvious, masquerading as sophisticated “tolerance,” not arouse contempt in the minds of our adversaries? They tell us over and over that they are waging jihad in order to establish the global hegemony of Islam, and we tell ourselves that these Muslims don't understand their own religion. Millions and millions of Muslims all over the world cheer for the jihadists and support them materially and psychologically, millions idolize bin Laden and celebrate the murder of Westerners, but we tell ourselves that they are a minority of confused souls whose minds have been addled by poverty or autocracy or anger over the Palestinians.

In any conflict it's a good idea to take seriously the motives the enemy professes and not rationalize or explain them away in terms of your own cultural assumptions. The murderers we call terrorists are traditional jihadists, as much as were the first Islamic armies that swept away the Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman civilizations of the Mediterranean. They are not going to be bought off with votes, a free press, more cable channels, Wal-Mart, or any other material good that to us constitutes the good life. They are fighting for a spiritual cause, the establishment of Islam as a global order in fulfillment of the will of Allah, and the reduction of all those who will not become Muslims to dhimmi, inferiors who acknowledge the superiority of Islam and the rightness of their subjection to it.

The next few weeks will show whether the British have advanced as far down the road of dhimmitude as have the Spaniards, who responded to the murder of their citizens not with the force and resistance their ancestors showed for seven centuries, but with fear and appeasement. As for us, we'd better discard our illusions that the jihadists, as Thomas Freidman put it, are “a cancer within the [Islamic] body politic” and accept instead that jihad just may be a vital organ. Then maybe we can see this war for what it is: one more episode in the long struggle between what used to be called Christendom and a religion of aggressive conquest and colonization.

©2005 Victor Davis Hanson

“So when you battle the unbelievers, then smite their necks until you have overcome them, and then make them prisoners” Qur’an 47:4

leon the pig farmer said...

Britain now has to deal with the fall out from an event thousands of miles away. There are hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis in the UK, if Pakistan falls to Sharia law then will the British end immigration from Pakistan, is it too late? What a can of worms the British opened when the socialists lied to the people that the immigrants were there to fill the void left by our dead relatives and neighbours after WW2. What a lie, a total con. Poor Mr Powell was branded a racist, even Churchill was against mass immigration into the UK.
the words of sir winston churchill

"The prime minister began the discussion, saying: "Problems will arise if many coloured people settle here. Are we to saddle ourselves with colour problems in UK? Attracted by Welfare State. Public opinion in UK won't tolerate it once it gets beyond certain limits.",,2142476,00.html