Thursday, 8 November 2007

Asda and Halal

Asda, along with a host of other companies, in their never ending quest to squeeze a profit no matter the price has announced that they are now selling Halal meat. Took them long enough to pluck up the courage.

Just so your clear in your mind about about how the animals slaughtered by the Halal method are slain you must watch this video. Then you can can decide whether you wish to continue shopping at any stores that sell Halal products.

Sorry. Did I not warn you that it would be horrific?

Now ASDA has send out letters to people who have complained saying the following:

I’m very sorry to hear you’re unhappy with our decision to allow this concession within one of our stores, with initiatives like this we always adopt a one store at a time approach. The Halal concession is a trial and only operates out of our Small Heath store.

But like the government they are in league with they are liars. Because from another source, we learn the truth.

Both Sainsbury's and Tesco currently have 64 stores in the UK that sell a range of fresh halal poultry and red meat as approved by the Halal Food Authority, while Asda has more than 150 stores selling halal meat.

Further evidence is provided by Aberdeen BNP, shows an image that was taken by an activist at Aberdeen Bridge of Dee store in May this year. The ASDA logo is clearly shown and you can zoom in to the date with appropriate software.

ASDA - Purveyors of the cruelest slaughtered meat in the UK

There is only one political party that would halt this cruel and barbaric method of slaughter in Our Country and that is the British National Party. They would also impose huge tax imports on all Halal products being imported prior to a complete ban.

If your a True Brit you might like your roast beef but you also expect the animal that provided the joint to die without pain, suffering and as seen in the video. Torture. Who were the real animals? Sorry animals is the wrong word. Animals are not sadists or evil. Only men. Mad men. Like the ones in the video. Believers in the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.


Anonymous said...

A search of the asda site for the words 'halal' returned no results.

How surprising.

Celtic Morning said...

GA. I always flinch when people are described as "animals", intended as a derogatory comparison. No animal would behave in the manner of these desert savages who seem to take a delight in the very act of savagery with which they inflict pain and bring about death to another living creature. I am a hunting man and fought bitterly to avoid Blair's ban and still hope to see it one day removed. How can a government which allows Halal slaughter ban hunting the fox? We won the argument but as we all know,the left do not listen to reason, only to their twisted ideology. The truth is that they dont care about animal suffering and a hunting ban was their way of showing an inependent swathe of British people that they must do as told by the new masters. In the few short years since the ban, action by pest controllers,night time marksmen and poison and snare has all but wiped out the fox population in many areas of rural Britain and the poor old fox is now a somewhat rare sight. I wish we could say the same about the swarthy savages who inhabit our land and whose natural habitat is the desert sands of the dark ages. Where are the animal societies? Why is there no high profile political campaign to eradicate this brutal and savage method of slaughter? This video clip is one of the most shocking of its knd that I have see,thank you for high lighting it.

Nero said...

Hi all, just wanted to mention this;


Aberdeen Patriot said...

Lying Asda bastards, the old Aberdeen BNP blog had a Asda Halal meat post in may/june time. They even had it packaged in Asda marked lebels. They also said that their meat was stunned a down right lie.
I will try and contact Aberdeen BNP to see if they can send you pics

Anonymous said...

Oh my that is disgusting. I knew what they done but I didn’t think it was like that. That video has reinforced my view on the matter. I think I will report that later on my blog. Thanks for linking me. I am starting to run out of stores to shop at. I think I am going to add asda to my boycott list. Morrison’s are pretty good and it’s only round the corner. I think I am going to shop there now.

Anonymous said...

listen to you all hypocrites you are all outraged about some cow been mistreated but you don't bat an eye lash when babies and children are been massacred in iraq and afghanistan by YOUR goverment and YOUR troops wallahy you are all sick and i am tired of hearing bnp fanatics going on and on about Muslims, don't you have anything else to talk about????are you that boring is your life that empty that you have to forever fill it with Muslims this Musims that, we don't want Shariya in uk we don't want you people to dress like us and we don't want you to eat halal meat so CHILL out and by the way don't worry so many Muslims are leaving this country we don't want it ok.....go and get a hobby or something.