Tuesday, 20 November 2007

If you want to see Our Future

Now this is going to take a little imagination but please bear with me. Imagine for a second that White South Africa was Our Country. Forget apartheid for the moment.

It is a beautiful country, with problems but nothing that cannot be solved. Then imagine that multiculturalism comes along and the White population are then totally swamped by immigrants from, in Africa's case surrounding countries looking for a better life.

In Our Country's case the immigrants are from all over the entire world. Not so much immigration rather invasion.

Well what will the end result be down the road? Well I can show you. The reason I have posted no images is to let you discover, without warning, what fate will befall Our Cities and eventually Our Country, when we the True Brits lose our country and become the minority.

Go here. You might have to use the back button now and again as the server appears to be flakey. But take time out to visit every page, read every comment and follow all the links to what could well be a glimpse of our future.

If do want to go back in time to 1984 or live in the mad future of Mega City One, then you had better start supporting the British National Party. Our only White Hope.


Anonymous said...

It is supreme lack of forethought to make any comparison of our future in the UK to anything going on in any other country. You simply cannot compare geography, history, social circumstance, population, demographic, economy, policy, health, education, migration (in or out), crime or any other detail EN MASSE in the way that you have here! You might draw similarities where you have evidence (and your evidence is pretty sketchy!) sure - but your blanket predictions and fears are just that. The truth and fact is that you:

1. cannot be sure of your accurate predictions occurring (and if you can, give us precise dates, events and figures please)

2. you cannot compare the theft of south africa from blacks and the resultant deconstruction from white oppressive rule to migration in the uk. different coutries. different circumstances.

why do you use incorrect words like 'invasion'? there is no invasion. there is no 'swamping'. there is increased movement in and out of the country however. its not so terrible. it adds to the flavour of our country. i like human beings. i like different. im white. im british and i welcome travel, experience and love for my fellow human being. so, why dont you stick to facts or at least informed articles. the quality here is appalling! no wonder most commenters write fear-driven panic type statements full of nothing substantial. if you have a set of arguments that you can back up, lets hear 'em! I have visited your other sites and just as bad. you are selling potential and actual BNP members down the river here. the problem is that they are probably so comfortable in ranting that they'll simply see fault with what I have said RATHER than consider how to increase the quality of their arguments. griffin is just as bad! honestly, get some brains behind this!

BFB said...

Lambeth (where I live)is already going down this road. The end of my road (Gleneagle road, Streatham) is now known as 'Somali City' by the remaining white locals, for reasons I shouldn't need to go into.

Ignore 'Anon' above, he/she is just trying to defend the destruction of of one of the finest civilizations the world has ever known by using clever little phrases such as "it is not so terrible"...his/her opinion, and nothing else.

Anon, you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear - or words to that effect - so don't even go there!

You are a very articulate individual, it's just a shame that you choose to articulate such a load of self-righteous bullshit (ever considered using capital letters at the beginning of each sentence?)

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, is that it? the total sum of your points?! Wow. No wonder youre so scared! And no, im not bothered necessarily about my sentence construction. Im dyslexic, I live with it. I think that the choice of words are important here, not whether I missed off some capital letters and may make spelling errors!). As a matter of fact, I do think that my arguments are right and morally based. Im not apologising for having a moral understanding and neither should you! My arguments are also justifiable. Does that make me self-righteous? Possibly, probably. Who cares? Why dont you lay out your points clearly so we can have a better understanding for a debate? I am trying here! Lets be 'aving yah, what are your points exactly?!

Anonymous said...

Eek...I hate to points something out but the Arabs and their muslim nation were practising philosophy and mathematics (quick! abandon the use of numbers...it came from arab sources!!) before the greeks. pick up a book! Surely if we were one of the finest civilisations we would be in some sort of advanced and progressive stage of human social development then wouldnt have this stagnant attitude from people like you. We would be so advanced, we would have got a handle on tolerance, peace and 'all shoulders together' to progress as productively as possible. You and your pettyness and poor arguments are not advancing us at all! Also, GA has already pointed out that the cheap import of goods is disgusting but our prior state that you herald so much did just that (we stole and raped other nations of all their goods and profited from it). There is a bigger issue here than I first realised. You cant even agree amongst yourselves!!

The Green Arrow said...

Anon, I am not one for checking for typos or peoples spelling. It is the content that I concern myself with.

Should I choose to, you and I could go round and round in circles and I am afraid after many years of doing that with other people, I have come to realise it just sucks up my time.

Unlike the red sites which do not allow comments from BNP supporters, you can say what you like on this blog providing it is not threatening or obscene. So carry on if you wish. If anyone wishes to respond they will.

Could I point you to three links on the right which may or may not interest you. The first is the UK Enrichment News, which highlights the crimes committed by colonisers, the second The Fallen are those True Brits who would be alive today if it was not for multiculturalism and the third, Liars Buggers and Thieves highlights the crimminal activities of the Lib/Lab/CON politicans.

I do not mean to be rude but can afford to spend no more time on you.

Anonymous said...

GA, thank you for your links, shall check them out.

Also, I fully understand that you cannot spend anymore time on responding to my comments. I appreciate the time that you have taken so far and the fact that you have sought to look beyond name calling to respond properly (thank you). I am sure you are very busy maintaining the website.

A second issue where we happen to agree it seems is regarding freedom of speech. Because its so inflammatory and unhelpful, I generally choose to come at a debate as logically as possible. Petty insults are pathetic and often linked to those who dont have a point in the first place. Mr Griffin was recently refused attendance at a speech and although I would have gone along to debate, question and challenge all day long, I was against the decision not to allow him to attend. Freedom of speech is a right, not an opinion or priviledge to hand out when deemed appropriate. I want to hear what you say even if I dont like it. I want to be able to challenge it. Im glad you allow commenters to say what they want to say, even if you dont like it. Im glad that you are able to challenge it. Thats fair enough!

BFB said...

Anon said:"Petty insults are pathetic and often linked to those who dont have a point in the first place."

So what did you mean by "get some brains behind this", was it intended as a compliment?

And what about "pick up a book"? What is that if not a "petty insult"?

As for the 'typo' thingy, I was just pointing out that lengthy comments are far easier to read if the author bothers to use the correct grammar/punctuation, although I do acknowledge that typo's are inevitabol.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14:16; The first recorded zero is attributed to the Babylonians in the 3rd century BC. A long period followed when no one else used a zero place holder. But then the Mayans, halfway around the world in Central America, independently invented zero in the fourth century CE. The final independent invention of zero in India was long debated by scholars, but seems to be set around the middle of the fifth century. It spread to Cambodia around the end of the 7th century. From India it moved into China and then to the Islamic countries. Zero finally reached western Europe in the 12th century.

You appear to be quite taken with Islam. If you're in the mood for a little more research try the following for starters:



I used to think like you. That is until I got to live the diversity dream. The area I live in is a pale shadow of it's former self. Perhaps a comparison with South Africa is a little extreme but make no mistake England is in slow decline.

BFB said...

Anon (14:16), before you start lecturing us all about the origins of mathematics, you should acquaint yourself with the Nebra Disc.It is the earliest known representation of the Earth's place in the solar system.It has been dated to 3600 BC (older than the Great Pyramid)and was discovered in.....Germany!



"The sensation lies in the fact that the Bronze Age people managed to harmonize the solar and lunar years. We never thought they would have managed that,"

Indeed, they couldn't have done it without an advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics... centuries before the Arabs learned to count!

Pick up a book...(-;

Anonymous said...

Dear BFB,

"The meaningless nothing"

My postings yesterday weren't intended to be lectures about mathematics. Clearly, I am just as unqualified to do that as you are!

The spirit if you like about my point was with regard to the concept of civilisation. We can all make claim to this country or that country having origins in being fine civilisations. Many countries and peoples have made that claim, including Arabs and the English.

I understand the scarcasm in your questionning as to what I meant when I said you need to get some brains behind the BNP - but to be clear.....No, it wasnt a compliment! It was more of a plea actually. Anyway, you are here now and alongside GA, you'll both do (maybe you should take senior positions in the BNP and encourage that they take your shared agenda a little more seriously).

Similarly, when I said "pick up a book". It wasnt an insult! It was a request! Until you two arrived, the quality of the response to my comments was utterly atrocious! Would you agree that you both were more helpful than the ranters?

Im not really interested in why you chose to comment on my typos. I try to type as well as I can. I try to be very careful indeed about my command of the english language and consequently, my choice of words. I do make mistakes. I would be a liar if I denied it. Im not apologising for it because I think its a better fault to have than to peddle hate and not even have the balls or ovaries to acknowledge it!

Am I taken by Islam? You suggest that I am. I would question that (especially since you have very little evidence about any of my feelings towards Islam in the first instance). So far, my comments have not been about portraying any particular support of Islam. I think that the difference is that I havent been ranting about it. Nor have I been hurtful or harmful to the people who practice Islam. To be honest , if you were destructive towards Christianity, Judaism, or anyone else in the manner to which you are and have been, then I would be questionning you. You see, its not that Im pro-Islam, its that im not anti-islam. I dont like violence. I can illustrate my point with evidence. Yesterday GA posted an article about a calendar and the UAF. He alledgely pasted a section from the UAF page that suggested violence towards the BNP. I was anti that violence. I dont care who you are and where youre from, I do not think that violence is productive. I think its an outrageous insult that your aim and objective in the BNP fosters violence and you organisation knows this. But Im still going to defend your right to freedom of speech and hope that 1. you exercise this by being humane to others. 2. you dont seek to insult me for raising the point. Its a gross failing of extreme groups like the BNP. More pitiful is the fact that you dont seem to be able to see that these groups are all as bad as each other!

BFB, I dont think that you know enough from my postings to know that you used to think like me. Id appreciate it if you could challenge that thought yourself. Its blatantly obvious that you dont think that way now and I dont really seek alignment to someone who says they thought like me and cannot do it now. You are either intelligent or you conduct a mediocre google search but either way, you dont think like me now and I can guarentee that you dont have the same experiences in life that I have. If you did, you would never have become involved in racism. Not everyone who has lived with diversity considers it decline.

It was coming...you knew it:)......

My understanding like yours refers to the heterogenous (or diverse) development of mathematics. What I said about the Arabs does not distract from your helpful history lesson summary. I understood that whilst others had invented and were using the principles of mathematics, the Arabs played a key role in promoting the easier "use of numbers" (as I stated yesterday). Literally speaking, the Arab use of numerals simplified mathematics and the application of numbers into their general useage (eg equal sharing of inherited land, counting goods and so on). Performing calculations by using other systems such as Roman numberals renders everyday use of mathematics very difficult indeed. Essentially, I believed that the Arabs played a key role in translating mathematics into a format that makes sense for you and I. I refer back to the ethic of my point regarding Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khawarazmi that I made yesterday.......The Arabs have long considered themselves a fine civilisation. Regardless of whether you acknolwedge their role in scholarly pursuits or not. Regardless as to whether you hate them or not. Regardless as to whether you are scared of them or not. We can all make claims to being great civilisations but essentially its about how progressie we are in seeking a solution that suits humanity. If youre not interested in that, youre not that civilised!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you seemed to have confused my response to you with BFB's. I'm not a member of the BNP though I do have some sympathy with them. I've lived my whole life surrounding by multiculturalism, gone on anti-racism marches and always voted Labour. Looking around what's left of English culture in my home city I bitterly regret ever having voted Labour. Mass immigration and multiculturism have both been a huge mistake. The biggest mistake of all is allowing Islam to take root in this country. It is a deelpy fllawed belief system quite unlike any other religion in the world.

Claiming any Islamic 'civilisation' can lay claim to being described as great shows a woeful lack of knowledge on your part.


I don't consider myself racist in any way. Looking around at the numerous negatives that immigration has wrought on this country, exposing them and resisting any further immigration is not racist. I don't consider the policies of the BNP racist. Seeing as there's no other party who are willing to take this matter seriously I will most likely vote for them at the next opportunity. Please don't talk about extremism when we have a government who has overseen massive levels of unnecessary and unwelcome immigration without any real debate or mandate. Indeed anyone attempting to discuss the matter has been actively suppressed or berated. I love Britain with all my heart and to see it being so casually destroyed is soul destroyimg.

BFB said...

Anon (22:41)

Thanks for pointing out that 'Anon' has confused your comments with mine. I wonder what else this poor soul is confused about ( and whether it is worth any more of my time debating with him/her).

I mean, if he/she lacks the basic ability to discriminate between two completely different commenters (which is understandable given the many thousands of comments being posted) then how much more of my time am I expected to set aside to such a person?

I don't mind reminding him/her to use capital letters as a matter of common courtesy. Neither do I mind referring him/her to the Nebra Disc.

But having to point out that there is an obvious difference between 'Anon' and 'BFB' is, quite frankly, stretching my patience to breaking point.

Anonymous said...

Relax BFB, it was a simple error. I wouldnt be getting all bent out of shape because yorue right, it is obvious that yours and the other person's comments are differently titled. My eyes read over it and because the standard was almost the same ,I hadnt spotted the difference. For goodness sake, dont pretend that you have never made any mistakes here when you admitted to your typos yesterday! I think you said that typos were inevitable non? Are you ever consistenly decent? Or just plain nasty whenever it takes your fancy?

Notwithstanding this, I massively appreciate both of you for your time in setting me straight! For the record, I will probably make other reading mistakes in the future. Im human and normal. Im certainly not going to apologise for it! Its horrendous that you are so small minded today BFB to point this out but dont have any problems with the inaccuracies, inconsistencies and downright manipulations of your own racist comments.

Anon: Your pasting of a website link does nothing to deconstruct my points or to evidence your claim that I have a woeful lack of knowledge. You provided a helpful summary from your searches and in being so detailed, you totally failed to see the point I was making about civilisations. And in your response today, you fail to see the point again. My issue with one of the commenters yesterday pretending that the Brits were such an amazing civiliation was that if we are that wonderful and progressive in our civilisations, why havent we reached a better understanding of humanity? Why dont we truly advance, not through conflict but through cooperation and tolerance?

However, since you ARE responding to my mathematics/civilisation point,....Arabs CAN make claim to having a civilisation regardless of any other claims that are being made by other civilisations! The history of human civilisation has occurred through many different groupings over many different periods. Whether civilisations are wondeful entities or not is another matter! But are you denying them their history now as well?! Only yesterday you admitted the role of Arabs (I think you specified Islam) and today you are denying it?

However, Anon: regardless of the above responses, thank you for explaining the basis of your fear about your perception that Britain is being destroyed in todays posting.

I wondered if you can tell me how you define the term 'racist'? Also, do you think that the Labour party are responsible for multiculturalism and immigration? I certainly do not share your views but I appreciate your honesty and I wondered if you knew that every single elected government in the uk has shaped the policies concerning migration and multiculturalism. But even more importantly, multiculturalism has always existed in the UK. Is it multiculturalism thats a problem? OR, is it non-white multiculturalism thats a problem? There are traditions and practices shared by groups all over England, Cornwall, North and South Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you add that to the fact that other peoples have shipped in, out and around the whole of the UK since the beginning of time, youd really understand that multiculturalism has existed. Im not attacking you for your belief but I am questionning whether the terms that are being used here by all of the commenters (including me) are simply disagreeing about the route origins/definitions of terms.

BFB said...


Why not just simply state: "I love diversity/multiculti" and spare us all the overly long self-ego stroking.

I don't like DIEversity/Multiculti...The End!

BFB is signing off from this particular thread.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Diversity means having different groups co-existing does it not.Which equates to multiculturalism as we recognise it today.

Therefore your argument"unity in diversity" is flawed because for them to remain different they can't merge.

Open your eyes to segregated Britain borne out of multiculturalism,a divided nation is a weak nation just what our Labour dictatorship ordered,your leaders are the only ones to benefit from the cesspit and division they've created not the ordinary British public .