Saturday, 1 December 2007

Barnsley BNP activists attacked again

The Barnsley Nationalist site is reporting the following:

I have just received a call from Ian Sutton Our Darton West candidate informing me that the paper selling team have once again been attacked by left wing thugs in Barnsley town centre.

Apparently as they were setting up the stall around 10, maybe more thugs attacked them and stole all the papers from one of our stands. Lisa Brooksbank was once again assaulted by the thugs.

The incident happened at around 11.30 as they were setting up. The police were called immediately but as of yet (14:20) have not responded to the incident.

One activist - Dale who was also assaulted, called the police and followed 5 of them. While he was on the phone to the police he was told to stay back, as of yet he still hasn’t heard from them.

Incidentally Dale lost one of his arms whilst serving with the Duke of Wellington Regiment, so you once again you can see that they certainly picked their targets.

Full Report to Follow on their site

This is the 2nd attack now on the same activists. Details of October attack here.


Anonymous said...

They certainly are the most despicable lot arent they?, but then I always remember a dog breeder friend of mine who always said that an ugly dog never made a good individual, and that can be said of the left's shocktroops really, an uglier bunch of misfits and deviants would be hard to find, no honour, no pride, no balls. As specimens go, they certainly arent the creme, as most of them dont really know what they are fighting for, or wouldnt understand, naive outsider kids manipulated by the like of old Gerry Gobble, in a sane world it would be viewed as quite sick and perverse really. I wonder who gets the most kicks out of the violence they thrive on?

Anonymous said...

I think that they should consider whether it is wise to sell in the same place each week. It makes them very vulnerable to extemist attack. It used to happen all the time to the old National Front. In the 'political soldier' period they switched to door-to-door selling of their publications in specific wards. They knocked on doors in a target ward and returned to sell again to those who bought. Some Branches built very large sales. Perhaps this should be considered in Barnsley?

If the Nationalists feel that a visible presence is also needed through street sales they could rotate between different areas. They should all carry rape alarms and maybe also consider having an undercover unit film things or situate themselves close to CCTV cameras. They should also consider how the thugs arrive. Is it by car or van? Can they get a numberplate. Remember also to collect DNA if attacked. Scratching an arm is effective as is the use of 'spit kits'. Out-think and out-plan these people!