Saturday, 15 December 2007

The BNP Frog Song starring Mohammed the Bear

Here is the BNP Frog Song starring the bear formerly known as Rupert.

Saturday must be a music night.


ayatollah khomeini said...

I hereby issue a fatwa for the beheading of the frog 'Kermit' for having an illicit relationship with the uncovered pork of the sow-whore known as Miss Piggy, who uses her evil seductive powers to excite uncontrollable lusts in the groins of muslim youths and frogs.

Richard said...

Er sheik Khomenei, when we disembowel the infidel whore pig can I take a few chops? To burn to satan on the barbecue you understand?

Abdullaha's have a nice day jihadi essentials emporium said...

I shall have the hock from the infidel sack of pork to boil until it is naught but stock then I shall add haram lentils filthy onions and handful of satanic parsely and imbibe the brute with large chunks of garlic bread steeped in Holy Extra Virgin (72 of the little beauties)olive oil for approx 10 mins at gas mark 5.
Allah Ahkbar!

Felicity K said...

Never gas 5 Abdullah! It has to be dry pan fried on a skillet, and grated carrots and a good squeeze of tomato puree really enhances the colour and flavour. I like the parsley though.

Iman Omar said...

It should be noted that pork and bacon butties are only haram if they cause no offence to the a cafe selling bacon butties near a mosque=haram, therefore protests and death threats should follow till the cafe goes out of business
however a quick bacon buttie enjoyed by a believer en route to the mosque in the privacy of ones own home is halal (allowed)
I hope this clears up any misunderstanding?
I'm tired of having to repeat that you Kuffirs do not understand the true meaning of Islam and how easy it is to interpret things wrongly.

Muslim diet plan for permanent weight loss said...

Learned Imam,
No doubt you are aware that it is haram, on pain of eternal damnation, for a Muslim to consume any food which has been dedicated to a pagan idol.

Therefore I Boaris, being the high priest of the one true religion of the worshippers of the Sow Goddess Porcina, hereby dedicate all the food in the entire world to Her Pagan Pigginess, prostrating as I do so to her effigy as She appears before me in her manifestation on this earth in the form of Miss Piggy (pbuh)