Friday, 23 November 2007

Do you think this is just a ploy?

Schoolgirl beheaded for being a Christian - Courtesy of the Religion of Peace

Reposted as part of Islam Awareness Week

Do you think that the daily bombardment you read about on blogs such as this attacking Islam is just a ploy to increase the votes of the British National Party?

Do you think we hate people that much that we attack them at every opportunity for no reason?

Well I can assure you it is not a ploy and hatred is something we cannot afford.

I and thousands of bloggers all over the world are watching and reading everything we can about what this Cult of Evil is doing. We must do it, even when it involves having to watch stomach churning murders by these vultures of death. We bear witness to their crimes against humanity.

If you want to turn a feeling that perhaps Sharia Law might not be quite right for Our Country into an ice cold resolve to prevent that, then go view this video at LiveLeak.

I warn you it is not for the squeamish but it will open your eyes as to what to expect from this Cult Of the Dead Paedophile if it is allowed to dominate our culture. Better still just take my word for it. I would not want to view it, given a choice.

Forget what the "Moderate Moslems" say. They count for nothing in the eyes of the "True Moslems". We are at War. Join the BNP and fight. Fight for your children if not yourself.

Stop these things happening in Our Country. Vote for the British National Party. The only party that will ensure the cancer shown in the video is cut from our nation body.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Good post, and good practice in showing us the picture, because rather than shy away from it and have you lambasted for showing this, I give you a pat on the back, because it tells the truth. If anyone should say something negative about your picture here, pass them along my way.

Dave said...

A picture says more than a thousand words, I cannot express my total disgust at the actions of these people if they can be called that. They are beneath contempt.

Anonymous said...

I find it VERY interesting that the BBC chose today's PM programme to feature an interview with a "reformed" islamist muslim who has turned away from the path of fanaticism and instead turned to "moderate" islam at some considerable risk to himself.

Hearing him speak, I couldn't help thinking I'd heard the story before from those 'rescued' from the cult of Sun Myung Moon.

It really IS worth a listen on the 'listen again' slot, because here we have a follower of islam explaining how he was targetted and groomed for fundamentalism, something that took him YEARS to shake off. Cheers JOG

The Green Arrow said...

If you would like write a review of it, I am sure we would all like to read your opinions.

Anonymous said...

GA - if you can suggest somewhere that I can upload 8M of Ogg Vorbis Sound File you can hear the whole interview which I've just grabbed from 'Listen Again'.

The main points: The guy was clearly recruited by opportunist radical islamist clerics playing on his sense of outrage at the killing of european followers of islam in the serbia - croatia - kosovo ethnic cleansings. He says radical clerics played to this saying things like 'white blonde muslims are being killed for their belief so what chance do you have'. A message this chap says was very powerful for a 16 year old feeling vulnerable and disenfranchised in society. He was encouraged to turn away from what he terms 'mainstream ' mosques and attend instead at ones leaning towards extremist islamic views. He says his parents tried to turn him back to what he now considers 'mainstream' islam but his radical friends said this was a challenge set to him by allah, and his parents were not true muslims.

He goes on to say plenty more, including how the radical sects encouraged him to think of non muslims as dehumanised, and we all know where that's heading, straight to those videos at liveleak, showing how those clearly skilled at halal slaughter get to butcher the dehumanised with gusto.

It's a REALLY interesting interview because it shows how the imams have targetted those they wish to groom to their way of thinking. It is EXACTLY the same technique as used in those wierd so-called christian sects we hear about from time to time, from whom (usually american) kids are rescued by specialist deprogrammers.

Anonymous said...

This is what the 'religion of peace and tolerance' has planned for us if we don't wake-up and vote for the BNP in vast numbers! Islam isn't merely another religion; it's a death cult. Nearly everywhere around the world where there is trouble it is muslims that are involved in it. In France, the Muslims have threatened they will riot if Sarkozy is elected President!

jamal said...

this picture is over a year old, so why post it now. How many are killed by US/UK troops in Iraq??

najistani said...

Here's a nice video but it doesn't really do much in the opening 80 seconds until you get to the first human sacrifice to Allah. Enjoy and celebrate diversity!

The Green Arrow said...

But Jamal that photo was not taken in Iraq. It could have been taken anywhere in the world where the cancer of the cult of Mohammed as been allowed to take root.

Hegira is coming.

celtic morning said...

And to think that for the last sixty years British politicians have allowed , encouraged even , these barbarians to live among us . Nick Griffin stood trial twice for pointing out the fact that islam was a religion of hatred and violence . If we allow the cancer of islam to spread any deeper into Britain then God help our children . Civilised people couldnt treat an animal like that , these savages have never left the dark ages - and never will . Isolate them and let them stew in their own filth . Rid the western world of this malignant infection . GA , we owe you a huge debt for bringing us these facts so that we may know our enemy and prepare to defeat him accordingly .

Anonymous said...

"this picture is over a year old, so why post it now. How many are killed by US/UK troops in Iraq??"

This comment illustrates everything that's wrong with our current understanding of mohometanism. It didn't happen last week, so it's not a real problem (like moslems not being allowed to make moslem prayer in a Catholic church, for example), and since it's old let's just forget about it and pretend battlefield killings of adult soldiers (who are there with intent to serve and knowledge that they might die) are much much worse than the murder of three schoolgirls for simply being Christian. Schoolgirls. That means children.

I can't see how belittling this can ever be a good thing, if not actively an evil thing.

Dee said...

Jamal, you moron. Beheadings, stonings, amputations, hangings, floggings and other atrocities go on constantly in those barbaric reaches of the planet! You know that. It's just like Leftists like you to whine about Coalition troops who are over there trying to restore order to a lawless region and instate democracy when these brutes are hacking off people's heads.

Anonymous said...

Those beheadings of three Christian schoolgirls were carried out in Indonesia as the girls walked to school. The story was covered on Jihadwatch and a Christian news site at the time.
Several Muslim men were apprehended for this abomination and if memory serves, did not receive harsh sentences.


Anonymous said...

Here's a more up to date (today)story for you.

najistani said...

These beheadings are performed as a religious ritual to please Allah. In Jihad-Snuff videos when the infidel's head is severed it is held up to shouts of "Allah Akhbar" from the assembled congregation.

Let's be quite clear about this, Muslims practice human sacrifice of kuffars to please their demonic deity.

Jihad-snuff videos are widely distributed in mosques ( ) and young Muslims bring themselves off by watching them.

I fear it is only a matter of time before Satanic human sacrifice again takes place in Britain 2000 years after the Romans eradicated it.

In fact the first case (which was hushed up by the MSM) may already have occurred -

Anonymous said...

Pure fantasy mohammed akin to the uaf fiasco,Garside however takes that fantasy to another level judging by her account"c/p" on icpersonals"btw ketlan is dickless but worshippers like to think

najistani said...


"Many ancient peoples believed in sacrificing a child to an angry god like Moloch or Baal in order to avert misfortune. Today, thousands of Muslims believe that sacrificing their children as ‘suicide’ bombers in a crowd of people pleases their God Allah. More, Islamic terrorists invite the death of children by placing their military and political headquarters in residential areas which they know their enemies will strike.”

Folks, is this not an obvious, if horrid--and therefore denied--truth about mankind in general and the Islamic world in particular? The author concludes his piece on a pessimistic note, speculating that “if the current intellectuals’ project of undermining the Biblical traditions of the Western world continues unabated..., rather than embracing some new, ‘enlightened’ philosophy which previous generations were supposedly too dull to conceive or practice, likely we will wind up with ancient paganism instead.”


najistani said...


"Girl beheaded in human sacrifice
The Milli Gazette Online

New Delhi: Three people, one a tantric, have been charged with murder after pouring boiling oil over a four-and-a-half-year-old girl before beheading her as part of a religious sacrifice, police said on 17 June. The tantric and two accomplices were arrested Wednesday at Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. The body of the girl, named Surjo, was found in a field the previous day. She had been "beheaded, her fingers cut off and her hair burnt to a cinder", a police spokesman said. He said the three had apparently poured boiling oil on the girl before beheading and mutilating her. Police were looking for a woman who had handed over the girl to the tantric after he had told her to sacrifice a child to be cleansed spiritually. (

MG comment: This kind of utterly criminal human sacrifice, called “Bali”, is rampant in north India but authorities treat it casually just as they treat “dowry deaths” in which young women are burnt alive when their greedy in-laws fail to extract more dowry from their hapless parents. In a apparent self-censorship, English-language Indian newspapers and magazines seldom report these ghastly events. Urdu and Hindi papers report these events almost daily. Readers too go through them as if they are routine events.

Latest Indian Muslim Islamic News"

Allah Akhbar!!!

najistani said...


"They believe that the death of their child for the sake of holy jihad and Islam will guarantee him or her everlasting life and bliss in the hereafter. This type of sacrifice is held in such high esteem in certain segments of Palestinian society that it has become a badge of pride. Parents of toddlers proudly recount their little children saying they want to become martyrs. The father of a 13 year-old says, "I pray that God will choose him" to become a Shahid.70 One mother of a 13 year-old who perished as a result of his participation in the Intifada, told a journalist from the Times (London): "I am happy that he has been martyred. I will sacrifice all my sons and daughters (12 in all) to Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem."71 Another mother boasted that she bore her son precisely for the purpose of participating in such a Jihad, while the child’s father proudly claimed to have provided his son with the training.72 After 15 year-old Ahmat Omar Abu Selmia was killed on his way to attack the Israeli community of Dugit, his father celebrated his ‘martyrdom’ at a street festival attended by about 200 men."




There is something extraordinary with the filming and especially the airing of the murders: this is a pornography of crime served as identity fare – “we are Muslims and this is what it means.” Al Jazira and others air snuff movies 24’7, there is a supply – the jihadis – and there is a demand – the viewing public. If it revolted the public, they would zap it off. They don’t, ergo… they like it. They are serving human sacrifice as snuff movies! Think of the famous pictures taken in Ramallah in October 2000, when two young reserve Israeli soldiers were lynched by a Palestinian mob. One of the mob has dipped his hands in their blood and ecstatically displays his bloody hands to the ecstatic mob: they all commune in the bloodlust. But whether jihadis or mob, they are not “criminals” in that sense; they are more like serial killers, but this is not criminality, it is like a disease of the mind.

The al-Qaida training manual speaks of killing enemies like of a “slaughter,” an animal sacrifice to Allah: it is human sacrifice. That’s what Mohammad Atta says in his last text. The jihadi practice is a return of human sacrifice in the 21st century.



najistani said...


"Given the Muslim mania for making blood sacrifices in his name, Allah seems less like the God of the Bible than a super-charged Moloch.
In Kosovo (which NATO turned over to Albanian Muslims after bombing Yugoslavia into submission in 1999), 200,000 Serbs have been ethnically cleansed. In a decade, the Serbs have gone from 20% of Kosovo’s population to less than 2%. Two thousand Serbs were murdered (with zero intervention by the international peacekeeping force); the remaining 80,000 cower behind barbed-wire barricades.
That’s the way the Sons of Allah do business — in Lebanon, the Indian subcontinent, the Sudan or the West Bank. (Since the Palestinians assumed control, Bethlehem’s Christian population has gone from 70% to 35%.)
Wherever the Neanderthals come in contact with those who walk upright, the results are ethnic cleansing, subjugation, genocide, terrorism or civil war. "

najistani said...


"Investigators from Ms Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party said yesterday they believed the bomb, which killed 170 people and left hundreds more wounded, was strapped to a one-year-old child carried by its jihadist father.

They said the suicide bomber tried repeatedly to carry the baby to Ms Bhutto's vehicle as she drove in a late-night cavalcade through the streets of Karachi.

"At the point where the bombs exploded, Benazir Bhutto herself saw the man with the child and asked him to come closer so that she could hug or kiss the infant," investigators were reported as saying. "But someone came in between and a guard felt that the man with the child was not behaving normally. So the child was not allowed to come aboard Benazir's vehicle."

Ms Bhutto is said to have told investigators she recalls the face of the man who was carrying the infant. She has asked to see recordings made by television news channels to try to identify the man.


Anonymous said...

Moloch... alive and well and living in Bohemian Grove, Northern California..

Anonymous said...

BNP patriots unite against the fascist UAF said...

najistani good informative posts,

funny thing is the non muslim UAF(lesbians, homosexuals, alcoholics and sexual deviants(covers most of them!) would be the first to be beheaded by the very people they welcome en mess - the muslims under full sharia law, how ironic!

anti lazy middleclass pseudo commies living with mummy said...

i am going to form my own unite against fascism unit and get labour funding the first fascists i will target will be the UAF followed closely by the labour party itself then the EU.

wish me luck with my funding against the fascists!

DM said...

The liveleak video has been removed so your link no longer works. Perhaps it's a good thing . It really wouldn't do me any good at this time of day (9am) - probably have ruined the whole day or even weekend.

Thanks to the good work of bloggers etc like yourself, more and more of our people are waking up to the full scale of the horror that has been unleashed across our land. Let us hope that, one day, the traitors responsible will be held to account.

najistani said...

Hi BNP patriots unite against the fascist UAF

You've hit the nail on the head there.
The Marxists at UAF must be totally ignorant of history if they think that Muslims will help them build the socialist Utopia.

The Iranian revolution was brought about by an alliance of Marxists and Muslims. Once the Marxists were no longer useful they were shot.

"The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his family left Iran and escaped harm, but hundreds of former members of the overthrown monarchy and military met their end in firing squads, with critics complaining of "secrecy, vagueness of the charges, the absence of defense lawyers or juries", or the opportunity of the accused "to defend themselves." In later years these were followed in larger numbers by the erstwhile revolutionary allies of Khomeini's movement -- Marxists and socialists, mostly university students -- who opposed the theocratic regime. "