Thursday, 8 November 2007

Castle ward by-election (Tamworth) results

Lynne Smith and her campaign team, as to be expected pulled out all the stoppers and knocked their knuckles raw to get the British National Party vote out in yesterdays council by-election.

Lynne Smith, like so many other mothers in Our sad Country stood for office because of fears for the future of her grandchildren.

Well at least 15% of Tamworth voters have seen the danger also. Not a bad result for a first time out.

The full results were as follows:

  • Labour 619 +2%
  • Tories 613 -8*
  • BNP 208 +14%
  • Lib Dem 95 -8%
May results were Con 917 Lab 736 LibDem 273

Well done Lynne. Say a big thank you to your activists and supporters and when you knock on the door of the voters next week, give another big thanks to those who had the intelligence to vote BNP.

With 15% of the vote able to swing almost every other parliamentary seat, you watch the rats start squealing now. The tide is turning but we still have a long way to go.


Anonymous said...

We seem to be getting average votes of around 10-15% pretty much everywhere now. It is good to see we pulled enough votes off the Tories to prevent that utterly squalid party of outright LIARS from winning. We have to stand in Tory-Labour marginal seats at the next election. Although I hate Labour with a burning passion I don't wish to see a virtualy identikit CONServative Party government with the same policies of staying in the EU, no real very susbtantial cut in immigration and no real deterrents to crime. Unfortunately, still too many people are convinced by the Tory liars and we have to make them see the error of their ways. Its time to BURY the CONServative Party.

Anonymous said...

It isn't a 14% swing to the BNP if the BNP never stood there before, GA.

Not bad, but this kind of result is getting to be a regular thing.

Anonymous said...

208 see the meaning of freedom of speach keep up the good work

Nemo said...

good work Lynn

Anonymous said...

Presumably they "knocked their knuckles raw" by dragging them along the pavement?

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Oh Another anon bottle merchant with a pathetic comment. Cant you pathetic Marxist trash think of something genuine to say.

Hope to see you at Blackpool shivering in the pissing rain shouting your stupid childish slogans.


Whitelightning said...

I always like to read the odd comment left on nationalist sites by the screaming left, they are always true to form, never debates, just insults. Is this because the type of moron that gets involved with the "antifash" are unable to discourse and only able to shout out their robotic phrases, or turn to childish rhetoric?. Of course it could be that there are only a few of them who have a grasp of this country's language, and are unable to enter into anything but basic conversation (imported Labour voters perhaps??..or dopeheads). Anyway one thing is for sure, that despite their inability to articulate, they do keep the blogs lively and homourous with their out of touch claptrap. So thanks Lynne for doing a good job for us all, and thanks leftie "knuckledragger" for your wit and wisdom (not). By the way, can we leave some comments on their websites...NO, of course not, that might just provoke some real discussion and blow some of the fibs their leaders feed them with lol !!

Anonymous said...

The unwashed anal farce are obsessed with you GA,it seems they dislike anyone capable of telling the truth ;something they would'nt notice even if it bit them on their user friendly backsides.

I had to laugh at Ketlans attempts to raise funds to support his illicit moonlighting,the poor souls have been taken in and are pledging their benefit cheques and pocket money,oh dear they're gullible as well as stupid.

KEEP FIGHTING/llamedos14

The Green Arrow said...

It seems your right there sod em all 14.

But you have given me an idea. Thank you.

Keep an eye out for an hat tip:)

Anonymous said...

plastic Cameron gets his well deserved slap round the face for slamming the BNP and Enoch.

he took us for fools, he paid the price!

who wants a cheap fake watch that doesnt tell the time or reduce immigrant numbers like blue labour when you can have the real British values party - the BNP!