Thursday, 22 November 2007

UAF - Caught lying again

Always good for a laugh this one

The Urinate Against Freedom mob really are becoming quite a bit of a joke now. A sick joke but a joke none the less.

The foreign owned News & Star carried a report about two violent thugs who were given suspended sentences after a clash with drinkers in the Griffin Pub earlier this year and stated that some of the other group were BNP members.

Carlisle BNP immediately checked the facts and found, unsurprisingly that NO BNP members were involved or indeed had any knowledge of this event and duly informed the rag. But so far no apology has been made. You can read their the Carlisle BNP Press Statement here.
The simple truth is that the BNP have never had a meeting in the Griffin pub, in fact had no meeting at all in Carlisle on the day - indeed the month - in question and no BNP members were involved AT ALL, nor even present , interviewed by the police or linked to this incident in any way.
The Press complaints people, Ofcom, Police and the Cumbria news group have been contacted and legal action may be taken.

But the UAF, slow of the mark as usual, decided to run with the story, even after all their credibility had been lost after their Blackpool fiasco and have now been caught in a lie again.

What is dumber then a UAF Supporter? Give up? Two UAF Supporters.

News Update

Clearly frustrated by the growing support for the British National Party in North Wales, where BNP candidate John Oddy is standing for election in Colwyn Bay today (22nd Nov), far-left thugs, believed to be from Labour’s UAF front group, decided to make their own inimitable contribution to the democratic process yesterday. Two of the “Labour-by-proxy” thugs attempted to physically assault BNP candidate John Oddy and activist James Trueman as they were campaigning for today’s election in Rhiw ward.

Had these thugs, perhaps, bothered to do some homework - before engaging in what (for them) passes for reasoned intellectual debate – then they might have discovered that an ever-increasing number of ex-servicemen are joining the British National Party. John Oddy, BNP candidate and ex-SAS soldier, being one!

John Oddy takes up the story:

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BFB said...


Another 'inspired' comment from you. Now run along and let the grown-ups get a word in.

GA, ever get the feeling you're being stalked?

najistani said...

The anonymous trolls seem unusually active at present. Still, you know what they say, if you're taking flak you must be over the target!

The Green Arrow said...

Hi najistani, Yes, they are getting really worried.

Whilst your here. I have not said this before but you do excellent work with great research.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

To Anon, (the one from previous threads, you know who you are)

Why don't you take your supercilious attitude and stick it "where the sun don't shine" I tire of ploughing through your self righteous ramblings.
It's obvious you feel you can leave your overbearing comments here in an attempt to show how intellectually and morally superior you are to BNP supporters.
As far as I'm concerned you are a product of intense indoctrination You constantly question the validity of any and all statistics and comments without (as BFB said) offering any contrasting evidence to support your remarks. To you everything and everyone is equal unless of course you happen to be white and care about your own people and culture.

You ceremoniously refer to GA and other posters with the words FEAR and HATE, these are totally disingenuous words which are used by people like you in an attempt to belittle the people you aim them at. The words you should be using are: Righteously outraged or BLOODY angry.

Go peddle your pompous and boring rhetoric within the community you hail from, or prefer to socialise with, because it certainly isn't this one.( you know the saying... birds of a feather.. or don't they want you either). You are here only to agitate, you will neither be persuaded or persuade, so PUSH OFF, you bore me!!!

And that goes for anyone else who fits the profile!


Tarn Patriot said...

I wonder if they use the anonymous option because they are unable to spell their names. Or they could be from Lancaster UAF, because he gets an average of 20 anonymous comments per article, all with the same spelling mistakes and grammatical errors off course.

najistani said...


Thanks for the compliment. By telling the truth about the Death-Cult we can MAKE EVERY WEEK ISLAM AWARENESS WEEK!

BFB said...

I understand that some people are only able to post as 'Anonymous' but, as the last 'Anon' demonstrates, it doesn't hurt to at least identify yourself so that others know who they're responding to.

It doesn't have to be your real name (did I really have to point that out?) but a simple 'Boudica' is better than yet another 'Anon'.

BTW 'Boudica', where have you been? That was a fantastic comment! You really should consider posting more often...IMO.

BFB said...

Anon (I'm getting bored with this);

"when you leave your house (or whatever)in the morning i am every one you look at!!!"

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, ....not on Prozac by any chance, are you?

Get a life, mate...and I've been told some 'friends' can help too!

The Green Arrow said...

Battler, you do not understand. For these sad people, we are their virtual friends. They have none in the real world. Looking at the blackpool UAF farce they are becoming rarer then the Siberian Tiger and they are almost extinct. So to soon will be the UAF and all the Moslem money in world will not save them.

It is very kind of you to play with them but do not tease them too much as they tend to start crying.

Besides this place is a novelty. Everyone can post here, even losers like them. Unlike their scurvy sites.

The Green Arrow said...

Tempting llamedos but then we would be acting like them. Besides they are quite funny. I know we should not laugh at the mentally afflicted but in their case its different. Just wind them up as tight as you can and then watch them spin. lol.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

I must admit it GA I agree with the decent Anon comment, just delete the trolls comments,

A, because they are shite
b, He/She or heshe with tits and cock is just a twat
c, They dont afford us the same respect by giving us the right of reply on the UAF site,
d, the comments are as boring as their pathetic demo in Blackpool.

BFB said...

Najistani,As usual, an excellent post from you.

GA, I smelled this troll from it's very first post; sorry if I lowered the tone a little, but there is no such thing as an acceptable troll, and troll-crushing is my strong point.

MMMmmm...I love the smell of crushed trolls in the morning!

Anon (the last one), I totally agree, now that we have a dead troll for a trophy GA can continue with his excellent blog.

Over to you, GA!

The Green Arrow said...

OK, I guess it is time to clean up their mess. If there is anything just mildly informative or worth debating I will leave it.

Anonymous said...

Well! Well!

The cool Anon finally lost it's cool... lol

You are what I said you are and if all WE have is our blogs, what does that say about you. YOU have spent an inordinate length of time on this particular blog, more than enough to qualify you as being exactly what you accuse us of. Touché

You are NOT everyone we see as we leave our doors, You are one of the minority incarcerated in political correctness who actually believe in it.
I know no-one who thinks like you, but I know a hell of a lot of people in the large town I live in, who NOW openly voice their support for the BNP and their policies, just like the 220 + who attended a BNP meeting in Barnsley last week.

You and your ilk are losing your battle to intimidate ordinary people with YOUR hatred, people are no longer afraid to voice their anger on what they see happening, not only to this country, but the entire West.

For the record I FEAR nothing and no-one, and certainly not people like you, MATE !!!

Anonymous said...


Re, not posting my comments

What happened to freedom of speech isnt this what your party believes it is due? Is your small action the shape of your party, you wont your freedom but are willing to deny others there’s.

Anonymous said...

you wont [want] your freedom but are willing to deny others there’s [theirs]."

"Straight back at ya" Anon,
"And never the twain shall meet"
so give it up and move on.


BFB said...

Anon claims to be 'dislecksic', but I think he's just thick!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean dick-lack-sick ?


najistani said...

I see the Urolagnia And Fellatio website still has the BNP brawl story at , but Cumbria BNP have forced the MSM to broadcast and print retractions see .

Some moonbat in the UAF comments wants them to publicise the story in the MSM.

Anonymous said...

GA: To clear something up for your suspicious commenters above, Im wouldnt have anything to do with the UAF because I disagree with their tactics. I appreciate that not all of your commenters can read through every thread (time etc), nor should they care necessarily about what I have written before (because it doesnt concur with their position) but I have pointed this out before. However, to raise an issue, why is it relevant as to where your commenters come from when you claimed last week to me that this was an open site? I already specified that I am the voice of one - its just me when I was responding to BFBs sexist introduction of invitations to me to suck his member (as if...dream on bfb). I dont like the UAF style and wouldnt join that group. Words like hate and racist and fear (and now sexist) are peddled out there so often because that is the standard response to the standard low-quality arguments that get posted! If you post the articles you post, expect the congruent response.

Do the maths!