Sunday, 18 November 2007

Asda price fixing

Have a slap on the botty, you naughty, naughty price fixing scum, Asda

It is understandable why big business loves the current relationship they currently enjoy with the Liebour Party.

It does not matter what fraud or crimes they commit. The worst that can happen is that they will receive a smack on the wrist and a derisory fine that will be passed onto the consumers. For the UAF readers, that word consumers means you.

We have seen British Airlines get away with a fine for price fixing, Virgin Gayways escaped their fine by grassing up BA.

We have had the game show companies and even the BBC get away with fixing results whilst coining it in off the public.

And now, just to prove that their credentials, Asda is cooperating with the authorities in order to reduce their fine for price fixing.

Their collusion has already cost consumers over £270 million pounds. The fine will be peanuts. You and I will pay it. Asda will find another scam, sack True British workers and replace them with immigrant workers and the Unions who are now in league with The Project will say nothing.

Well one day, they will all be brought to justice and then it is bread and water all round for the in-crowd.

If you want to be around for that day then start voting British National Party.

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Anonymous said...

what is a true british worker?! did you know that migration is not a crime? why dont current workers join a union to protect themselves from unfair dismissal? if there isnt one, start one! if i join the BNP do i have to be a racist biggot?