Thursday, 8 November 2007

Welcome to the real world my funky friend

Well would you employ her? Well at least I think its an her.

Sara Desrosiers, the owner of the "funky" Wedge Salon in King's Cross has had a rude interruption to her funky liberal lifestyle.

She made the dangerous mistake of being open and truthful to a Muslim woman who applied for a job as an hairdresser at her salon and said that if employed she would have to remove her headscarf.

This of course deeply offended the moonbat, who had already been turned down at 25 other hairdressing salons after interviews. One must assume the proprietors of the other establishments were a bit more street wise when dealing with female turnips in our new mad world. So Sarah is now being sued for religious discrimination from the half open letterbox who is demanding £15,000 for injury to her feeling plus an unspecified sum for lost earnings.

Sarah, who will lose her business if unsuccessful in her defence said:

"If an employee were wearing a baseball cap or cowboy hat I would ask them to remove it at work.

"It has nothing to do with religion. But I now feel like I have been branded a racist. My name is being dragged through the mud."

She went on: "This girl is suing me for more than I earn in a year. "I am a small business and have only had my salon a year and a half. If I lose this lawsuit, my business will fold."
Of course her defence of saying that her staff are used to show of the salons hairstyles will not work. Unlike Indian restaurants which can discriminate legally against employing whites as waiters on the grounds that customers like an Indian "atmosphere".

So if you are an employer or recruitment officer be very careful about who you employ and be even more careful about turning them down for a job. Better be safe than sorry. Home grown is always the best in the end. If in doubt check this site here for the meaning of Christian names. Then you can decide whether any applications were lost in the post.


najistani said...

To avoid these problems every employer on receiving a job application should check out the origin of the applicant's first name at , and those applications from people with Muslim names should be 'lost in the post'

If you check 'Bushra' in girl babynames you'll find it means 'good news' in Arabic (which this lady obviously isn't)

Muslims are parasites living off the kuffar.

There's an excellent article on Western Muslims' practise of 'Razzia', ie plundering their unfortunate kuffar hosts at

This is essential reading for all nationalists.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

I think she looks quite groovy, the owner obviously did not notice that she wears her entire head of hair above both eyes. Maybe she could have got a job doing Bikini waxes, although I suspect she has not had much practise.
Maybe she could keep the headscarf and display her underarm “Bats Wings” she could braid her arm pit hair in many different styles.
I never realised they did matching headscarf and eye liner sets. Gaudy 1920s turquoise. MMMMM Groovy.

The Green Arrow said...

najistani, thanks for that. Will get on it sometime tomorrow.

Also thanks for the baby names. I wrote about that site some time ago.

I am going to add it to the original post along with your "lose em" suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said over on Barnsley Nationalists blog...
Why do employers get themselves into this position in the first place. A simple "The position is filled" would suffice without having to tell an applicant WHY they haven't got the job.

And how the hell can she claim for loss of earnings she never had access to in the first place. Is she going to sue every employer she applied to for a job, for loss of earnings!!
The US trend for suing for every minute (self inflicted) injury or injustice is certainly becoming more noticeable these days in the UK, and it's usually the minority groups doing the suing


Anonymous said...

Have you heard the one about the asian who masqueraded as a welshman and then sued the would be employers arse off for discriminating against an asian when in fact they were doing nothing more than discriminating in favour of a welshman - something no englishman has ever successfully sued a would be employer over.

It makes me vomit. It really does

Anonymous said...

She was turned down for 25 other hair dressing jobs doesn`t this tell her something .Has anyone seen her cut hair .Why doesn`t she try preaching hate like the rest

najistani said...

Looks like the whole thing has been planned to mug a kuffar by litigation jihad while imposing creeping shariah and intimidating other employers.

Probably the entire family is in on the scam.

In any sane jurisdiction this parasite would be given 5 years hard labor for conspiracy/extortion then deported along with the rest of her family.

Of course in Gordon Brownlips NuLabor Cool Multiculti Britainistan the employer doesn't stand a chance. She'll be taken to the cleaners, lose her business and maybe her home, while the creepy smirking Muslima donates 10% of the proceeds to the Great Jihad.

We just do not need these vermin and the dhimmi lawyers who encourage them.

Roll on a BNP government.

In the meantime, NEVER have anything whatsoever to do with Muslims. They are poison.

Red Squirrel said...

Groovy 'Dog-Tooth' Chequered coat!
Not seen one of them since the 1950's!
I agree, Roll on BNP Government!