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America, Serbia and the EU

Since when has America determined the Foreign Policy for the European Union? In fact what right has the European Union got to determine foreign policy for the United Kingdom?

No right. Neither of them has any right to the above. But we, the sheep people let them.

But if you go read this , then you will see that America is indeed changing the shape of Europe in the globalist plans for the New World Order and makes the following statement:

"The only way for all Serbs to live in one political entity was (the former) Yugoslavia and then Serbian nationalists destroyed it,"

"The question for Serbia is not whether they (its leaders) try to keep a hold on Kosovo because (late president Slobodan) Milosevic lost that,"

Serbia destroyed nothing. We destroyed Serbia and handed over Kosovo to the Cult of the Dead Paedophile (may he rot in hell). Originally Kosovo was a Christian Country and has a brave history of resisting the evil from the east.

During the 2nd World War, when the Serbs supported us, the Moslem population was 10%, during the theft of Kosovo, the Muslims had through birth and illegal immigration risen to 40%. Now they are 90% of the population and are slaughtering Christians daily. Soon they will be 100% and then like rats in a barrel they will turn on each other.

And still we allow our political masters to betray one of our greatest and loyal friends in the history against the war against Islam. Please take the time out to read a previous post and follow the links here. The west demanded an apology from Serbia, you can read a patriots response here. If I was an Aussie I would say; "Good on you mate". Being British a simple; "Well said", will have to suffice.

I have taken the liberty of cut n' pasting the following letter from the British National Party site and have added it below.

I would just like to bring to your attention that within 3 weeks we could well be facing a full blown international crisis with the lib/lab/con as usual supporting islamic terror. So much for the 'war on terror'.
Our Christian allies, the Serbs were brutally attacked in an alliance largely at the instance of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton who between them armed, trained and financed a rabble of islamic terrorists and then mobilised NATO on their behalf. We bombed the Serbs from 30,000 feet for 78 days and nights, destroying the infrastructure of their nation and inflicting cluster bombs and DU ordinance upon them.
Kosovo is the spiritual heartland of Serbia. It has been systematically colonised by islamic Albanians just as Britain is being infiltrated and occupied today.
It is now proposed, largely at the instigation of Britain and the USA, that Kosovo should be, totally illegally under international law, recognised as a separate sovereign state after declaring its own independence. Russia and many EU states are, quite rightly, completely opposed to this, not least because of the international precedent of such a move. How long before an independent islamic state of South Yorkshire is declared? It is madness.
Kosovo under the islamic terror lords who control it, is a criminal state. The European base for the trafficking of drugs from Afghanistan into the Europe and across the world. The hotbed of human trafficking and every sort of criminal activity. It is also Saudi funded with mosques rising everywhere as historic Christian churches are burned and blown up. It is a hardline jihadist state. And this is the State the entire lib/lab/con support being created in the underbelly of Europe. A terrorist base for the wahhabist attack on the largely defenceless european people including Britain. Its recognition is an act of Christian and western suicide and shows how false are the claims of our politicians to be against the islamification of Europe and the creation of Eurabia.
If Kosovo is recognised the Bosnian Serbs will also declare their independence and will probably be bombed 'back into the stone age' by NATO for their trouble. After all they are Christian.
This crisis is set to blow up within the next few weeks with Russia and the USA in direct confrontation. This is a good site to understand the situation. If you can stomach it, just take a look at the beheaded Serbs - beheaded by our islamic 'friends'. This is what NATO acted as the air power for and these are the people we are going to break international law to recognise. And remember the Serbs died in their hundreds of thousands as a front line in the second world war fighting for the allied cause. Both Croatia and Albania were Nazi and even the Germans were sickened by their excesses.
Many Serbs were murdered and beheaded during the war over Kosovo not least in the entire surrounding area of Sebrenica - which was actually an islamic terrorist base. That is why the Serbs over ran it and did indeed kill about one thousand of these terrorists as they fled. The rest, like the mass graves and ethnic cleansing of Kosovo by the SERBS is now proven myth. That is except the 700,000 Serbs ethnically cleansed from their own territories in Kosovo and the Krajina with the collusion of the entire lib/lab/con in Britain.
You know the truth. When you will help make it known?


Anonymous said...

GA: Know you are busy but when you get time, please can you specify where you get your demographic percentages from in terms of the country composition for this posting? Thank you. Louise.

The Green Arrow said...

Yes. I have the links somewhere. I will dig them out. It is just I know them from memory.

The Green Arrow said...

Here is one

"Kosovo's 90-percent ethnic Albanian majority wants to break away from Serbia, which offered them autonomy."

The others links I believe can be found in previous posts on Kosovo which you can search on.

When I have time I will get the links to the others because I shall need them in the future.

Anonymous said...

GA: Thanks, much appreciated.

najistani said...

Emerging Kosovo
Kosovo Emerging as Bastion of Radical Islam

Oh!! Shit....

yorkielass said...

I first became interesested in the facts of what really happened to Yugoslavia and why after seeing a 10.000 brigade dressed in what looked like Arab clothing marching in Bosnia. The photograph was in in the times during the 90s.
Also later a photo of Clinton head bowed paying respect in front of an Al-Qaeda monument paid partly for by the USA.Then a Canadian who at the time of the NATO bombing was an MP he was asked later about the so called concentration camps,his reply to the question was...Like Saddam had WMDs.
We were played like violins into that war, then into Iraq even Afghanistan was more about oil pipelines than anything else.
Now they first demonize the Iranian leader just has they did with the Serb and Iraqie leaders, softening us all up to play and dance to their tune. It is everyones duty to search out the truth.Would you hand over London or Bradford over to muslim rule? that's what they ask the Serbs to do by making Kosovo independent it's also illegal.
We need an Islamic state in Europe like we need a hole in the head.Germany instigated with the help of Washington the war we just tagged along as per usual.
The EU fears Nationalism and the nation state. Under eu law soon to deny the concentration camps ever existed in the 1990s war will become a criminal offense. [In a July 27, 2000 article, we mocked NATO's claims (1) that it was trying to stop KLA attacks on inner Serbia. In 'Pentagon Dogs' (2) our writer charged that NATO is administering this KLA assault. Now according to the BBC, NATO diplomats admit NATO is supporting the terrorist invasion but claim that this is the result of "decisions taken before the change of government [i.e., the Oct. 5th coup] in Yugoslavia." So let's see: NATO thought it was trying to stop the terrorists though in fact it was supporting them and after that, it forgot to stop. Right. - E.C.].

The BBC Reports:: "The sources said that certain Nato-led K-For forces were not preventing the guerrillas taking mortars and other weapons into the exclusion zone

"The guerrilla units had been able to hold exercises there, including live-firing of weapons, despite the fact that K-For patrols the zone

"Western special forces were still training the guerrillas, as a result of decisions taken before the change of government in Yugoslavia " (From BBC story, below.)

BBC article begins here:

Monday, 29 January, 2001, 16:27 GMT Kostunica warns of fresh fighting

Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica has warned that "fresh fighting" could soon break out again between Serb and ethnic Albanian forces.

Vojislav Kostunica

Mr Kostunica, who was attending the World Economic Forum in Davos over the weekend, cancelled a major speech and rushed back to Belgrade because of what he described as a "new threat to stability" in southern Serbia.

The past week has seen the most serious violence in the region since last November, when four Serb policemen were killed by suspected Albanian guerrillas fighting for the independence of three Albanian-populated towns near the Kosovo border.

K-For troops patrol a border security zone

Four Serb soldiers were wounded on Sunday, and one was killed on Friday in the same region - the Presevo valley.

UN special co-ordinator for the Balkans Carl Bildt told the BBC that the Presevo situation was "the most serious threat to stability in the Balkans, and there is very little awareness or attention to what is about to explode".

UN concern

The BBC's Nik Gowing in Davos has been shown evidence by foreign diplomatic sources that the guerrillas now have several hundred fighters in the 5km-deep military exclusion zone on the boundary between Kosovo and the rest of Serbia.

The sources said that:

Certain Nato-led K-For forces were not preventing the guerrillas taking mortars and other weapons into the exclusion zone

The guerrilla units had been able to hold exercises there, including live-firing of weapons, despite the fact that K-For patrols the zone

Western special forces were still training the guerrillas, as a result of decisions taken before the change of government in Yugoslavia

Guerrilla leaders had now taken over from political leaders in many Albanian villages within the zone

They now controlled the heights overlooking the villages of Presevo and Bujanovac Our correspondent says Yugoslav officials are concerned that Albanian actions may reach the point where the Yugoslav military - which currently supports Mr Kostunica - will insist on entering the security zone, creating another Albanian refugee crisis.

*** (C) BBC. Reprinted for Fair Use Only.

Further Reading

1) 'Who is Behind Terrorist Attacks on 'Serbia Proper'?

2) 'Pentagon Dogs' by Tika Yankovich at


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