Saturday, 8 December 2007

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Hat tip to our friend in America. Ronbo


Anonymous said...

Kudos Ronbo.Very funny.

BFB said...


Have you noticed how your resident TROLL, "Louise", always has the weekend off?

So does mine (leading me to surmise that "Louise" and the foul-mouthed, brain-dead TROLL over on my blog are one and the same).

I have made the dicision to DELETE any Troll-shite that turns up on my blog.

Trollouise, I am really, really disappointed in your spineless attitude; whereas you were NOT invited onto GA's blog, you have been formally invited onto mine!


Scared of me?

Anonymous said...

Bfb:You're obsessed lol.HE/SHE/IT is annoying i agree; but irrelevent at the same time.


The Green Arrow said...

Best way I think Battler is to leave the rubbish for a day or two then just clean out some of the stuff now and again.

Anon 22:36 is right though. Heshe is irrelevant. To be honest I do not even read its comments except by accident.

I wish she would move in with you permanent:)

BFB said...


Do you have a blog? Is it infested with TROLL shit?

Anon (not another one):"You're obsessed lol"

Well thought out, chappie, I'm sure your ancestors would be proud of such a witty one-liner......NOW GET YOUR ARSE OVER TO MY BLOG...TROLL!

GA..."Anon 22:36 is the TROLL!!!!!!"

God give me strength!

Am I here all alone?

Sir HM said...

Looks like Simone is getting it in the neck again

BFB said...

Sir HM,

That URL doesn't work. (Not on my browser(s)).

Sir HM said...

Hmm worked for me just now. Try this,,2224609,00.html

Alternatively, go to Guardian politics, or Observer same. It's in there in today's Obs.

Paul said...

That link takes the reader to all the anti British sites like the MCB the CRA and Stop the BNP etc.
Who's the real enemy, foaming at the mouth Muslims or this Left Wing rabble?

Anonymous said...

BFB: I have the weekend off when I have to travel away for work. And no, guess all you like - it isnt of any concern to you!

I like GAs blog. Its well maintained and he can take my stuff off as he pleases and its okay because he at least abides by his principle of freedom of speech. It also feels safe here on GAs blog. Not only is it organised more efficiently for the average dyslexic, but it feels safer. You write in such a threatening manner (I mean physically threatening in specific terms of sexualised comments etc.) that it is a bit scarey. Plus, apart from SirHm, most commenters on your blog 'spout' more hatred than anyone here (unbelievably so). Finally, more commenters here actually engage in BNP talk and debate about the BNP subjects. I dont like it and they could improve drastically but given a choice, here is better/easier/safer. GA doesnt even read the majority of my work so it bothers him less.

In conclusion, I think he is more of a man and much more competent to run a blog that has some balance in BNP terms (there is no balance in any other terms but why should there be - this is about the BNP afterall!). Apart from following any links that GA offers, I dont bother with other sites because my first glance a month or so ago completely and utterly horrified me.

So BFB: Come here and debate with me if you want but I decided weeks ago, I aint coming to your site!