Thursday, 15 November 2007

Police tasered diabetic in a coma

The brain dead boys in blue have gone and done it again. This time in Leeds, where they have declared open season on diabetics in comas.

Not for them, the motto "To Protect and Serve". Their appears to be "Shoot first and let God sort them Out". Might be good policy in Basra but surely not yet in Leeds.

The victim of this fun shoot was a Mr Gaubert who was on his way home from work in Leeds city centre, when he suffered a hypoglycaemic fit and was found slumped in his seat by the bus driver at the end of the route in Headingley, Leeds. As you can see from the photo below, Mr Gaubert hardly looks the terrorist type but what do I know.

Looks like a terrorist to me Sarge. Shall I shoot him?

So what do our heroic (lets watch someone drown) boys in blue do. Do they approach the unconscious man and read the medical necklace hanging from neck explaining his condition?

No, they assume he is a sleeping terrorist and blast him with their Tazers, which they had been itching to try out since they received them just a few days before. Although why a terrorist would take a nap on an empty bus before popping his own clogs, is beyond me.

But luckily for them, he was not a terrorist carrying explosives, because I am sure that all a few pounds of Semtex needs to detonate it is a good few thousand volts belting through it.

Finding they were still alive and the still unconscious man thrown to the floor by the current passing through his body, they decide to zap him again with their new toys on the grounds that they could not see one of his hands.

You might remember, the Police reassuring the Public that they would never use these weapons unless officers were threatened. Still reassured? No. Me neither.

You want real police? You want elected Chief Constables so they can be made answerable for these attacks on our fellow True Brits? Then you must start supporting the British National Party and putting your X next to the BNP candidate at every election.


Fidothedog said...

Hardly a surprise after all the poor plod must be so confused.

The brown people called Ali & Mo go and blow stuff up and yet the top officers tell them that they are the religion of peace.

Net result is a bit of confusion and the poor chap gets a tasering.

Mind at least they did not let him drown or stand around whilst he was assaulted(although had he been they might have!)

Anonymous said...

I can tell you haven't ben to leeds/bradford have you, green.

I was up there for a mercifully short space of time trying to help a certain electricity company make millions out of the shambles called "NETA" that turned the previously utilitarian Central Electricity Generating Board into a warped parody of The Stock Exchange.

In the time I was up there I noticed two things.

1) There were ten asian faces for every white man

2) The white men were the ones in riot gear in the police cars carrying the submachine guns.

I hadn't seen a gun in the hands of a policeman on the street until I went up there.

When the project fell apart I couldn't get back down south fast enough

Anonymous said...

Leeds is going the same way as Bradford,it's always had its fair share of enrichers and minority enclaves but the asian invasion is noticable to the extent that it won't be long before central areas will have a white minority.
Harehills and Chapeltown are a disgrace unfortunately i have to pass through every day but thank god i don't live there anymore.

Anonymous said...

The police, sorry to say, are not of the same mettle as those that join the armed services, they are generally a diferent calibre of individual... just remember back to schooldays and recall the odd one out who hung around the heads door reporting others..yep the future police recruit!. I am not saying they are all bad, but I dont think they should carry guns full stop. If we have a security issue in the country that requires the use of a trained armed response, then lets bring the army back home.

Anonymous said...

Above is the phone video of a Polish guy (who couldn't speak a word of English) who was tazered in Vancouver airport, then jumped on by 4 huge cops.. the guy was dead in seconds.
These trigger happy goons shouldn't have anything more dangerous than a water pistol

These weapons aren't going to be used against the "boggie terrorist men" cos they'd get sued to hell fire if they tazered a Muszie.. They are going to be used against the Brits when they finally find a backbone and start demonstrating or worse.


Barnsley Nationalist said...

Absolutely disgraceful, the officers should be suspended without pay immediately until a disciplinary can take place and then hopefully be thrown out of the force; the pension they have accrued should be given to the victim as a form of compensation.