Saturday, 3 November 2007

Pete Doherty and Emily Nakanda Love Music Hate Racism

Love Music Hate Racism - Way to go girlfriend

There is a sad organisation that you may have heard of called Love Music Hate Racism who seem to think that by bending over backwards like Pete Doherty and listening to gangsta rap music singing "kill whitey", will make the True Brits love the fact that Our Country, is(has) been colonised by cultures completely alien to our own civilised society. The stuff they smoke and snort has obviously damaged what little brains they have.

Their main page holds up the slug Doherty of Babyshambles as a role model in their fight against the normal people of the world. Just what are they on? Check out a brief background of Pete here. Such esteem is this sad youth held in, that the Crown Prosecution Service, probably on the instructions of their political masters refuse to charge him for his numerous drunken and drug fueled rampages that he carries out on a regular basis and given him a "Get out of Jail Free" card that he can use it at will. I wonder what they will do about his latest revelations?

Because, now it turns out that their role model is not only a self confessed homosexual but also a thief and drug dealer. LMHR, certainly knows how to pick em.

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY has shocked fans by boasting he worked as a homosexual prostitute and drug dealer to fuel his drug addictions, before he shot to fame in his former band THE LIBERTINES.

The wild singer confesses he was so desperate for money to fund his cocaine and heroin habits, he worked as a rent boy and once robbed a gay client after tying him up at his home.

Doherty, who now fronts new band BABYSHAMBLES, also admits he hid bundles of $95 (GBP50) notes in a fridge to set up illegal drug deals.
If you have a strong stomach you can view images of Pete kissing Elton John here.

On top of that, the sweetheart of the chattering classes, Emily Nakanda, the wannabee eye surgeon has also been revealed now, as also being a violent racist in a nothing happy about slapping video of her attacking a small blonde white girl. Way to go girl. Love Music Hate Racism.

So for all you people who landed here searching google for information on Emily and Pete, wake up to the real world and check out some of the other pages and learn about the real things in life that matter. Love Music Hate Racism is the true fascist organisation and seeks to destroy freedom of speech and democracy. Word.

There is only one band to join these days and that is the British National Party. Have you got the balls to be different to the sheep people?

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Anonymous said...

Just doing what they do best.....violence,hatred,cowardice and racism is entrenched within their culture,what more evidence do you need.What goes around comes around and this vile pathetic creature will, i hope one day reap the whirlwind.