Saturday, 3 November 2007

Malik the lieing Muslim Minister

They cannot help it. They are taught from birth to lie and even if elevated to high office to meet Government quotas of colonisers serving as government ministers, they will still lie to suit their version of events.

Shahid Malik MP, squealed like a stuck pig when he said he was detained for 40 minutes by security staff searching for the bombs that are usually found on people who follow the cult of the Dead Paedophile.

Instead of praising the officials for protecting not only his safety but also the safety of fellow passengers he chose to play the usual "deeply offended" card.

But like most Moslems whose mind set is still stuck in medieval times, he did not take into account the white mans magic or video tapes that had recorded the incident and showed that his bag search lasted no longer than 8 minutes.

Malik the liar, also claimed that he had only been stopped because he was a Moslem. This was denied by the the Security officials. Why, I have no idea. Malik is a Moslem. He should be stopped. He may not be a terrorist but most terrorist murderers are.

Malik who reported this "outrage" on his website as since rolled over like a dog and removed his version of events from the public domain.

Philip Baum, the editor of Aviation Security International, said: “He has done a disservice to his country. It is a disgrace at a time when security is of the utmost importance and airport staff are under immense pressure. There is absolutely no room for any exaggeration from a British government minister and he needs to be called to account,” he said.

Malik the mouth, you will remember, is Our Country's biggest leech MP, who claimed almost £200,000 in expenses last year.

He has also made spurious complaints in the past that have also been revealed as lies. Will he resign? What do you think?


The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Malik and his ilk are rotten to the core, we see it time and time again over at liars buggers and thieves dont we GA. If it's fraud, deception or something along those lines you can bet your bottom dollar the religion of pieces is not far away, I mean just look at the latest headline on the BNP's website for confirmation.

Mind you this is exactly what they are taught to practice by their book I believe it is called taqiyya known to us mere mortals as deception

Anonymous said...

He's a muslim politician which translates to a " politician for muslims".

Going by his performance on the recent bbc farce he's also aiming for a muslim oscar.Perhaps he has bigger ambitions "the first muslim in space"i doubt it though i think this muslim is heading down a more sinister path this wide eyed muslim weasel has been granted freedom to enhance,practice and implement his muslim nepotism,victim status and freedom to spout bullshit,lie and moan like a .............muslim. alleeeeeeeee akbar

najistani said...

Bournemouth Nationalist, here are my comments on TAQIYYA, LIES AND MUSLIM PROPAGANDA:
The gullible and vulnerable, especially young captive audiences such as schoolchildren, are increasingly being targeted by Islamic propaganda aiming, if not actually to convert them, then to soften them up for the future Islamic takeover of our country.

Of course it isn't just the innocent and gullible who swallow the 'Religion of Peace' bullshit spread by the Muslims and their PC Marxist allies.. Many ordinary decent people would really like to believe that Islam offers no threat, because to face the truth implies a future just too scary to contemplate. But face the truth we must. For to accept lies are being taught to our children with no attempt at refutation is to allow them to be led into slavery.

The Marxists have drugged western culture with a Mickey Finn cocktail of post-modernism and multiculturalism which has suppressed rational analysis of Islam as being 'racist' and Islamophobic.

Inevitably, as Goya pointed out 'The Sleep of Reason brings forth Monsters' , and the most hideous and vampirish of those monsters is the spread of islam in the West. Islamic propaganda must be attacked with the full unremitting criticism of Judeo-Christian rationalism. "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free".


There are three truths of Islam, which correctedly understood by any adult or child, give complete protection from Islamic propaganda. These are:
(1) Islam is a mind-virus or meme.
(2) Islam encourages lying to infidels (taqiyya).
(3) Islam abrogates its own teachings and the teachings of earlier religions.

Churchill famously remarked that Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies (hydrophobia) in a dog . Islam is indeed
'the rabies of religions'
. Like the rabies virus it spreads from one brain to another with no other function than to cause madness, suffering and death.

A meme or Mind Virus such as Islam carries the same fear-driven superstitious motivation as a chain letter - "If you propagate me then something nice will happen, if not then something horrible will happen". In order to justify itself against attack by reason, Islam places absolute reliance on faith, which is seen as being superior to reason. Islam also contains self-referential or circular claims to the truth such as "The Koran says it is the divine truth. Since it is the divine truth whatever its says must be true.

These two types of self-referential statement "propagate me or else!" and "I am the only truth" provide the driving force for Islam to invade the minds of its hosts, programming them with additional instructions such as "Help people who believe in this meme, attack people who do not".


A Muslim is a dehumanised robot who is programmed to spread Islam to vulnerable victims, like a rabid dog is programmed to bite and inject virus-infected saliva. However what if the victims are not receptive to this repulsive stone-age death cult? Well the solution is simple - hide the truth and tell whatever lies may be necessary.

It may come as a surprise to those of us raised in Judeo-Christian cultures that anyone would deliberately lie about their own religion - "Tell the truth and shame the devil" is what we were taught in Sunday school. But Muslims believe that spreading Islam is the greatest objective in life, and one which find most favour with Allah, and ANY means which may be necessary are justified, including killing and lying .

The tactic of deceiving the gullible infidel is known a TAQIYYA in Arabic. The truth is unimportant in Islam. NEVER believe anything a Muslim tells you about Islam.


The Koran is full of inconsistencies with verses contradicting each other. The rule of 'abrogation' says that later verses cancel earlier ones. The early ones are peaceful (Meccan) , but the later verses are violent and murderous (Medinan) and call for the extermination of infidels.

Of course the Muslim propagandists know this and so as part of their taqiyya they quote the cancelled peaceful verses such as ‘If you kill one soul it is as if you have killed all mankind.’ or ' no compulsion in religion' to the infidels, while acknowledging the real meaing of the koran such as 'Kill the infidels wherever you find them' and ' Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies' as they plot attacks with their fellow Muslim terrorists.

To the rational westerner these contradictions are evidence that the Koran was not written by Almighty God, but was made up as he went along by a psychotic paedophile to suit his vile purposes. But the Muslim mind is not rational, and these contradictions are seen as a Allah-given contribution to taqiyya. Allah (or the voice in Mohammed's syphilitic brain) wrote the Koran as a deliberate web of lies to confuse and deceive the gullible kuffar.

In his later years, when Mohammed was writing the violent verses that abrogated the earlier Christian-derived Meccan teachings, he had begun his decline into depravity starting with his 'thighing' or Mufa Khathat of six year old Aisha, and going on to raping her when she was aged nine.

As Mohammed's lusts became increasingly Satanic , his megalomania grew to the extent that the pervert claimed to be the infalible 'Seal of the Prophets' and abrogated Jesus Christ, reducing Our Lord to the rank of a second-rate error-prone prophet. Henceforth, if any teaching of Jesus was contradicted by the Pedophile's rantings, then the child-molester was right and Jesus was wrong.

So Jesus's advice that “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” was replaced by the mandatory stoning of rape victims , apparently brought about by the now teenaged Aisha looking for affection elsewhere than the predatory dirty old man and finding true love with a young man named Safwan ibn Al-Muattal.

Know the truth, and the truth shall keep you free

The Green Arrow said...

Anon.I do not know about you but I personally will not rest until the cult of the dead paedophile is removed from Our Country.

The Green Arrow said...

Bournemouth we certainly do. They are sick mad creatures. I have also noticed over on Enrichment News, now that the data is starting to build is how sexually frustrated they are by the number of sexual assaults and rapes they carry out.