Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Just what is it we are fighting?

I am sorry about the image but I needed to grab your attention.

Reposted as part of Islam Awareness Week

Well we all know that one of the - if not the biggest - threats to the World at this moment in time, is the spread of the Cancer called Islam. But who are they? What to they believe in?

Because there are a billion followers of a cult, that does not make it a religion. To the followers maybe them but not in reality. To us it is a virus that grows and grows and will consume the world unless checked.

Islam is a political force along the lines of communism with World Domination as its goal. I was tempted to do an Evil Laugh then, but this is a serious business.

No other Religion requires a police force that dispenses summary justice to anyone who breaks its harsh rules and ensures that even the free thinkers in it's midst must pretend to be believers or die.

Whilst some at the top of the evil pyramid may believe in the words of a self seeking dead paedophile, many are chancers who only pay lip service and use the cult as a tool for political ends. Islam is the tool they use to control the masses.

This is why it is so important to them that true religious education is not permitted. They do not wish their followers to discover the real truth by truly learning the history of the cult.

Sun Tzu said; "If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt;"

Well let us assume we know ourselves. Let us assume, for now that we are united and have realised the peril of our situation. Let us assume we are resolved to retain Our Land and way of Life for Our Children.

Who are the enemy? Well there are thousands of well written documents out there on the net, that would help you understand the enemy but I am a simple sort of person so have boiled it down into something I can wrap my mind around. Here we go.

After Mohammed died, he didn't give a fig who took over. He had had his fun and wasn't concerned about the future of the "religion" he had created in carving out an Empire for himself. He knew it was all nonsense and if he was at all religious, he probably worried about burning in hell for the evil that he had committed in furthering his own ends.

So the followers with no clear instructions about who was to succeed him as the Leader of Islam started to, first argue amoungst themselves and then on reaching no agreement started slicing each other up. A practice that they continue to this day. So we have:

Shiite Muslims - Some Muslims felt the leadership of Islam should stay within Mohammed’s family supported the claim of Mohammed’s cousin and son-in-law (Ali bin Abi Taleb) to become the leader. These Muslims were known as the “shiat Ali” (partisans of Ali) and were known as Shiite Muslims. There is a community of Shiite Muslims in Dubai. Shiite mosques are distinguished by their blue and green bright colours and intricate patterns.

Sunni Muslims - After Mohammed’s death the rest of the Muslim population chose Abu Bakr (Mohammed’s closest companion) to be leader of the faith. Sunnis tended to follow their political leaders while Shiites followed their imams. The majority of Dubai’s Muslim population are Sunni Muslims. Their mosques tend to be in beige or light pastel colours.

So there you go. When you read about them slaughtering each other on a grand scale and wonder why Muslim is killing Muslim, now you know. They are engaged in their own Royalist and Roundhead Civil War. Long may it last.

So who the heck are the Wannabee's? Sorry I meant:-

Wahhabism - This form of Islam comes from Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab who preached a return to Islam’s origins. This meant a rigid adherence to the Qu’ran and Wahhabism is a strict form of Islam.

Now if No Limit Texas Hold'em is the Cadillac of Poker, then Wahhabism is the Cadillac of Islam.These guys are the real Bees Knees in madness. They really do want a return to year zero. No music, art, images, newspapers. Just go do a search on them. There is no cure for these guys. They are in fact the living dead.

So thats about it really. I was going to write a bit more about the meaning of the words Hegira, Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harab but you can read that a previous post here.

I am truly sorry for the image at the top of the page. I personally found it very distressing and worrying. Forgive me, but we must know what we are up against.

I was equally concerned at these Islamic Quotes I read over at Faith & Freedom.

Quran 52:24 Round about them will serve, (devoted) to them, young male servants (handsome) as Pearls well-guarded.

Also in Surah 76:19 Allah promises fresh youths to Muslim men.
And round about them shall go youths never altering in age; when you see them you will think them to be scattered pearls.

Those of you with stronger stomachs might like to check out Islamic Evil and Infidel Bloggers Alliance to see how sick the cult of the madman really is.

If you know this site, you know the rest. Only the British National Party has the answer to this cancer that has infected Our Country. Think about this article, think about your children and then don't think about voting for anyone but the BNP.


Helena said...

Horrible picture GA. Its the body language of the child which is so disturbing, stiff yet pliable. The awful old man is manipulating the boys head backwards and holding his arm.
Over at www.prophetofdoom.com there is a section innocuously titled "the Green Book"
Instructions are given on how to brush teeth, go to the toilet, wash/clean ones private parts and the boys of paradise.
Theres also a section for the truly depraved on the best way to have sex with baby girls of four months old. You'll need a strong stomach for that one, but these are the words of Ayatollah Khomenei himself.
Womens menses are dealt with in detail Khomenei took an interest in every aspect of life according to the prophets instructions.
If it wasn't such a murderous poisonous creed it would be laughable.
If satirists like Rory Bremner werent scared of being killed it would supply material for years.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Helena, your right about the photo. I was not sure about posting it, I am a tough cookie and it upset me but figured we have to get the message out. Because Islam is upsetting, it is a disease and it is sick.

Thankyou for your useful comments

Meg said...


Just what you were warning about GA on a previous post. Infiltration at the highest level in University Unions.
What chance have white candidates got against an organised political movement?

Anonymous said...

One word, and only one word is needed:

Chris Hill

Bernard said...

Actually, that image has been around on the web for quite some time, esp. on uTube, where it was used on a very popular music video, depicting Islam.

ayatollah khomeini said...

I don't find anything unusual about this picture. It's all part of a day's work for your average mullah. Take a look at


Personally I like them young and female ...


- Ayatollah Khomeini
Child Protection Officer
Khomeinitots children's nursery and petting zoo

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, I didnt learn about islam with any detail in my christian curricular at school in the 80s. Yet, quite seriously, every muslim that i know learns and knows about all different types of religions. For you to question whether Islam is a religion is utter flagrant stupidity! Not one of you actually explains 'why' the picture horrors you so much. Im finding it hard to get to the bottom of this particular story and to establish what your point is because of the infestation of hatred that runs through it which serves only to make you look silly but still not to tell me what the issue is for you. If people want to practice a religion and it doesnt cause you harm what is the big problem? (for goodnesss sake, lets not go on about people who act OUTSIDE of muslim practices and lets not pretend that all terrorists are muslims - unless McVeigh and the IRA and just about every other uprising including Bush's government are too!). If the picture sickens you that much, dont post it! Youre such martyrs..."I was not sure about posting it, I am a tough cookie and it upset me but figured we have to get the message out" (Green Arrow, 2007). Oh my goodness! How wet!! All sorts of cultural practices go on all over the world. It doesnt make them right. It doesnt make them wrong. It just makes them a cultural practice. Im really concerned here that you are worrying about what others are up to. I can show you horrifying IMAGES of other BNP members doing terrible terrible human right abusing acts. Does that make all BNP violent? No. Lets smarten this stuff up. Helena, if youre so sickened by it pick up a nursery rhyme book and sing to yourself! Its not a fluffy world. People do stuff that challenges our small mindedness. Its fact. Get used to it!

The Green Arrow said...

Not much I can say in reply to you Anon. Better people have I have written and given reasons why Islam is more a political cult then a religion. You go look it up, I'm busy.

But I suspect it is pointless debating with you as you see nothing wrong in the post image. If you do not know why that is offensive then you are clearly sick.

najistani said...

There's currently a discussion going on at


about the Islamic paradise. As well as 72 female virgins each suicide bomber gets 28 pretty little boys.

My initial theory was the 28 boys are split into two mini-rugby league sides with a substitute for each, the bomber as referee and 36 virgins supporting and cheering on each team.

But it seems that they may be there to play a different kind of ball game.

Anonymous said...

Anon;if people want to practice a religion and it does'nt cause you any harm what is the big problem.
As you have already stated GA,it's pointless debating with someone that cites pathetic statements such as this .I can only think the picture appeals to him/her in some perverted way or is acceptable practice within their own culture.Whichever it may be the troll has obviously lost its way.


Anonymous said...

Okay, calling me perverted, sick or a troll does nothing for this debate. I am none of those things and they are not relevant. im not going to be pulled into an emotional rant by being called names. they dont impress me! they shouldnt impress you! in fact, they reduce your comment because anyone who is intelligent can see youre just angry. if you fail so quickly (so appalingly quickly), it suggests to me that you dont really have a point or an argument. i was simply emotionaless to the image that you posted. thats all.

Surely if you want to practice your cultural traditions (you ever give your children a kiss or a hug or show affection?) then you must understand that other people practice theres. there are countless and endless circumstances of practices all over the world and in every religion that are different. some of the behaviours horrify us, some delight us and some leave us utterly untouched. please dont pretend that we dont do odd things like wear wigs in court, swing incense in the air in some churches, get down on our knees to pray or walk into strange wooden boxes to confess. to other religions, these practices look odd too! these things are simply different. so what? who cares? just because youre white and british, you dont get to dictate to other people when they are engaging in harmless religious based practices. you dont know the circumstances that are going on here do you? you ever been near to a muslim service, prayer meeting or anything else? next time you hug your kids, watch out..the chances are there is some idiotic BNP member who is armed with a camera and a pathetic story line to misconstrue an image and a story. and if you disagree that things get taken out of context, listen to our ridiculou politicans and their shameful misconstrual of all sorts of issues. a photograph tells a 1000 different stories. not all of them are correct. your fear is not a justification of your hatred here.

BFB said...

Anon said "I can show you horrifying IMAGES of other BNP members doing terrible terrible human right abusing acts."

Go on then!

Anonymous said...

Dear BFB, can you set something up for people to send links and to attach photographs and documents? Thanks. Its not a problem to evidence my point. It is a problem if the technology isnt allowing it.

najistani said...

Anonymous said
"Surely if you want to practice your cultural traditions (you ever give your children a kiss or a hug or show affection?)"

That is not a photo of a father kissing his son because..

(1) The boy is too old to be kissed by a man.

(2) The whole body language reeks of dominance/submission.

(3) Who are all the people standing round? Boys hate being kissed in public.

(4) When children and parents kiss they pout their lips and press them together. The man in this picture seems to be giving the boy a 'Frenchie'

najistani said...

Unusual perspective from http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2007/11/islams-cult-of-shame-and-death.html

"Islamofascism really isn't about the Koran, it's about the need of people with an inferiority complex to become superior and to lash out at the cultures and nations they're so viciously jealous of.

Islamic terrorism is rooted in the sense of humiliation felt by so many in the Middle East and Pakistan in the face of the technological, cultural and economic superiority of the West. A humiliation felt most keenly by the wealthy Saudis who are at the peak of their own region and by Muslim immigrants in the West, who together form the bulk of the active terrorist infrastructure. It's no surprise that most terrorists actually come from the Middle Class or that the most violent Islamic outbursts come in response to a perceived humiliation of their identity whether it's the Mohammed cartoons or the Koran in the toilet or ham sandwiches in the break room.

Islamofascism like German Nazism is not the triumphant clenched fist of a rising civilization, but the furious moan of a failed civilization trying to lash out and gain some measure of victory by embracing a fanatical identity to compensate for its own sense of inferiority. Muslims who have embraced the symbols of Islam, from the Burka to Mohammed to the Koran are obsessed with maintaining their status and driven mad by any sign of humiliation or shame shown to it. Because it's their only bulwark against their own shame and humiliation."

Anonymous said...

Dear najistani

You seem incredibly offended by this picture. It appears that youre not the first.

I have a feeling that GA only put the picture up to show that he was against the idea that Muslims had attempted to open up and have a Muslim Awareness Week (the BNP could take a leaf out of their book though - always good to educate!). However, just to make sure that you are backing 'white is right' in the UK, he also offered you a little fear to wash it down (protect your children message by showing the image of the man kissing the boy).

Its simple manipulation of the image! The image when taken was not about sexuality or sexual practice so all of your points (1-4 above) instantly fall away at the point of seeing this as something that occurred in a place of worship or education, not a porn-set (we like to reserve that for us westerners remember!). GA knows that this image was not a sexualised public gathering! GA knows that this was a ceremonious occassion (even if GA didnt like what he saw). All GA is doing is what any writer is tempted to do, and thats set up an image that provokes with a clear warning that you need to protect the BNP aim and objective. Unfortunately, youre just suckered into it because you havent understood this about the way that media works.

Rather than offer me your interpretation of the picture or your feelings about the picture, why dont we just ask GA or someone who knows the factual information to tell us where the picture came from and what it actually portrays?

Ironically, the only reason that I wasnt suckered into this was because:

1. I understand that people do things around the world that look different and/or odd to me (so I dont need to insult them based on my lack of experience).

2. I understand that others may think that I look odd if I do or say stuff thats out of their experience range (just like the commenters yesterday, - very quick to insult indeed).

3. Your 'shock! horror!' posting and reaction led me to become suspicious of you when it was obvious that everyone was just reacting to their emotion base rather than THINK about what the picture was about. Put simply, the image in this case did not match the point that GA was making. If GA had shown a person actually harming a child, I would have accepted that as a being a bad thing (and unfortunately children are harmed across the world so we cant polarise views on that). But GA didnt. He set up an image, incorrectly slotted it into a story that didnt match and then laced it with fear provoking statements.

You dont have to be particularly articulate or smart to see that. You commenters fell right into the plot! All I did was question that and sat back to receive my dose of insults.

GA: You put a disclaimer in at the start of your posting and yes, you really should be sorry for putting the picture in. And, no, I wont forgive you for it! You stirred a lot of people up based on a poorly composed argument. You know how people get mobilised when their emotions run high (especially when they are set off by provocation and if someone actually thought that was a pervy old man snogging a little boy as a sexual act, theyd almost certainly get whipped into a frenzy about it).

najistani said...

Anon said "If GA had shown a person actually harming a child, I would have accepted that as a being a bad thing (and unfortunately children are harmed across the world so we cant polarise views on that)"

But only in certain well-defined parts of the world do they get harmed like this:

"Meanwhile, horrifying new details emerged last night of the attempt by suicide bombers to kill Ms Bhutto on her return home from exile last month.

Investigators from Ms Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party said yesterday they believed the bomb, which killed 170 people and left hundreds more wounded, was strapped to a one-year-old child carried by its jihadist father.

They said the suicide bomber tried repeatedly to carry the baby to Ms Bhutto's vehicle as she drove in a late-night cavalcade through the streets of Karachi.

"At the point where the bombs exploded, Benazir Bhutto herself saw the man with the child and asked him to come closer so that she could hug or kiss the infant," investigators were reported as saying. "But someone came in between and a guard felt that the man with the child was not behaving normally. So the child was not allowed to come aboard Benazir's vehicle."

Ms Bhutto is said to have told investigators she recalls the face of the man who was carrying the infant. She has asked to see recordings made by television news channels to try to identify the man.

From http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,22793111-25837,00.html

Anonymous said...

Dear najistani

Precisely. Violence is violence and its wrong. Racism, ignorance and hypocrisy are also wrong!

Im not sure why you posted the article! I tell you that harming people is wrong. You tell me that harming people is wrong. So, we agree on this point.

Then....(and this is where it becomes strange), you send in comments with lots of ignorant, incorrect, dodgy, ranting, and dangerous statements that show fear, loathing and incite hatred for muslims. It doesnt make sense!

I am desperately trying to understand where you are coming from and what points you are making because Im really (really, no really...) hoping that you have a point and youre not just ranting to make people think youre totally ignorant and without a clear agenda. I am assuming that senior members in the BNP are not inviting you to speak on their behalf at meetings anytime soon! I doubt youd have much success in giving a sound education to people like me and I fear that you may get laughed out of the room (which would be sad because I know youre trying to make a serious point, i just dont understand what it is).

What are you afraid of?
Is there a basis for your fear?
What will you be doing about it?
Does it involve harming other people (beyond the ways you currently harm them with your words)?

The Green Arrow said...

careful anon. I am not too sure about your last bit:

What are you afraid of?
Is there a basis for your fear?
What will you be doing about it?
Does it involve harming other people (beyond the ways you currently harm them with your words)?

It would seem to some readers that your are inviting a reply either condoning violence or inciting it.

Thin ice now my friend. I have no desire to censor.

BFB said...

Anon:"Dear BFB, can you set something up for people to send links and to attach photographs and documents?"

YES.It's called 'Battle For Britain' (or BFB for short)and I will gladly post your imaginary photo's, just send them to me personally at:


Looking forward!

najistani said...

Dear Anon,
I don't have a problem with Islam. Islam has a problem with me.

1) The Koran is the literal word of Allah, to be obeyed without question.

2) The Koran says 'Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them'

3) I am an unbeliever.

Anonymous said...

GA: Im very sorry to ask you what you mean but your thin ice statement isnt that clear. Are you saying that I cannot ask those questions? If so, why cant I ask those questions? Your website is about action and all I am doing is asking what action you take? Some of your commenters suggest that its policy led action that you will take (eg political policy). Other commenters hint at more extreme outcomes that go way beyond policy that is democratically decided upon. I was rather hoping that you could clear it up for me as to what exactly your calls to action involve. If people are saying that they think that violence is acceptable or okay to incite, then thats very bad indeed. I know that you say youre against violence GA but the problem is that your comments could inspire PRO GNP followers to become violent. That worries me. I know you are up for open postings but I was hoping that people could at least respond to the question without actually saying anything bad to harm your website.

Dear BFP: thanks for the website posting. I have some documents. Will you post them? They will list BNP members and conviction details.

Dear najistani: Do you have a massive ego? Even given your hateful comments against Islam previously, the concept, religion, philsophy and people that represent or follow islam cannot possibly all "have a problem" with you! I suspect that most muslims who follow islam have never even heard of you. If some have, and they have personal problems with you, it might be time to start altering the way that you interact with them and talk about them! Unfortunately you are highlighting a glaring fear but you provided me with no evidence that islam has a problem with you personally at all! I am taking you literally at your word as you appear to be taking the word of Allah. If you dont believe in Islam then you dont have to obey it do you? I dont think its helpful to take statements that arent acted upon by every muslim. If all muslims that followed islam were killers, more non muslims would be dead. And yet, in some parts of the country and the rest of the world we live side by side! I dont need to remind you that the Christian bible has written dreadful things about destruction to humanity. If you want to pursue this point, look at Exodus and the Corrintheans (excuse spelling). Clearly you are a non believer. I am a non believer too. I never have any problems in integrating and living alongside my muslim friends nor any other people from any other background and Ive lived inside of the UK for many years and in USA and have worked in many different areas around the world. Thus, my viewpoint is based real life experience. I dont follow Islam and Im certainly not afraid to question any aspect of it when I see fit to do so. I could debate far more calmly and with absolutely no insults from my muslim friends for instance.

The Green Arrow said...

anon. By the thin ice, I meant exactly that. You are clearly no fool. Misguided maybe but no fool.

I do not wish to see good men and women being entrapped into typing something in the heat of the moment that would make them and our cause seem violent.

Now would you do something for me and I will do something for you.

Either post a comment or send an email with a brief auto-biography of yourself and I will set you up a nice blog on wordpress for you to start your own peace movement. They are really easy to do.
By the way as manipulation of words and facts you seem to be rather adept yourself.

Anonymous said...

GA. Excellent and clear response. Thank you! I very much appreciate what you said and like you, I dont want anyone trapped by writing in the heat of the moment (and everyone does that at times). However, what is bothering me is the fact that anyone 'might' say something that is above the law in terms of their methods. IF someone is doing that, shouldnt they be either a. stopping (because you claim that BNP is not violent) or b. have the presense of forethought not to rant about it on a website?!

Interestingly, since you say youre against violence and hatred, would you report them to the police yourself?

You are of course correct. I am no fool. I am clearly really really annoying for your commenters but Im not an idiot or mad or any of the other insults. I would say that Im quite ordinary in that I give quite a lot of passion over to thinking about humanity as best advanced by peaceful means. I have plenty of experience of the world and I am a very intelligent woman and I consider that to be very ordinary too. Im not ashamed of it and Im not afraid of the fact that lots of insults may be fired off by commenters on the basis of my comment. If they can raise some other relevant points whilst insulting me, lets hear them.

It is most kind of you to offer to start a blog for me. However, Im not looking to start a peace movement or to get anyone else on board with me. Im simply seeking to understand you and your points better. I cant do that from another blog, and it is easy to at least open the debate here.

I really appreciate that you have better things to do than respond to me all the time but there are countless thousands who visit your web pages and if you share the same beliefs, they could put some time in!

One last point, I dont seek to manipulate my points. I think that I make them quite clearly and I purposefully try to stay away from basic copying and pasting of stories precisely to avoid manipulating people or inciting more fear in them.

BFB said...

Anon:"I have some documents. Will you post them?"

Of course I will, alongside the evidence being gathered at the 'Liars, Buggers and Thieves' blog (linked to on GA's blogroll).

BTW, if these documents are so damaging to the BNP why don't you just send them to the MSM?

You have my email addy...I can't wait!